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Tuesday, October 17, 2023

Novation Mono Station - "Future Sounds" 63 Presets

video upload by LFOstore

"Future Sounds V1 for Novation Mono Station is a new level soundbank.

It unleashes the deepest possibility of this small analog monster.
You will find here the most experimental sounds ever made for Mono Station

The video demo clearly showing just some of the examples.

You can easily start your new track using these sounds, without learning all the algorithms of synth.

The variety of using includes every Electronic Music style is possible, from Melodic Techno to Trance, Dubstep, Ambient, Progressive, House, Cyberpunk, and even Synthwave.

The sound bank also contains ready-made Sequences (SESSIONS) recorded in the synthesizer itself.

And you can easily apply them to your work.

Soundpack includes:

20 – Leads.
16 – Basses.
8 – SFX.
1 – Pad.
1 – Key.
17 – Drums/FX’s.

Made by Igor Leus, chief of NatLife Sounds.


Friday, November 18, 2022

3rd Planet Mystery for Korg Minilogue XD

video upload by Igor Leus

3rd Planet Mystery for Korg Minilogue XD (Part 2)

"Buy Link:

NatLife brings you a new Korg Minilogue XD soundbank - 3rd Planet Mystery.

This sound pack is full of unusual Sequences, Cosmic Plucks, poignant Effects, Melodic Arp-sequences, Dark Basslines, and thoughtful Motion sequences.

All this creates the impression of a completely unusual library inspired by the old Soviet cartoon-film - The Secret of the Third Planet, which at one time plunged millions of children into its Cosmic mystery. This film was based on a children's science fiction novella "Alice's Travel" by Kir Bulychev, from Alisa (Alice) Selezneva's book series. Immerse yourself in the world as it was seen in the 80s space dreamers.

In this soundbank, you will find such types of sounds as Bass, Leads, FXs, ARPs, Plucks, Synths, Keys & Sequences.

The sound library was not used by any external Multi engines, so you'll get a clear Minilogue XD sound, using an Analog engine as the main and Digital as modulation or noise additional.

Sound Library includes:

50 Presets
44 Sequences + Motion Sequences."

Sunday, October 30, 2022

PIRIN V2 Movie by NatLife

video upload by Igor Leus

"Buy This Sounds:

NatLife Sounds presents a second version of PIRIN for Dreadbox Nymphes polyphonic analog synthesizer. This set of sounds contains all the experience and mastery of sound design from NatLife. From the biggest Blade Runner inspiration String Pads to massive Trance Leads, cosmic FXs, modulated Plucks, ARPs, atmospheric Bass, magic & nostalgic Pads, Chords, and other sounds.

Each sound has been worked out in detail to create incredible harmony and melody throughout. For this, all possible and almost impossible methods available on board the Nymphes were used.

The entire sound bank shows a huge variety of sounds applicable to absolutely any musical style, Cinematic sound design, stage sound, and other professional processing.

For a complete understanding of what you will get - listen to the Demo presentation. All Presets sound is absolutely identical to what you purchase. No enhancers, limiters, compressors, equalizers, or other adjustments were used in the presentation.

On the final channel is only one reverb setting from Valhalla Shimmer."

Sunday, October 23, 2022

Dreadbox Nymphes - Blade Runner 2022 (from coming PIRIN V2 soundbank)

video upload by Igor Leus

Friday, October 21, 2022

PIRIN for Dreadbox Nymphes

video upload by Igor Leus

Tuesday, October 18, 2022

PIRIN For Dreadbox Nymphes

video upload by Igor Leus

"Buy Sounds! -

PIRIN For Nymphes - is NatLife's first soundbank for a 6-voice analog synthesizer from Dreadbox.

The sounds were inspired by the majesty of the plateau of the same name. It's 49 rich, warm, and sharp sounds. Find here a full-color palette of patches, from deep Pads, rich Leads, sharp Plucks, ARP'egios Basslines, and incredible FXs from another dimension.

The sounds will perfectly fit any kind of music production. You can find it good for Cinema or Game soundtracks, same as for creating Melodic Techno or Trance music.

Just find the flight of your imagination with the sounds that were made inspired by the untouched nature of the high mountains!


Some presets used the built-in mono reverb. If you want to use your own external or software reverb, just disable the reverb with the command: 'Menu - 3' and all the reverb sliders down.

Installation instructions are included."

Tuesday, October 04, 2022

ACID & Trance V1 for D16 Phoscyon 2 (Custom Scenes)

video upload by Igor Leus

"Buy Link:
NatLife Sounds presents ACID & Trance V1 for D16 Phoscyon 2 synthesizer.

It's a tribute to mix of Trance & ACID in earlier 2000's years. You can find here a 32 amazing melodies, 32 presets (for using splendidly from Sequences) and 32 Scenes in it.

In fact, the possibilities of the Phoscyon 2 give much more than the original Roland TB-303, and all these possibilities have been used to create these sounds to the maximum. So it is a perfect library for starting to produce any kind of music, which can contain ACID elements.

Soundpack contains:

32 Scenes
32 Separated Presets
32 Sequences/Patterns"

Thursday, September 08, 2022

303 V2 for U-He Hive

video upload by Igor Leus

"Buy Now! -

303 V2 for U-He Hive 2 - is a second chapter of ACID Sequences & Presets.

The soundbank is a full of different colours and variations of 303r sound. From active Psy sequencing to Deep & slow moves. It is a perfect additional weapon for Psychedelic Trance, ACID House, Techno & ACID Trance. You can find here also a dreaming Trance sequences, just 'out of the box' for fast music producing. And of course it have enough of massive 'kicking' sounds for nowadays trending Acid Techno music.

Soundbank contains:

32 Presets
32 Sequences & ARP’s (inside presets)"

Wednesday, August 31, 2022

Disco Funk for Synthmaster 2

video upload by Igor Leus

"buy Link:

NatLife Sounds glad to present you Disco Funk for Synthmaster 2. A collection of stunning sounds, which can be great for Disco Funk, Synthpop & Synthwave music.

You can find here a lush Pads, full of retro feeling Leads, cats Plucks, laser FX's and funky Synth sounds. The demonstration perfectly showing all the ability of this sounds. Also this package have internal Synthmaster 2 Drum Library. It is directly in Drum presets. So will more than enough of sounds for creating the full song.

In the extra bonus you will get a full FL Studio 20+ project file with all the wave samples.

The work with a sound in this package on a very high level. All the sounds was deeply produced for getting those sound from 80s. Same like and rest sounds from our main mark it was made by NatLife itself.

Soundpack contains:

50 Synthmaster 2 presets
FL Studio 20 project
35 Wave Samples"

Monday, August 29, 2022

ACID V3 for Roland TB-303 & Clones

video upload by Igor Leus

"Buy Link:

NatLife Sounds present you a real banger - ACID 3.

This is the biggest MIDI collection for Roland TB-303 and the synthesizers that can reproduce ACID sound.

For using this patches you can easily put it to DAW's Piano Roll in any synthesizer, which you think is great for this. As example we used U-He Hive 2, and the sounds in the demo comes from our lirabries - I'm Raving, 303 for Hive 2 and coming 303 for Hive 2 V2 (coming soon..).

We also can advise you for use: D16 Phoscyon 2, ABL3, Dune 3, Behringer TD-3/MO, Roland TB-03, Roland TB-3, Roland Cloud TB-303, Cyclone TT-303, Transistor Bass, Acidlab MM-303 and other software or hardware 303r clones.

This pack can be perfect for: Acid House, Acid Trance, Acid Techno, Psy Trance, Psychedelic Trance, Future Rave & all the Electronic Music.

Soundpack contains:

164 MIDI files"

Sunday, August 28, 2022

Ambient & Chill for Synthmaster One

video upload by Igor Leus

"Buy Link:

NatLife Sounds presenting you a stunning library for KV331 Synthmaster One synthesizer - Ambient & Chill.

It's a complete source for creating beautiful world of deep relaxing music. The soundset contains everything from special Chillout Basses to the lushest Pads, clear Plucks, Leads, Choirs and Vocalised sounds. Plus you will get unreal naturalistic FX sounds, created in Synthmaster, so you probably no needs in any other Sample sources for creating a full composition.

The package are perfect for Space, Chillout, Ambient & Chillstep music.

Soundbank contains 60 presets, which are:

5 ARP's
7 Bass's
2 Drum's
7 FX's
4 Leads
17 Pad's
13 Plucks
3 VOC's"

Friday, August 26, 2022

ACID for U-He Hive

video upload by Igor Leus

"Buy Link:

NatLife Sounds present you a first 303 sound collection for U-He Hive. It’s a first completely ACID soundbank for this synthesizer. You can find here a very different variations of ACID sound. From melodic to power & deep.

Every preset have a own melodic Sequence, plus some of it boosted with Arpedgios. The patches can perfect fit to any of Electronic Music production, includes Acid Trance, Psy Trance, Acid House, Acid Techno or even Melodic Techno. No limits for using.

Just put one MIDI note and you will hear a full spectre of ACID sound in it.

Soundbank contains:

32 Presets
32 Sequences & ARP’s (inside presets)"

Monday, August 22, 2022

Cyber Sound for Korg Opsix

video upload by Igor Leus

"Buy Soundbank:

NatLife Sounds present you a first product for Korg Opsix/Native Synthesizers - Cyber Sound.

This soundbank contains a big collection of ARP sounds, which can add amazing additional atmosphere to your production. Also you can find here a great new Pad sounds, Synth patches and of course super class Leads & Plucks with a feeling of 80s.

The sounds can fit any of nowadays electronic music production. It will be perfect for Synthwave, Melodic Techno, House, Trance or Dubstep/DnB. But and also these package can be a good addition to any Movie, Game or Soundtrack production.

Soundbank contains 50 Korg Opsix/Native preset patches, which are:

14 ARP's (plus 4 SY arpeggion'ed)
8 Bass
2 FX's
5 Leads
9 Pads
4 Plucks
8 Synth"

Korg Opsix - Custom Patches (overview)

Friday, August 12, 2022

KORG PROLOGUE - Natlife Cybertrance Vol 1 Review (SCUM Night)

video upload by Vulture Culture

"►DONATE directly to Igor and his family: PayPal

►Get these sounds and more (Hardware and Soft Synths like Summit/Peak, Microfreak, Serum, Zen Core, Diva and many many more):

►Buy This Prologue 16:

On February 24th 2022, Russia invaded Ukraine, murdering thousands of innocent people and causing the biggest refugee crisis in Europe since World War II.

My friend Igor Leus, sound designer of Natlife Sounds, was forced to remain in Kharkov, Ukraine because of the laws preventing military-aged males from leaving while his wife and son, Elena and Danila, fled to Germany.

During this stream we will be raising money for Igor, Elena and Danila while checking out his awesome sound pack Cybertrance Vol 1 for my beloved Korg Prologue Analogue Synthesizer.

Please invite friends, 100% of donations go to Igor and his family. Together the Scum Family can do our part to help."

Friday, July 29, 2022

Roland Cloud Juno-60 - Custom Patches (Overview)

video upload by Igor Leus

"In this video I do a overview of my Essential Sounds soundbank for Roland Juno-60 Software Synthesizer by Roland Cloud.

More info at:

support: Roland System-8, Roland JU06/06A."

Thursday, July 28, 2022

Essential Sounds for Roland Juno-60 Software Synthesizer

video upload by Igor Leus

"Buy Link:

NatLife presenting you absolutely stunning bank of patches for one of the icon of synthesizers – Roland Juno-60 software synthesizer – Essential Sounds .
In this library of sounds, you can take a fresh look at this synthesizer. The magnificent part of the Arpeggio presets will immerse you in another dimension. Just touch a couple of keys and you will feel this wave of Juno‘s analog sound in the digital soul. The synth was created by those who made this masterpiece from the beginning, but now transformed it into a computer.
This soundset is not tied to styles. It’s main basis is a high-quality sound worked out to the smallest detail. Go get it and use it absolutely everywhere, from electronic music to sound design for films.
It combines everything from warmth of 80’ to the most fashionable trends of modern Melodic Techno, combined with Progressive Trance music.

Essential Sounds for Roland Juno-60 contains 50 custom patches, which are:

15 ARP sounds
3 Synth
7 Basses
11 Leads
7 Pads
4 Plucks
3 FXs

Compatible: Roland System 8 and Roland JU-06 / JU-06A as hardware controller."

Tuesday, July 26, 2022

Essential Sounds for Roland Juno-106 Model Expansion

video upload by Igor Leus

"Buy Link:

NatLife Sounds present you another great sound collection for Zenology Pro synthesizer – Roland Juno-106.

It’s amazing collection of melodic sounds & patches with bias towards analog colour’s. This soundbank can bring your Zen Core instrument to a world of warmth 80′ and sharp modernity simultaneously. It gives you a full versatility, with using best from the both worlds.

These patches will perfect fit for Melodic Techno, Progressive Trance or Synthwave music.

The soundset contains 32 Roland Juno-106 Model Expansion Presets & Patches, which are:

8 Plucks
7 Leads
6 Pads
6 Bass
5 Synth
1 FX

All the sounds compatible with: Zenology software, Zenbeats, Roland Fantom, Roland Jupiter X/XM, Roland MC 707/101, Roland Ax-Edge, Roland RD-88, Fantom-0, Juno-X, Verselab MV-1 and newest Aerophone."

Sunday, July 24, 2022

Roland Cloud Jupiter 4 - Custom Patches

video upload by Igor Leus

"Roland Jupiter 4 Software synthesizer Cybertrance V1 Library overview.
More info at:"

Roland Cloud Jupiter 4 - Custom Patches (Part 2)

Friday, July 22, 2022

Cybertrance V1 For Roland Jupiter 4

video upload by Igor Leus

"Buy Link! -

CyberTrance V1 For Roland Jupiter 4 software synthesizer – is a bank of 64 custom made presets by NatLife. The soundbank combine a mix of Cyberpunk and Trance vibes, but at the same time are great for Synthwave, Cinematic soundtracks and other Electronic Music. It made with a maximum potential of this machine.

This library has all kinds of patches, with which only one Jupiter 4th is enough for you to write a finished composition. These are powerful Bass sounds, strong Leads and melodic Plucks, deep Pads, sharp Transition Effects and of course modern Progressive Arpeggios.

Get ready for a powerful and goosebumps sound!

Soundset contains 64 Patches, which:

7 Leads
6 Plucks
12 Bass
6 Sound Effects
8 Synths
11 Pads
14 ARP’s

Compatible with Roland System-8 as Plug-Out."

Saturday, July 16, 2022

Cosmic Plucks V1 For U-He Diva

video upload by Igor Leus

"Buy Link: -

NatLife Sounds back to U-He Diva sound design with a new Cosmic Plucks V1 soundbank.
It's a complicated sound collection with all of Plucks & Lead colours in one pack. You can freely find a full of harmonic analog sound as and a clearly razor digital tuning. In that case presets perfectly complement each other. And of course, the main emphasis of this library is on cosmic sound, which you will get in full. No third-party effects, compressors or other sound thickeners were used in the creation of the demo track, everything that you hear did not pass third-party processing in any form, only pure Diva sounding.

The soundset will be good for any kind of music.

Sounbank contains 42 U-He Diva presets, which:

24 Leads
18 Plucks

Patch n Tweak
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