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Wednesday, July 10, 2024

20 pole Phaser by Jurgen Haible running 808 track

video upload by

"This is a project built on Jurgen Haible 20 pole phaser board. Cases are custom made by us @Van Daal Electronics.

Assembled units can be purchased from:

For DIY builds PCBs can be ordered from"

Additional details:

Jürgen Haible's legendary redesign of the Tau 'The Pipe' Flanger - actually, a Phaser, using 20 (twenty!) all pass filter stages is back in a slightly modernized version, including some additions and modifications compared to the original Haible board:

Transistor arrays (for the 20 poles): pcb supports super-matched THAT300 (DIP) or BCM847DS (SMT).

Obsolete CA3046 in the 1/x function generator has been replaced by LM3046 (SMT).

MTA-156 power connector for +/-15V added - don't install the onboard-PSU parts if you use +/-15V!!!

MTA-156 power connector can also be used for 10 pin Euro power connectors - please note that +/-12V is experimental, not supported (yet), see below!

LFO: slow mode option has been added (simply connect L* to UP2 or DOWN1 via SPDT switch).
Optional CV mixer/processor has been added (untested!).

Connectors have been moved to the edge of the board to allow connecting component pcbs via pin headers - downside: space may be too tight to use normal headers. Workaround: use (breakable) precision sockets for manual wiring or testing.

pcb size: 6" x 3.4"

Sunday, April 07, 2024

Jurgen Haible Living Vocoder MINT

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via this listing

"20 band analog vocoder

Based on EMS 5000 with some improvements

Made by a pro tech using only branded parts from Mouser, Arrow, Digikey

Also some vintage NOS ICs are used

1% Polypropylene capacitors in filter chains

1% metal film resistors

Electronics is housed in a nice plywood case

It's the best vocoder you can find for the money"

Monday, June 19, 2023

Wersivoice FM76 & Wersi WV30 Wersivoice Rotor/String Effect Cards

Wersivoice FM76 video upload by hi there its me

"Vintage Chorus/Vibrato from the late 70s
- demonstrated with Ableton's Operator (Sine/Squarewave)
- no effects added
- beautiful to warm up your digital synths
- also works great with guitars, vocals..."

Note the video above is not for the listing below and it actually uses a different card. See the update from Ohm Studio below. There were different versions of the PCBs used by Wersi. Read on for details.

via this auction

"These WV30 rotor/string cards are used and tested from a Wersi Arcus and are suitable for all CD range organs. Not suitable for any DX range organs."

Update: I asked Ohm Studio if this was the same model card used in his custom design. He replied: "It’s not the same pcb I use or used in the Wersivoice FM76 above (the only standalone manufactured model they made). It’s from a more recent design and uses different bucket brigade devices, Panasonic MN3004 instead of the Philips TDA1022 used in the Wersivoice, Bohm and most of the Italian string synths and organs from the late 70s on (the Farfisa effect I built was also designed around those).

Earlier ensemble fx used TCA350 BBDs like the Eminent Solina, Logan string melody, Crumar Stringman etc.

American and Japanese designs tended to use Panasonic (Roland used the MN300x a lot. Like in Juno choruses too).

I never really notice a real difference in sound between those BBDs IF the circuit is more or less similar and based on the Solinas, ie using 3x BBDs modulated by 2 lfos, one at 6hz and one at 0,6hz.

Roland ensemble fx do sound very different than the rest, but IMO it’s not because of the uses of Panasonic BBDs but because of the circuit design that is not based on the classic eminent design.

I do think however that the Bohm Phasing rotor and the Wersivoice are the lushest you can get (except, most probably for Jurgen Haible Triple Chorus, which unfortunately I never had a chance to hear. From what I've read the Bohm was a huge influence in his design).

So to make a long story short: no it’s not the same but I’m quite sure it would sound nice because it looks like it’s the classic design."

Thursday, March 24, 2022

JSI Polymoog Resonator

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via this auction

"Resonator is a Polymoog inspired formant filter that is intended to emulate static resonances that are typical for acoustic instruments. Its three non-overlapping bands have frequency, gain and emphasis or resonance controls.

All three bands can be switched between Low pass, High pass and two Band pass modes (Band pass "notch").

All functions are working except the high frequency band when in BP2 mode."

You can find additional posts featuring the Polymoog Resonator here. The late Jurgen Haible designed the original clone.

Friday, March 05, 2021

Synton 3000 frame with CGS Serge, Blacet and Jurgen Hailble modules

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via this auction

"The Synton modules were expertly rebuilt and all the pots are a year old. The CGS Serge, Jurgen Haible Frequency shifter modules and Blacet were built and re-paneled by the same engineer who worked on the Synton 3000 only 6 months ago. It really does sounds great. If I were to keep it I would replace the PS with a nice linear supply but works fine as-is.

3017 VCF (2 pole state variable filter)
3224 Hi/Low Pass VCF
3005 EGR (ADSR)
3218 INV / SLR (Dual inverter/offset and slew limiter)
3233 S&H / LFO
3235 ENV / CPR (Envelope follower, comparator, and trigger delay)
Blacet 2100 VCO
Blacet / Wiard Miniwave with Socket Rocket
CGS Serge WAD (Wilson Analog Delay)
Jurgen Haible FS-1A Frequency Shifter
CGS Serge Dual Pre-amp
Blacet Power-supply and distro unit

All housed in a 6u 13" deep steel Hammond rack."

Thursday, March 04, 2021

Random*Source Haible Tau Phaser for Eurorack

video by Dr. Wiener

Juergen Haible's Tau Pipe Phaser

Wednesday, February 03, 2021

Gerd Shulte Audio - Compact Phasing A 1970s (Krautrock Phaser)

via this auction

"FS: Shulte Compact Phasing A - 1970s Krautrock Phaser

Also known as the "Krautrock Phaser", it was used by Kraftwerk, Tangerine Dream, and Klaus Schulze as well as Tommy Bolin, Ritchie Blackmore etc.

Comes with custom (not original) on/off/rate footswitch.

German engineering, this rare phaser can be swapped easily between European 220V and N. American 110V AC just by moving the fuse from one receptacle to the other.

This one has been set up for 110V with a N. American cable and 3 pin plug, but comes with the original European 2-pin cable as well."

See this post for a demo of Juergen Haible's clone, and this post for some details. You can find an additional demo of a clone here (not sure if it's JH's as well). See the Gerd Schulte label below for more.

Monday, November 23, 2020

Haible Living VCOs

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via this auction

"OG Jurgen Haible Living VCOs in FRAC format and Wiard blue. Engraved face plate. Two additional holes were drilled in the face to mount in a 300 frame."

Saturday, November 14, 2020

JH.FS-1A Frequency Shifter & DrumBrute Impact FM Drum Test (Warning high Resonance Sometimes)

Sound Provider

"Not a crazy video here and not super musical also, just a quick and very raw demo of me tweaking knobs of the (Genius) Jürgen Haible analog Frequency Shifter effect with the Arturia Drumbrute Impact Drum Machine Fm Drum as source.


Friday, June 26, 2020

Jurgen Haible SOST Flanger


"This is a demonstration video of Jurgen Haible SOST Flanger.
Son of Storm Tide Flanger.
Unit is built inside the 19" rack format. Visualy similar to Jurgens own unit that he built his prototype inside.
Additionally there is a Power On-Off switch and modification to the Envelope modification control."

Friday, June 19, 2020

Compact Phasing X DNB


"Jurgen Haible Krautrock phasing in Compact Phasing A style case.
Passing DNB-style music.

This video demonstrates all of its functions. Including 2p/4p/6p Phasing and Auto/Manual LFO."

Saturday, June 13, 2020

Random Source Haible Krautrock Phaser

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via this auction

I believe this is the first one to be featured on the site.

"This listing is for a 2020 build of the Random Source Haible Krautrock Phaser, featuring a super-deluxe Van Daal Electronics Compact Phasing ‘X’ enclosure, original-spec incandescent bulbs, WIMA capacitors, Alpha pots, lovely Apem skirted knobs, etc. This unit also has rear switches for LFO/Manual and 2/4/6-stage selection. It has been tested fully working and ships calibrated with the IEC power cable required for operation.

PLEASE NOTE that this unit was built for North American standard voltage (120VAC) and will require a step-up transformer to work overseas.

The Gerd Schulte Compact Phasing ‘A’ is a legendary effect first built in Germany in 1972. Its ultra-thick, swirling sound can be heard on virtually every noteworthy electronic and rock record to emerge during that era, with acts such as Tangerine Dream making it a defining aspect of their sound. In 2007, Juergen Haible reverse-engineered the Schulte Phaser and made several noteworthy improvements, giving a new generation of musicians access to this timeless phaser."

Sunday, May 24, 2020

Haible Living VCOs eurorack triple oscillator module (random source version)

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via this auction

You can find some previous posts featuring JH Living VCOs here, including one with some very unique counter knobs.

Jurgen Haible was well known for his synth DIY designs. He unfortunatelypassed away in December of 2011, and his site is now gone: Fortunately you can, however, find backups in the Internet Archive Wayback Machine.

Thursday, December 12, 2019

Jurgen Haible - Living Vocoder Custom Build

This one was spotted on Muff's from JanneI and sent in via M Me.

Jurgen Haible started work on the design back in 2009, prototype boards came in 2010, and he unfortunately passed away in 2011. His site is gone, however I was able to find his page on the Living Vocoder at the Internet Archive's Wayback Machine here.

"The Filterbank funktion will have 3 modes:

1) On
The Filterbank will always be mixed with the vocoded sound, acording to how you set the Filterbank sliders.

2) Off
Basic Vocoder function

3) Silence Bridging
The Filterbank function will fade in when there is no speech. So there is always a coloured Excitation signal. While you speak, the colour is set by the speech. When you don't speak, the colour is set by the 20 Filterbank sliders. This allows a seamless blend of ariticulated and non-articulated sound.
You can set the threshold - how many dBs down the speech signal is, before the filterbank is engaged -, and the attack and release time of the filterbank fade in/out, with 3 potentiometers.


I have reduced the expensive, 1% capacitors to two values: 10nF and 47nF.
That way, you can buy them in larger quanities and they won't be that expensive.
You will need about 150 pieces of 47nF 1% and 150 pieces of 10nF 1%.
They are available at , order number 169-326 and 166-6421 (These are bags of 10 pieces.)
You'll need a lot of other capacitors as well, of course, butthese can be 5% tolerance - not so hard to source."

You can find additional details and links to schematics here.

Monday, February 25, 2019

SOST - envelope follower

Published on Feb 25, 2019 fonitronik

"Here the SOST is modulated by it's internal envelope follower and some use of the bounce function.
The input signal is nothing but a gated square wave, while the gate does not close entirely."

Thursday, February 21, 2019

JHaible Son of Storm Tide Flanger (SOST) 4U Serge-format test

Published on Feb 21, 2019 fonitronik

"Here I just try a simple chorus and a simple Flanger setting, without bouncing and/or envelope follower. I feed the SOST my latest Serge patch."

Monday, February 12, 2018

KRAUTROCK PHASER with Roland Juno 60

Published on Feb 12, 2018 Rob Welt

"My very warm, rough and vintage sounding Krautrock Phaser, a clone of the famous Schulte Compact Phasing A.
The sound is the opposite of an analytic phaser. It has its own live.
Demo is made with Roland Juno 60 and a little bit of OTO BAM Reverb. the first seconds is the Juno clean without phaser.
After 5 Minutes I used CV of my GRP R24 to control the Krautrockphaser . First through the Footswitch Input then through the real CV-Input. AT the End I used the internal LFO of the Phaser.

No other external FX, no Mastering"

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Juergen Haible JH-3200 PolyKorg Clone

Great Synthesizers has some nice shots of the Juergen Haible JH-3200 PolyKorg clone. Click through for the pics. You can also find some build pics of one here (featured back in 2006).

Monday, September 25, 2017

Random Source Haible Tau Phaser Eurorack Module

Published on Sep 25, 2017 rupertlally

"Brief demo of the eurorack version Random Source Haible Tau Phaser."

via Random Source

"Jürgen Haible's WASP Filter is now available for eurorack in a dual version with some modifications and addons - including a MODE section that acts as a dynamic link between both filters. It allows to combine the filters in series or parallel or anything in between - even voltage controlled(!). Also, each side can blend from lowpass to highpass or bandpass (yes, the notch is in there, too!) creating infinite filterbank combinations. A Sync switch has been added to be able to control both side’s cutoff frequency with from the left side. The unique distortion can be configured to PRE or POST for each side. This is a (mostly) through-hole version containing very few optional SMT parts (not included).

2 Identical Haible WASP filters including distortion
Blend from Lowpass to Highpass or Bandpass
Distortion can be configured to be PRE or POST
MODE blends from serial to parallel setup - even CV controlled.
SYNC: control Cutoff of both filters at the same time
Infinite options from 4-pole VCF to Stereo filter
Massive drone machine
Complex oscillator when patched to self-oscillate
No wiring needed
Random*Source has acquired Jürgen Haible's legacy and is the only authorized source of Haible designs."

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Mixed Frac Rack Format Modular System w/ Rare Modules

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via this auction


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