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Thursday, December 07, 2023

Analogue Solutions Maximus Polysynth as an Analogue Workstation (In Realtime)

video upload by Analogue Solutions

"Although we label Maximus as a polysynth - it is so much more. And because of this, we can’t think of an appropriate label.

Here is a quick demo of Maximus functioning as an 8-voice analogue workstation (utilising 8 onboard sequencers), mixed by the onboard stereo mixer. You can effectively create entire bodies of music with Maximus should that be your goal.

Alternatively, you can create the biggest speaker-challenging unison sound imaginable -- or develop the phatest, most detuned pads.

When you think of a polysynth you think of flat synths with one set of controls that control all voices equally. By giving Maximus independent controls for every voice, you have more freedom to create unique styles of poly sounds impossible on traditional polysynths, whether they are hardware or software. You can dial up ‘traditional’ poly sounds (pads etc) or have something unimaginable different.

Standard poly pads will sound superbly vintage because you can never dial up each voice identically."

Tuesday, December 05, 2023

Analogue Solutions Maximus Synthesizer - Traditional Poly Chords #shorts

video upload by Analogue Solutions

"Here's a quick #short featuring the Maximus synthesizer playing traditional polyphonic chords, utilizing 5 of the 8 onboard voices! Maximus is much more than a standard polysynth - it's a fantastic analogue workstation."

Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Analogue Solutions Ample Synthesizer Now Available

Analogue Solutions Ample Synthesizer -- All Sounds Ample video upload by rezfilter

"Here's a little retro track I put together using only the Ample synth from Analogue Solutions. All parts were sequenced or played live from the Ample, utilizing the onboard Patternator sequencer throughout.

Ample begs to be touched, sequenced, pinned, and played. It's a culmination of all great things from AS."

Check with the dealers on the right for availability. Press release follows.

Analogue Solutions announces availability of Ample as ANALOGUE 3 VCO PATCH PIN SYNTHESISER blending best of past and present products

SHATTERFORD, UK: after a successful soft-launch at SynthFest 2023 in Sheffield, UK on October 7, British boutique electronic instruments innovator Analogue Solutions is proud to announce availability of Ample to a wider audience as a desktop-friendly ANALOGUE 3 VCO PATCH PIN SYNTHESISER — beautifully blending the best elements of several of its past and present products to form a truly analogue modular system skilfully presented as a precision- engineered electronic musical instrument in a spacious (550mm x 262mm x 83mm) steel and aluminium case that also embraces ergonomic features such as VESA mount compliance, should desktop space be at a premium, all of which adds up to being a perfect fit for its appropriate appellation — as of November 29…

Ample adheres to Analogue Solutions’ tried-and-tested no-compromise construction formula, featuring a full rugged steel and aluminium case — no plastic mouldings here; high-quality metal potentiometers with smooth action, fully sealed against dust intrusion; high-quality knobs with spun aluminium caps; high-quality double-sided circuit boards; high-quality 16-bit DAC (Digital-to-Analogue Convertor) for stable MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) to CV (Control Voltage) conversion; stable analogue oscillators; gold-plated touch plates; plus true retro analogue voice and modulation circuits to give an authentic retro sound. Since Analogue Solutions’ innovative instruments are applauded for proudly possessing a truly vintage sound — synthesisers featuring fully-analogue audio paths with analogue LFOs (Low Frequency Oscillators) and EGs (Envelope Generators), in other words, Ample is in good company as an ANALOGUE 3 VCO PATCH PIN SYNTHESISER.

But by beautifully blending the best elements of several past and present products — namely, the sound elements of Fusebox fabricated originally as an aptly-named, three-VCO (Voltage-Controlled Oscillator) true analogue monophonic synthesiser that favourably fuses the company’s characterful vintage sound with an advanced choice of modulation and melodic possibilities in a beautifully-built box; the jack points introduced in the long-discontinued line of Concussor modular synth drum modules (themselves dating back to the time when Analogue Solutions was the third company to start producing Eurorack format-compatible modules, magical as that might sound in today’s ever-expanding era of thousands of Eurorack modules being produced by hundreds — if not thousands — of developers, both bigger and smaller); the patch pin matrix introduced in the long-lasting Vostok semi-modular synthesiser series (that knowingly nodded and winked at its Russian ‘roots’ from a visual standpoint); the lo-fi echo featured in Dr Strangelove as a small and affordable desktop signal processor (that ushered in Analogue Solutions’ so-called synthBlocks series); and last, but by no means least, the sequencer and CV touch plates introduced in Generator as a highly-versatile multi-channel analogue step sequencer — to form a truly analogue modular system skilfully presented as a precision-engineered electronic musical instrument is what really makes Ample stand out amongst Analogue Solutions’ present-day products.

Put it this way: while Ample shares all of those features from some of Analogue Solutions’ ‘greatest hits’, it still has a sound of its own thanks to the circuits on offer: OSCILLATING is handled by three analogue VCOs (Voltage-Controlled Oscillators), each providing a wealth of features and modulation choices, with the VCO3/LFO 1 legend visually highlighting that the third oscillator can easily be utilised as an LFO (with saw, square, and triangle wave modulation signals), while LFO2/SYNC has a triangle wave output to total two LFOs; the LP VCF (Voltage-Controlled Filter) section is anchored around a four-pole 24dB-per-octave low-pass filter; the VCA (Voltage-Controlled Amplifier) can be set to THRU so it is always ‘open’ (allowing Ample to be used as an effect processor); the two envelope generators — EG 1 and EG 2 — each offer full control over ATTACK, DECAY, SUSTAIN, and RELEASE; extensive modulation routing choices allow for a wide range of resultant sounds extending into percussion and ‘modular’ territory, further extended by patching with the jack sockets and pin matrix; MIDI is intentionally kept simple so users can concentrate on creating new sounds and making music, with all- important control over filter cutoff available via MIDI Velocity; patchable CV control sockets allow the synth in question to effectively be rewired to make new sounds, as well as easily patched together with external Eurorack and other modular systems; the PATTERNATOR is a vintage-style 16-step sequencer; the six touch plates each output a set voltage, so can be used to pitch notes or as modulation signals — either way, they are truly inspirational in action; the pin matrix represents a neat (and flexible) way to patch the synth; and the ECHO section provides easy access to adding a little lo-fi echo or delay.

Audio applications abound when working with Ample as a synthesiser — excelling at analogue sound effects, as well as fat basses, screaming leads, and all manner of other crazy sounds associated with analogue synthesis; an effect processor — perfect for feeding external sounds through the onboard analogue filter and ECHO sections via external audio inputs; a drum synthesiser — suited to producing electronic percussion, including cymbal, hi-hat, kick, and snare sounds; and as a modular synthesiser — partially pre-patched, but with such a wide range of modulation routing possibilities that it is almost as versatile as a full-blown modular system, and capable of producing the same types of sounds but dispensing with telephone exchange-like cabling confusion in favour of making space-saving connections with removable coloured pins, yet still providing a flexible selection of patch sockets so it can quickly be re-patched into itself or to/from external Eurorack and other modular systems.

It is also worth noting in conclusion that while Ample can be used with an external MIDI keyboard or DAW (Digital Audio Workstation), or an external CV keyboard or analogue sequencer, it is equally at home being worked with on its own using its internal step sequencer or pitch played via its six-touch plate ‘keyboard’. Whatever way anyone chooses to work with Ample, it could conceivably be argued that it is the best desktop synth of all — Analogue Solutions-wise or otherwise!

Limited quantities of Ample are already available to purchase directly from Analogue Solutions for £1,999.00 GBP (excluding tax/VAT) via its dedicated webpage ( while stock will soon be arriving at selected dealers (

Check with dealers on the right for availability.

Saturday, November 25, 2023

Analogue Solutions Filtered Coffee - Blue on Black Model

via this auction

This is the first one I've seen with blue on black. Previous posts show the all yellow on black version.

"Analogue solutions filtered coffee MS-20 based high pass / low pass VCF module, with 2 LFO, envelope follower and VCA , 14 1/4" inputs and outputs on the rear of the module 1U rack module in fair condition

The unit is in working condition with the exception of two scratchy pull out potentiometers on the low pass CV 1 and CV2, power adapter plug guide missing but does not affect powering up the unit"

Thursday, November 09, 2023

Analogue Solutions Ample w/ Promo Cards & Pins

via this auction

"An Analogue Systems Ample in mint condition, bag of patch pins unopened."

Curious if the cards came with the synth.

Wednesday, November 08, 2023

Analogue Solutions Ample Synthesizer - Selected Patches

video upload by Analogue Solutions

"Here are a few selected patches from the Analogue Solutions Ample synthesizer. All sounds are created with Ample itself, without external effects or distortions.

Ample is available now! Visit the Ample website at the link above.

Ample combines the best elements of several of our recent products.

-The sound elements of Fusebox
-Jack patch points of Concussor Eurorack
-Patch pin matrix of Vostok
-Echo from Dr Strangelove
-Sequencer and CV touch pads of Generator

It shares all this yet still has its own sound!

Ample can be as complex or as simple as you want it to be

We have given this synth a large and diverse number of controls that will give even the best and most experienced synthesists endless possibilities alongside the patch sockets.

We have presented the controls in a user-friendly and familiar synth layout that, together with this manual and other resources, enables even the new user to get great sounds."

Saturday, November 04, 2023

Analogue Solutions Filtered Coffee (MS-20 dual analog filter+Envelope Follower+VCA FX unit)

via this auction

Analogue Solutions Filtered Coffee fx unit. It is essentially the FX section of the MS-20 with incredible modularity added. It is in fantastic shape and sounds great."

Friday, November 03, 2023



"The oscillator is the beating heart of any synthesizer - without it, there is literally no sound!

This brand new poster celebrates 29 of the best from a selection of vintage synths - analogue and digital. They are illustrated in the Synth Evolution house style - hand illustrated to bring out the aesthetic qualities of each.

You might wonder just how many ways there really are to give a synth-player the option between square, sawtooth and sine waves…well the answer seems to be - ‘as many ways as there are synths’, and they all look cool!

The poster is a high quality digital print on 200gsm pH-neutral paper.
Dimensions: 420 x 594 mm (A2)

Delivering globally"

"The majority of the featured oscillators are vintage analogue oscillators from synths like the Jupiter 8, the SH-101, the CS-80, and more. Who knew there were so many solutions to the problem of how to select between ‘square’, ‘sawtooth’ and ‘triangle’?! There are also some modern classics in there - the DX7 and Access Virus amongst them."

Note A2 refers to the standard paper size.

via the web: "The A2 format is 420 x 594 mm or 42 x 59.4 cm. In inches, A2 paper has a size of 16.5in x 23.4in. These dimensions mean A2 is normally the perfect choice for calendars, posters and larger format printing."

Monday, October 30, 2023

What is Analogue Solutions Maximus?

video upload by Starsky Carr

"Analogue Solutions has done it again.. gone and made another MASSIVE synth. Maximus is its first poly synth... and what a synth.

Here's a review and demo showing how all 8 voices are almost a complete synth including their own sequencer, with global control ensuring it can work as a poly.

I've been having too much fun using it like an 8 track analogue workstation!

For exclusive patches, samples and tutorials:

Some nice patch banks and samples etc:

Here's the MIDI master clock:"

0:00 Demo track 1
0:40 what is it
2:33 Demo Track 2
3:29 Overview
7:07 Poly Mode
11:40 Global Controls
15:07 Individual Voices
18:39 Filters
20:49 Sequencers
23:27 Envelopes
24:14 BBD
25:29 Wrapping Up
27:26 Demo Track 3

Tuesday, October 24, 2023

Analogue Solutions Ample Synthesizer "Percussion Jacks" Demo

video upload by Analogue Solutions

"Quick: Here's an inspiring and handy rhythm-making feature of the Ample synth!

Patch the built-in noise (snare) into one of Ample's audio-ins, adjust the pattern to taste, and then use the patch outputs (16ths) to your hats and your kick of choice (4/4).

These can be patched to other analogue synths, eurorack, or other compatible sound sources.

Having ready-to-go patterns at your fingertips is useful while using Ample with your modular or other synthesizers.

Ample combines the best elements of several of our recent products.

-The sound elements of Fusebox

-Jack patch points of Concussor Eurorack

-Patch pin matrix of Vostok

-Echo from Dr Strangelove

-Sequencer and CV touch pads of Generator

It shares all this yet still has its own sound!

Ample can be as complex or as simple as you want it to be

We have given this synth a large and diverse number of controls, that alongside the patch sockets, will give even the best and most experienced synthesist endless possibilities.

We have presented the controls in a user-friendly and familiar synth layout that, together with this manual and other resources, enables even the new user to get great sounds."

Sunday, October 22, 2023

Analogue Solutions Ample Sound Demo (no talking) with Empress Echosystem

video upload by Limbic Bits

0:00 Sequenced Pad
1:28 Wobble Bass
1:41 Sequencer Lead
3:04 Electronica Lead
4:01 Bass Variations
4:28 Sequenced Ramp Lead
5:29 Electro Lead
6:25 Ring modulator Lead
7:47 Heavy PWM Lead
8:39 FM Lead
8:54 Detuned
9:20 Dreamer Lead
9:46 Melodic Techno Lead 1
10:06 Melodic Techno Lead 2
10:32 Beauty of Analogue
11:46 KICK it

Thursday, October 19, 2023

Analogue Solutions Ample Synthesizer - Heavy Filter Overdrive Patch #short

video upload by Analogue Solutions

"Here's another side of the Ample synthesizer, patching the filter to produce heavily overdriven tones and effects. No external FX, everything is onboard Ample.

Ample can be as dirty or as clean as your music demands.

Pin it, patch it, play it!"

Wednesday, October 18, 2023

Analogue Solutions Ample Synthesizer: Inspiration is On Board #short

video upload by Analogue Solutions

"Quick: Here's an inspiring and quite handy rhythm-making feature of the Ample synth!

Patch the built-in noise (snare) into one of Ample's audio-ins, adjust the pattern to taste, and then use the patch outputs (16ths) to your hats and your kick (4/4).

It's useful to have ready-to-go patterns at your fingertips while using Ample with your modular or other synthesizers."

Sunday, October 15, 2023

Analogue Solutions Colossus Synthesizer Single Sequence

video upload by Analogue Solutions

"Here's a single Colossus #synthesizer sequence captured via mobile. This was a demo sequence we used at Sweetwater during the AS visit and presentation. It was quickly taken apart via participants' hands, which is part of the fun of #Colossus and modular in general! Too cool not to share. :)

We have several configurations of the Colossus synth. Drop a line or visit the website for more information:"

Thursday, October 12, 2023

Analogue Solutions Leipzig-k, Telemark-k, & Impulse Control No Talk Demos

Analogue Solutions Leipzig-k (no talk) Demos

video uploads by lemorgue

Synth: Analogue Solutions Leipzig-k
Drums: Ableton Live Kit
DAW: Ableton Live 11

Analogue Solutions Telemark-k (no talk) Demos

video uploads by lemorgue

Synth: Analogue Solutions Telemark-k
Drums: Ableton Live Kit
DAW: Ableton Live 10

sktch-203: Analogue Solutions Impulse Control #1 (no talk)

video upload by lemorgue

Synth: Analogue Solutions Impulse Control
Drums: Ableton Live 707 Kit
DAW: Ableton Live 11

Sunday, October 08, 2023

Synthfest UK 23 New Videos

video uploads by sonicstate


1. Synthfest UK 23: MyVolts - Nifty USB Power Solutions
At Synthfest UK 2023, we caught up with Caroline from MyVolts, and they've added to their panoply of useful power solutions for musicians. MyVolts showcased their new product, the Alchemist power distribution hub, which harnesses the versatility of USB-C to deliver various voltages from 5V to 20V. This means you can power a range of equipment, from vintage synths to modern gear, with one device. They've also taken their USB power innovation to the next level with a step-up 12V power tip, allowing users to draw 18W from USB to power gear like the Electron Analog Four on the go. MyVolts aims to simplify power management for musicians, addressing issues like earthing and noise, and they're actively seeking input from the community to fine-tune their solutions.

In addition to the Alchemist power hub, MyVolts will be releasing their own power banks, USB-C power cables with wattage indicators, and a range of power tips compatible with various voltages. This expansion means users can power a wide range of devices efficiently and conveniently. These products are expected to be available around February or March. MyVolts encourages you to fill out their survey to help them better understand and solve the unique power challenges musicians face.

2. Synthfest UK 23: Rides In The Storm - SED CSM Synth Voice
At Synthfest UK 2023, we caught up with Uwe from Rides In The Storm to get a glimpse of their upcoming modular synth voice module, the SED CSM. This module is a powerhouse of sound design possibilities, offering a wide range of features packed into a single unit. With two oscillator sections, three waveform options, pulse width modulation, and a wave folder, there's plenty of sonic flexibility on tap.

The SED CSM also includes a robust mixer section, a ring modulator, wave folder, noise source, and an external input, expanding its sound-shaping capabilities. Uwe demonstrated how the module can be used for lush soundscapes and dynamic modulation with its various features. SED CSM offers envelope generators with loopable modes and versatile LFOs and filter options.

SED CSM Price: around £390
3. Synthfest UK 23: Analogue Solutions - Ample Desktop Pin matrix
We returned to the Analogue Solutions booth to chat again with Tom who showed us the second synth he’s released this year, Ample. Ample is a 3 VCO synth which combines some of the greatest bits of other Analogue Solutions synths, including a patch pin matrix similar to the Vostok, a sequencer taken from the generator, an interval generator similar to that on the Fusebox, and a 24dB filter akin to that of the Pro One. It even has the same delay circuit from the new Maximus.

There are 3 types of pin for the pin matrix with resistances of 0 ohms on the black pin 10k ohms on the red one and blue giving a value of 100k, which allows for more flexibility in attenuating the signals you patch. Tom told us that Ample is particularly suited to percussion, with its snappy filter, and various clock sources available, and though Ample is in a desktop format, Tom has given us plenty of space between the controls so no accidental knob bumping can occur.

Available October 23

Ample Price: around £2000 plus vat
4. Synthfest UK 23: Expert Sleepers - Analogue Modules
At Synthfest UK 2023, we had the chance to chat with Os from Expert Sleepers, known for their versatile digital modules. However, Os has been exploring the analog side of modular synthesis and has introduced a range of eight analog modules.

Among the analog modules, Os showcased a squelchy filter, oscillators with unconventional sine wave cores, and an intriguing octave fuzz effect. He emphasized that these analog modules offer a different approach to sound generation and signal processing compared to their digital counterparts. Os also pointed out that once an analog module is designed and built, it's a finished product, offering a sense of completeness that's distinct from the continuous updates often associated with digital modules.

Expert Sleepers Analogue modules Prices: from £159
5. Synthfest UK 23: Yamaha - DM3 - Super Compact Digital Mixer
At Synthfest UK 2023, we caught up with Chris from Yamaha to take a look at their latest offering, the DM3 digital mixer. This compact 16-input mixer packs some impressive features into a small footprint, making it suitable for a variety of applications. With a focus on pro audio and audio versatility, the DM3 boasts brand-new microphone preamps inspired by Yamaha's high-end CL and QL series, ensuring top-notch audio quality. Operating at 96 kHz, the DM3 offers pristine audio resolution. We have to admit, we're all Gassing for this one...

The DM3 boasts a touchscreen interface, complemented by touch-and-turn knobs for tactile control. This innovative combination allows users to efficiently navigate and control the mixer's parameters. The DM3 can also serve as an audio interface, providing 18 in and 18 out over USB, making it an excellent choice for recording and streaming applications. With a compact and portable design, this mixer is versatile enough for live gigs, corporate events, podcasting, and studio work.

DM3 Standard Model Price: Around £1,500

DM3 Dante-Enabled Price: Around £2,000
6. Synthfest UK 23: Tone Science - Triple Cross - Chance Delay
At Synthfest UK 2023, we caught up with Ian Boddy from DIN Records, known for his prolific work in the electronic music scene. While DIN Records is celebrating its 25th anniversary next year, Ian has expanded his creative endeavors with the release of two modules under the sub-label Tone Science in collaboration with AJH Synth. The Triple Cross module offers versatile signal manipulation capabilities, enabling crossfading, morphing, panning, with non-synchronous LFOs and DC-coupled outputs. The Chance Delay module introduces a unique concept of probability-driven gate delay. Musicians can control the likelihood of triggers passing through, allowing for rhythmically intricate and ever-changing sequences. These modules are designed to enhance the performative aspect of modular synthesis, providing musicians with dynamic tools for evolving soundscapes and rhythmic complexity.

Triple Cross Price: £260

Chance Delay Price: £175
7. Synthfest UK 23: 1010 Music - Bluebox Eurorack Edition
At Synthfest UK 2023, we had the opportunity to chat with Steve from 1010 Music about their latest creation, the Bluebox Eurorack Edition. This module was born out of customer demand, as users of the original Blue Box desktop unit clamored for a Eurorack-compatible version. The Bluebox Eurorack Edition packs all the power and versatility of the desktop version but with a few key differences. It offers mono inputs and outputs that can be combined into stereo, six CV inputs for mapping to various parameters, and two dedicated USB-C ports—one for MIDI and the other for USB audio. This means you can connect your Blue Box to a Mac, PC, or iPad, send and receive audio tracks, and still record all 12 tracks, plus a master track and two effects sends, separately on a micro SD card. An upcoming firmware update will also bring stereo audio in both directions to the Blue Box Desktop Edition, offering even more flexibility in routing and recording. With its compact 30 HP size and thoughtful design, the Bluebox Eurorack Edition also offers a clock output bridging the gap between hardware and software seamlessly.

Bluebox Eurorack Edition Price: $699
8. Synthfest UK 23: Nonlinear Labs - C15 - Software Updates
At Synthfest UK 2023, we had a conversation with Tim from Nonlinear Labs, the creators of the highly expressive C15 synthesizer. Tim shared some exciting updates that have recently been implemented with the inclusion of LFOs via looping envelopes providing musicians with more sonic versatility. The C15's unique concept, based on a two-operator FM synthesis engine, remains intact, but these new LFO capabilities expand its sonic palette. Tim also showcased the expanded key tracking options, which can stretch pitches to create unique tonal textures. Furthermore, he highlighted the new twin-engine feature, which allows for cascading delays and creating captivating stereo soundscapes. Tim also hinted at future developments that owners of this expressive synthesizer can look forward to.

C15 Black Price: 4,300 Euros (incl. VAT)

C15 Cherry Wood Price: 4,750 Euros (incl. VAT)
9. Synthfest UK 23: Kenton - LNDX Midi Line Driver
At Synthfest UK 2023, we caught up with John from Kenton Electronics to check out their latest offering, the LNDX Line Driver, a handy solution for extending MIDI signals over long distances. Designed to address the challenges of maintaining stable MIDI connections in large venues and studios, the Line Driver utilizes Cat5 cables to transmit MIDI signals up to an impressive 500 meters. It's an ideal tool for live gigs in massive stadiums or situations where the control center is far from the performance area. The Line Driver features LEDs to monitor both the incoming and outgoing MIDI signals, providing essential feedback for troubleshooting and ensuring signal integrity. This straightforward and robust solution adds reliability to any MIDI setup, whether it's in the music industry, broadcasting, or even unconventional applications like flight simulators. With its opto-isolation and straightforward connectivity, the Line Driver is set to become an essential tool for professionals seeking rock-solid MIDI signal transmission over long distances.

LNDR pair Price: £127.92
10. Synthfest UK 23: Sweet Discrete - Synth Panel Restoration
At Synthfest UK 2023, we had a chat with Craig from Sweet Discrete, a company specializing in unique synth restoration and custom creations. Craig showcased their latest endeavor, which goes beyond their well-known synth overlays. Sweet Discrete has taken on the ambitious task of restoring classic synths like the Jupiter 8 to their former glory. These aren't just simple restorations; they're meticulous, artisanal processes, involving lead loading to remove rust and imperfections, followed by precise silkscreening. What's more, Sweet Discrete manufactures exact replica shells for various synth models, offering three versions for the Jupiter 8 alone. They've even delved into MIDI mods for the Jupiter 8, bringing modern convenience to these vintage gems.

Beyond their cosmetic work, Sweet Discrete is exploring the possibility of delving into electronics and design for synthesizers. With a keen focus on quality and precision, they're making a name for themselves in the world of synth restoration and custom solutions. To learn more about their offerings and explore the range of products, visit their website
See the SYNTHFEST UK label for more coverage of this year's event.


video uploads by Sound On Sound magazine

SYNTHFEST 2023 - Rhodes MK8 Effects and V8
SYNTHFEST 2023 - Nonlinear Labs C15
SYNTHFEST 2023 - Analogue Solutions - Maximus
SYNTHFEST 2023 Tone Science - Triple Cross and Chance Delay
SYNTHFEST 2023 Audio Computer - Beat Friend
SYNTHFEST 2023 Cong Burn - Strokes
SYNTHFEST 2023 Officina del Malista - ML23 Midi for Malista
Synthfest 2023 - Audio Computer Weather Station

Synthfest UK 23: Analogue Solutions - Maximus - 8 Voice Monster

video upload by sonicstate

"At Synthfest UK 2023, we caught up with Tom from Analogue Solutions who gave us our first hands-on look at the Maximus Analog Synthesizer. While it might not be as colossal as its predecessor, the Colossus, the Maximus still packs a punch. This beast features 8 individual voices, each with its own sequencer, giving musicians the flexibility to craft a wide range of sounds, from lush pads to percussion elements. Maximus employs a vintage-inspired approach to tuning, with no central control, harking back to the 1970s ethos of hands-on control. While it is capable of huge polyphonic patches, Tom's vision for the Maximus is to offer musicians the ability to create diverse sequences and utilize the voices independently, allowing for rich sonic exploration. With its voltage-controlled filter and multi-mode options, it's clear that the Maximus draws inspiration from classic analog synths like the Oberheim SEM. Additionally, it boasts a five-octave keyboard with aftertouch and a unique touchplate with triggering and flexible CV capabilities. Analogue Solutions has embraced a normalization approach, making patching a breeze, while also providing the option to switch out circuits for advanced sound design. The Maximus also offers delay and spring reverb effects, further expanding its sonic palette.

With the first production run already sold out, tom is busy crafting the next batch and the Maximus should become available again in November 2023.

Analogue Solutions Maximus Price: £22,500"

You can find additional Analogue Solutions Maximus posts here.

Saturday, October 07, 2023

Analogue Solutions Ample Patch Demos [No Talking]

video upload by VCO USA

"A demo of some patches we wanted to share on the Analogue Solutions Ample 3 VCO Patch Pin Matrix Synthesizer. The possibilities are really endless here, so we've tried to include a good variety of sonic capabilities.


0:00 Interval Generator Arcade
1:38 Chiptune Re-Tuned
2:45 VCO melody split
3:58 A Single Sub Oscillator Square Wave
5:18 Some Ample Techno
7:30 Analog(ue) Sequencing
8:53 ADSR Modded Bassline
10:33 3 VCOs and a Sub
11:41 Basic Interval Generator
12:52 Sub Bass Kick Drums
13:39 The Noise Snare Feature
14:40 Patternator Toms
16:06 Helicopter Patch"

Friday, October 06, 2023

Analogue Solutions Ample Desktop Synthesizer

video upload by Analogue Solutions

"Ample combines the best elements of several of our recent products.

-The sound elements of Fusebox
-Jack patch points of Concussor Eurorack
-Patch pin matrix of Vostok
-Echo from Dr Strangelove
-Sequencer and CV touch pads of Generator

It shares all this yet still has its own sound!

Ample can be as complex or as simple as you want it to be

We have given this synth a large and diverse number of controls, that alongside the patch sockets, will give even the best and most experienced synthesists endless possibilities.

We have presented the controls in a user-friendly and familiar synth layout that, together with this manual and other resources, enables even a new user to get great sounds.


Ample is a compact analogue synthesizer. Analogue - as in really analogue. Aside from the MIDI chip (which has to be digital), everything else is totally analogue using real transistors and op-amps. There are no CPU stabilised and quantised circuits, no DCOs, no digital LFOs and no digital EGs, as found on other so-called analogue synths. The circuitry is based on designs dating back to the mid-1970s. So Ample has a genuine old sound."

Patch n Tweak
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