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Wednesday, June 12, 2024

How to Import Wavetables to Vital (VST Wavetable Synth)... Like the Free Wavetables in KRC Mathwaves

video upload by Keith Crosley

"Here, I demonstrate 2 ways to import what I call Serum-style wavetables (32-bit, 2048 samples-per-frame .wav files) to the Vital VST synth (well... sort of). I (1) explain how a single wavetable can be dragged and dropped from your filesystem to a Vital oscillator... but apparently that only works in Vital's standalone mode. And (2) show how to import a folder of wavetables (such as folders from the free version of KRC Mathwaves) can be imported.

Along the way, I drop a couple of tips about using the free wavetables in the KRC Mathwaves sampler (and full version), with a dose of self-deprecating humor. Like and subscribe for MOAR talky synthesizer content, mmm-kay?


KRC Mathwaves full collection (140,000+ wavetables, just $29):

KRC Mathwaves free wavetables sampler (200+ wavetables, FREE):

CHAPTERS (to come)
00:00 Introduction to KRC Mathwaves
00:56 Importing Wavetables into Vital
02:28 Vital's Wavetable Format
03:39 Two Different Ways to Import Wavetables
05:20 Exploring Wavetables in Vital
06:31 Understanding Special Wavetables in KRC Mathwaves
08:06 Saving and Accessing Wavetables in Vital
08:39 Limitations of Wavetable Import in Vital
10:17 Outro - Go Get Some KRC Mathwaves

For more wavetable and synth madness, see my KRC Mathwaves playlist:"

Note: the 1st video is the same as above. Use the player controls to skip to the next or any other video.

Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Madrona Labs Sumu: Resynthesis (Done Right), Sample Mangling & Spatialization in One Cool New Synth

video upload by Keith Crosley

"Sumu is now in early access! Let's take a look at the new VST synth from Madrona Labs, Sumu. Sumu combines sample resynthesis, partial f**kery, FM, and spatialization to create sounds that are quite unique. We also explore Vutu, the companion app for Sumu, that allows us to process, analyze, and import samples with the amazing "Loris" resynthesis technology. The announcement about this synth got a little buried in all of the noise surrounding Superbooth 2024... so let's take a closer look and listen...

Also, I promise a look at some new wavetables in KRC Mathwaves, but never get around to it. Maybe next time, pard! (But go buy KRC Mathwaves, anyway.)

Grab your partial analyzer and get ready for resynthesis-a-go-go! Along the way, we even use a KRC Mathwaves wavetable to spin a freaking room around. That's new and different...


Madrona Labs Sumu (and Vutu companion app):

'Loris' Resynthesis Technique techy-nerd info:"

"KRC Mathwaves full collection (150,000+ wavetables, including the "Varieties of Noise" sample library, just $29):

KRC Mathwaves free wavetables sampler (200+ wavetables, FREE):"

Monday, April 22, 2024

Wavetable Synthesis: Basic Mix, Formant, and VOSIM Wavetables. New in KRC Mathwaves

video upload by Keith Crosley

"Exploring new wavetables in KRC Mathwaves including waveforms/wavetables that mix the basic subtractive synthesis waveforms in interesting ways, growly/vocal formant wavetables (fun for dubstep, color bass, etc.), and even MOAR formanty wavetables created with the classic VOSIM (VOcal SIMulator) technique. I’m sure I drop a nifty synth programming tip or two along the way! It’s a full hour of wavetables-a-fo-go… So lets get wiggly with it!


KRC Mathwaves full collection (just $29):

KRC Mathwaves free wavetables sampler (just FREE):"

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