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Wednesday, April 03, 2024

Groovetube - jam/demo Mar'24

video upload by Telmatronics

"We've been that busy developing this machine, and getting ready for first production run, we've only now found time for some jamming!
I've tried to explain some controls as they are used - you'll have to excuse inexpert operation/poor camera-work... Massive thanks to Ed.midi for banging sounds, this was a fun session :-)
More details/ordering info at"

Groovetube - jam/demo Mar'24 #2

Friday, December 29, 2023

Groovetube - plasma synth update

video upload by Telmatronics

"***Prototype plasma driver developed into synth***
Our plasma tube, configured as a preamp current supply
This arrangement lets the plasma noise interact with introduced audio signals, to make a pitched instrument/effects module.
We are currently sorting production of first models, next batch to be released during first part of 2024.
More details at"

Wednesday, April 05, 2023

Telmatronics Groovetube project video 1

video upload by Telmatronics

"A summary of the plasma sound project to date.

This film doesn't contain much new material, but brings together clips from previous videos to give an overview of the project in spring 2023."

Thursday, March 16, 2023

Testing Groovetube upgrade #2

video upload by Telmatronics

"A few more clips from first test of new Groovetube system.
Tube: Osram warm white, triphosphor."

Tuesday, March 14, 2023

Testing Groovetube upgrade #1

video upload by Telmatronics

"We have installed a new control system!
The Telmatronics Groovetube now has a more powerful microcontroller onboard, which can generate more sophisticated control signals.
This shall continue to be tested over the coming days - stay tuned, we'll keep posting results as we have them :-)"

See the Telmatronics label below for more.

Saturday, February 25, 2023

Telmatronics Groovetube NewTubes, new sounds!

video upload by Telmatronics

"We tested four new tubes, an Osram, two Phillips and a Tungsram. Here are some of the sounds they made..."

Wednesday, February 22, 2023

Meet the Telmatronics Groovetube Tube Based Prototype Plasma Synthesizer

video uploads by Telmatronics

via Telmatronics Kickstarter

Make crazy sounds with fluorescent tubes, that you can control with a magnet

A project to create a plasma instrument About a year ago, we discovered a lot of fun could be had with a fluorescent tube and a magnet... Lit fluorescent tubes are filled with plasma - a low pressure electrified gas that can make oscillations at audible frequencies. With suitable control over the plasma in the tube, we found this instability could sound amazing... and could also be controlled with a magnet! (It is worth listening to the video with headphones, to hear details of the sound).

Playing with sound created in a glowing tube is tactile, surprising and absorbing, and we decided to develop a new kind of electronic instrument.

We are releasing this first-generation machine for people to try out a new way to make noise. It is a sort of proto-instrument - an experimental machine to be experimented with!

Having machines out in the world will help explore what is possible, as there is a lot of unexplored territory here - we don't have much audio equipment, and have tried a dozen or so tubes. By making these machines available now, we hope to not only fund further development but also let collective experimentation inform its direction.

There are pros and cons to using commercial tubes for this. The sound from different fluorescent tubes can vary considerably, so trying out a new tube is an inexpensive bit of fun. It is currently possible to find various types of suitable (T5, 9"/ 225 mm, 6 W) tubes potentially available, new and old stock. On the downside, these tubes are being phased out in the very near future (about 18 months in the UK), and they will become increasingly scarce as production declines - bad timing to find a new use for them! We will keep testing different tubes however, and secure adequate supplies of some good ones before they disappear. In the longer term our objective is to produce custom tubes, which will require further research and development.

We are offering this first on Kickstarter, as a good way to generate awareness of what we are doing and to generate funds to get the project going properly.


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