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Tuesday, November 07, 2023

Woovebox Basics and Quick Start Tutorial

video upload by Woovebox

"Quickly get started making music with the basics on your Woovebox"

See the Woovebox below for more.

Tuesday, October 03, 2023

Woovebox: step-by-step guide and brief review

video upload by Floyd Steinberg

"Here's the #Woovebox (, an incredibly accomplished mini #groovebox. This video will guide you through every step necessary to create a track, using the synths and the sampler and external synths. There's also a short review / opinion piece in the end. Table of contents:

00:00 hi
00:23 what's in the box? (hardware overview)
01:55 song mode, tempo adjustment
02:21 output volume
02:27 selecting tracks, track roles
02:47 creating a bass drum track
03:25 adding a hihat track
03:39 adjusting velocity and other note properties
03:59 adding a clap sound
04:10 crash cymbal, and conditional statements
05:02 adding a bass track
05:24 selecting a bass patch (sound)
05:46 adding effects to a track
06:20 adding an arpeggiator track
07:15 chord track
07:54 beat divisor
08:16 editing sounds (synthesizer parameters)
08:54 adding prerecorded samples with the Wooveconnect page
09:20 auditing your samples
09:47 adding a sample kit to a track
10:22 adjust the amp envelope for your samples
10:34 adding effects
10:45 demo 1 (I know it's awful, don't tell me ;-)
11:30 things to consider!
11:51 demo 2 (full track [below]
13:12 verdict / pros & cons


Synth improvisation: A Woove in the night

Monday, September 11, 2023

Woovebox Micro Music Workstation.Pocket Groovebox, Synth, Sequencer, Sampler

video upload by Caribbean Samples

See the announcement post for Woovebox pics and details.

"These eclectic sound demos were 100% created on the Woovebox micro Music workstation.

All demo songs were exclusively synthesized from scratch using white noise, basic sine, triangle, pulse and saw waves, unless explicitly noted."

Sunday, September 03, 2023

Introducing the Woovebox micro music workstation; pocket groovebox, synth, sequencer, sampler

video upload by Woovebox

"Discover the Woovebox; the smallest all-in-one micro music workstation on the planet."

via Woovebox

"The Woovebox is a workstation/ groovebox that does more with less. It aims to make music production simpler, cheaper and more portable by condensing a powerful music workstation/studio into a small pocket-sized device - all through aggressive hardware and software optimization. Pocketable, powerful and economical

The Woovebox was designed for those who love creating tunes away from a desk or studio; whether it's on a couch, on a bus, in a coffee shop, or in bed. No space, no hassle, no cables. Just plug in your headphones and go! And when you are ready, the Woovebox plays nice with DAW and other gear; physical MIDI and sync out, wireless MIDI in/out over Bluetooth, audio in, .WAV song and dry/wet stem export - it's all here. Featuring a variety of synthesis algorithms, filters and effects, the optimized engine - quite literally - punches far above its weight; despite weighing only 68g/2.4oz/0.15lbs, the Woovebox offers deep sound design, real-time synthesis, sonic abilities and advanced features that are absent from grooveboxes many times its size and cost.

A fast workflow that inspires

The Woovebox workflow is a rethink of song building; it is fast, it fits a compact device, and it avoids "empty DAW project" paralysis. It was built to reduce friction and make the time from 0-to-head-bobbing to your own track as short as possible. You do not have to memorize endless obscure button combinations, and menu-diving is kept to a minimum.

The workflow centers on quickly setting up and filling out distinct building blocks, where each block quickly combines to create a whole that is more than the sum of its parts. Tempo, rhythm and chord info is re-used throughout the song, interface, playback options and even the synthesis engine. This is combined with conditional triggering and conditional modification of elements and tracks. The results are complex, intricate compositions that sound refined, intentional and planned. If you wish, even just a single 16-step pattern for each of the 16 tracks, is entirely enough to make a complex song that keeps the listener's attention.

Built from scratch using close-to-the-metal programming

In hardware engineering, size restrictions mean power limitations. And power limitations mean DSP (Digital Signal Processing) limitations. Starting off as a personal challenge during the days of lockdowns by a veteran signal processing engineer, the Woovebox' DSP engine was built from scratch to be as "close to the metal" and optimized as possible.

It is a style of programming that focuses on extracting every last drop of raw performance from the hardware, at the cost of easy development. The hardware, firmware and DSP code were hand-crafted in assembly and optimized over the course of three years, to perfectly balance frugality with power, audio quality and features. As a result, your Woovebox synthesizes full, complex tracks and effects in real-time, yet the small built-in battery still lasts 10h+ on one charge. In all aspects the Woovebox project embodies doing more with less."


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