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Friday, August 11, 2017

Rare Vintage 1982 Dick Smith Electronics DIY Drum Synth & Sequencer

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Here's one you've likely never seen before. You can see from the documentation that the design was by Ray Marston and development by Geoff Nicholls. Neither have been referenced here on MATRIXSYNTH. Dick Smith has, however, this is the first post to feature the Drum Synth & Sequencer.

via this auction

"Vintage Dick Smith branded ETI Project Drum Synth circa 1982. I bought this for $100 for parts not working some time ago, I've since had it professionally restored and offering it for sale. Also included is a buddy seq, which I have not restored as I have plenty of ways to seq. There is paperwork collected and printed off the web to assist if you wish to carry out further restoration, or just muse about being entertained by the past."

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

TR-808 Kick Clone - Touchprone BD-808

via this auction"If you want that BOOOOMM, the essential TR-808 kick, but a full 808 is beyond your reach, this clone will satisfy the craving. A faithful reproduction of the original, with the addition of a Tune (pitch) control and MIDI triggering. Built from the original circuit, all components are of highest quality, including MKT caps, 1% metal film resistors and 2SC945 transistors. Push the 'learn' button on power up to teach it any MIDI note and channel you send and you're set to go. The learnt MIDI setting is stored so doesn't need resetting every time you use it. Tune, Tone and Decay controls, MIDI input for triggering, 1/4" audio trigger input, 1/4" line-level audio output, 2.1mm 12VAC power input, and a Tap trigger for adding fills and testing sound settings. Power supply is not included but is easily obtainable from Radio Shack, Dick Smith, Jaycar etc,. This item is new and warranted for 12 months.

Basic demo here"

[mirror here]

Friday, November 17, 2006

Stylophone Demonstrations via Loscha

This one via Loscha

"I was cleaning up yesterday, I found my Stylophone 7" demonstration record. Recorded it as 96k mp3s and slapped it up on a very very basic page. A friend has a stylophone for me, but, I haven't gotten it from him yet. When I do, I'll attempt to make a schematic - because I haven't seen one online.

Jaycar Electronics - an Australian electronics company has a Stylophone-like kit you can built - as does Dick Smith Electronics. None of them are as good as the Dr Bohm Hobbytron. The Dr Bohm isn't the same as a real stylophone, though. A real stylophone has a BJT based oscillator, where as the Dr Bohm (and the Jaycar and DSE kits) are all 555 based.

Rolf Harris was quite famous in Australia, and more so, I think, in the UK. He was from Bassendean - a pretty dreary suburb in Perth (where the sadly defunct Casio featuring band Turnstyle were from). He had a kids TV Show in the 70s. He recently painted the most up to date official portrait of Queen Elizabeth II.

An inside picture of one here.

My LP recording is here.

The "Vibrato" on a Stylophone actually lengthens one side of the rectangle wave, not both sides, so, it is Vibrato, but, it is also Pulse Width Modulation. My friend Robin Whittle found this out when he hooked his stylophone up to his oscilloscope.


Image via Nick Law via Flickr, via Creative Commons.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Googoofish Updates

Yamaha MR10

Dick Smith OSC Box

Philips PMC Samples

Chris sent me some updates worth checking out on his site Googoofish. Each link above takes you to more info and samples for each. Enjoy.

Patch n Tweak
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