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Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Pulsar Synthesis | A Microsound recipe by Curtis Roads

video upload by Cinematic Laboratory

"Before anything else I'd like to stress that this video was triggered by the Plume from Hieroglyphic, but doesn't feature it. It's NOT intended as click-bait, it's an educational video. If you took the bait, go watch DivKid [posted here] or Tom Churchill's walkthrough [posted here].

The concept is from Curtis Roads Microsound book. I read about the subject and tried to patch a few experiments with various results. Some good, some bad, and some turned out to be amazing. This video also fits my goals for 2024, where it's not always necessary to get yourself a new module when your existing modules still have plenty to offer. Happy patching!"

Sunday, June 16, 2024

Exploring pulsar synthesis with Hieroglyphic Plume

video upload by Tom Churchill

"Plume is the debut module from Hieroglyphic. It’s a digital oscillator based around pulsar synthesis, which is a fairly obscure technique devised by Curtis Roads in 2001, inspired by astronomical observations of neutron stars. In this video I build a few patches to explore the range of sounds it can produce - from complex stereo leads to West Coast-style wavefolded tones to rich, modulated drones.

Thanks to Hieroglyphic for supplying the module."

00:00 Patch previews
01:01 Introduction
02:16 A guided tour of Plume
11:37 Adding a sub-oscillator
16:11 Simulating Sofia-style synthesis
22:01 Plume as a complex LFO
25:45 West Coast wavefolded tones
27:46 Evolving ambient pads

Wednesday, May 29, 2024

The fascinating world of PULSAR SYNTHESIS with Plume from hieroglyphic

video upload by DivKid

"Have you heard of Pulsar Synthesis? If not come and learn along about what it is and how to use it and if you have then here's a refresher and some patch examples with Plume.

Plume is a new pulsar synthesis oscillator, think of it like a micro sound oscillator or modulator from new company hieroglyphic. Pulsar Synthesis is like granular synthesis but with synthesised waveforms treat as individual pulses rather than using samples like granular synthesis does. Any questions leave them in the comments.

This is one of my "3 patches with" style demos that distills things down to just 3 patches for a more condensed video. If you'd like to see something more in depth, or further patch examples, let us know in the comments."

"A fully-featured pulsar synthesizer for the Eurorack modular system. Using principles adopted from the Curtis Roads white-paper Sound Composition with Pulsars, Plume presents an approach to sound and rhythm that is somewhere between oscillator, granulator, and clock generator.

·96kHz/24-bit stereo outputs.

·Range switch (HI/LO) for use as VCO, LFO, or both.

·Formant and Cluster controls for complex output spectra.

·Continuously variable output wave shapes.

·West-Coast style wave folder.

·2 types of output masking for advanced spatialisation.

·Continuously variable pulsar window shape and amount.

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