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Thursday, July 13, 2023

Лель УДС (LEL' UDS) with a Welson Supermatic S12

video upload by Valmont

"- The LEL' UDS is a soviet drum synth, made in the late 80's.
It has 2 identical, independant channels that include a tone (triangle) and a noise generator.
- The Welson Supermatic S12 is an italian drum machine made in 1971.
It provides 12 classic patterns with no available edits, except global volume and tempo.
There's still a little knob at the back that acts like a 6dB LP filter ('tone' thing)

So in a few words, two simple instruments that make simple sounds... Chained together!
I was digging inside the LEL' (A bit of servicing) but got lazy to close the lid to shoot the video. So there it is, wide opened for your eyes :D
I think I'll add a second output for this unit.
Just requires to build a second amplifier and split the channels - not thaaat complicated stuff so... why not give a try x)

0:00 - Shake
0:28 - Tango
0:46 - Mambo 1
0:59 - Mambo 2
1:09 - Slow Rock
1:20 - Samba 1
1:32 - Snare Roll
1:43 - Samba 2"

Crumar Bit One: 15 great sounds (Rare SSM rev.)

video upload by Valmont

"Long time ago I recorded a video of this Crumar, but the sound was mono with phasing issues, and so didn't give honor to Bit One's sonic character.
This time I recorded it with the voicepan x)
This unit is a SSM-2044 version, it said less than 300 (or 200?) were made before switching to the less sought-after CEM-3328. With the incredible number of broken Bit Ones you can find online, I don't think there's much SSM versions left :D
The Bit is also capable of split/layer/two-unison, I forgot to make some patch for that when recording the video!

I made a Crumar Bit One/01/99 t-shirt here (idk I thought it looked cool)

0:00 - caramel
0:18 - italie 13
0:42 - july
1:01 - imagination
1:16 - aspects
1:35 - spread
1:56 - venus
2:22 - aristide
2:55 - scent
3:15 - pacific fish
3:36 - butternut
4:07 - boreal toad
4:24 - montmartre
4:56 - neons
5:20 - oranges"

Wednesday, July 21, 2021

Sequential Prophet 600 poly-mod sounds

video upload by Valmont

0:07 - Poly-mod 1
0:47 - Poly-mod 2
1:21 - Poly-mod 3

Friday, July 16, 2021

"Love Like Blood" sound on Akai AX-80

video upload by Valmont

"Waking up from a 9 minutes nap the other day I thought, out of nowhere, that the AX-80 had this OB-X resonance character... Immediately wondering about the hollow synth patch from Killing Joke, "Love Like Blood". So I went to recreate it, and well it sounds pretty close - especially when you know how far an OB-X and the AX-80 are from each other. The OB-X has discrete VCF, somewhere based on the SEM module, when the AX-80 has the CEM-3372 chip, which came later in the Oberheim Matrix-12 / Xpander. So that's some funny coincidence these sound in a similar way!

0:25 Creating the AX-80 patch
1:37 Effects
2:43 Sound check

Detailed AX-80 patch:
- OSC 1: Range 4' / Saw / Sub On / Out 99
- OSC 2: Range 16' / Detune 40 / Saw+Square / Cross Position 1 / Out 99
- VCF: Cutoff 55 / Resonance 63 / EG 50 / Key Follow 39 / High Pass 35
- EG: VCA=VCF mode / Attack 34 / Decay 46 / Sustain 70 / Release 23
- LFO OSC 1: Depth 10, Speed 21, Wave 4 (Triangle)

Detailed FX:
- SoundToys Decapitator
Brings some crunch material on the high part of the spectrum.
A gentle drive at 5%, in mode A, High Pass at mid range, tone at about 2pm. The whole thing 100% wet.
- Arturia Flanger BL-20
The closest plugin I had for that super slow phasing effect. I feel like the original sound had an additional chorus, before the flanger. Anyway, not too much doppler effect (Mix at 25%), rate at mid range, depth at 2pm. Add some High Pass on the wet signal at about 40%.
- Brainworx ACME Opticom XLA-3:
An opto comp that adds a bunch of super cool sounding harmonics. The input stage is always driving, so more than an opto comp I use it to give some super analog feeling. Basically slow response, overdriving the input (Input at 4) and well that's all x)
- Brainworx SSL4000-E
My favorite console sound :D Add some THD (-57dB on my slot), -6dB at 450Hz (LS), -2dB at 600Hz (HMF) and +5dB at 5.5KHz (HS). I really love the airy sound of this channel, it brings so much harmonic content created by the previous stuff!
- GoodHertz Megaverb 3
Depending of the mix version for the song, the amount of reverb is different. So I chose a nice long discrete verb for listening pleasure x) Basically reverb tone C, 4s decay, frequency range from 225Hz to 6KHz, at 9% wet.
- IK TR5 EQual
Remove some bits of the spectrum to get it less heavy: attenuation on the first harmonics (700Hz) and top-end content to avoid too much distortion sound in the balance. One more High Pass at 200Hz... And that's all!"

Monday, June 21, 2021

Valmont - Live 3 @ Mains d'Œuvres

video by Valmont

Fête de la Musique 2021!

0:00 - 4 mains [Intro] / ID
2:16 - Brise / Upcoming release
5:28 - Jordyn / Echos Diaphanes EP
10:11 - Un Carré / Upcoming release
13:47 - Horizons / Echos Diaphanes EP
18:09 - Souviens-Toi l'Angleterre / Echos Diaphanes EP
22:15 - Mille Ponts / Echos Diaphanes EP
26:44 - Wish You Were Here [Outro] / The Sounding Goat Prototypes

Valmont - Guitar, Keyboards
With the participation of:
Angèle Borscha - Vocals
Timothé Magis - Bass, Guitar, Bouiboui
Ornella Noulet - Alto Saxophone
Katia Pucheta - Keyboards

You can find synth demos & music by Valmont in previous posts here.

Sunday, June 06, 2021

1975 Elka Rhapsody 610 quick demo

video by Valmont

"A simple string machine from the mid 70s, with the usual technologies of that time: a master top-octave oscillator, and frequency dividers making each key's pitch for the 61 sound generators boards.
The voices are then summed in a double chorus: one slow delay line, and one fast - both synchronized making regular phasing cycles.
Funny thing with these octave-dividers machines is that all the notes aren't perfectly "in tune". The first models had some key-pitch variations up to 10 cents from a traditionnal tempered keyboard! The rev.2 had a better pitch division, with pitch variation up to 2 cents, witch is pretty unnoticeable for common ears.

0:02 - Strings + Piano + Clavichord
0:14 - Violoncello + Strings
0:41 - Piano + Clavichord (with phaser)
1:08 - Violoncello + Strings (with phaser)"

Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Voice Panning mod on Prophet 600: demo

video by Valmont

"Really happy to have a true-stereo Prophet 600 now :p

It can go subtly stereo (Like a roomy presence) to some wide spread. A huge plus for mixing the modern way.​

The original mono output level was pretty low, but the new one with the stereo mod is much higher. I didn't even use a preamp!

The Prophet output is actually a stereo plug connector, with two contacts duplicated. So I didn't even have to drill another hole, I just reused the original output :) Tho to keep the mono mix out, my synth tech disconnected the filter-cv input, and made it a secondary out. A great tip to have a stereo Prophet for studio use, and a mono Prophet on the stage, without having to change all the trimmers!

0:13​ - Polymod synth
0:50​ - Arpeggio
1:25​ - Pad
1:48​ - Lil Brazz"

Monday, April 19, 2021

La Scoumoune - cover on AX80, CS20M, Ritm-2, Bit One, K3, EK44, Emax

video by Valmont

"A fantastic soundtrack written by François de Roubaix in 1972

Yamaha CS20-M: Lead 1
EMI Ritm-2: Bass
Kawai K3: Voices
Akai AX-80: Rythmic chords and Lead 2
E-Mu Emax II: Main chords
Crumar Bit One: Chords 2
Elka EK-44: Countermelody

Drums: Boss DR-55, Roland CR-78, Korg Rhythm 55, Korg Minipops 7, NI Abbey Road 60s Drummer

FX: Dangerous Bax EQ, U-He Presswerk, ACME Opticom XLA-3, SSL Native Drumstrip, A.O.M Invisible Limiter, IK TR5 EQual, Softube Saturation Knob, Eventide 2016 Room, SynthScience Autopan Modulator, Arturia Tape-201, XLN RC-20, Izotope Mastering Essentials, Nomad Factory 80's Spaces, Waves CLA Bass, D-16 Syntorus, Alex Hilton Stereo Control A1, Valhalla VintageVerb, Waves J37, Eventide Blackhole, IK MixBox, Xfer LFO Tool, Lindell 50 Buss

Fun fact: this is my dad's ringtone :D"

Thursday, April 15, 2021

1979 Yamaha CS20M - 15 patches demo

video by Valmont

"8 user memory slots (!!!), 2 VCOs + VCA Sine, Multimode VCF, 2 EG, 1 LFO (Up to 100Hz!), Portamento and a bunch of parallel modulations.
It shares almost all the same chips as found in all the CS Serie (From the tiny CS5 to the huge CS80). Inside you can find: IG00150 LFO, IG00151 VCA, IG00153 VCO (Pulse/Saw), IG00156 VCF (HP/BP/LP), IG00158 Waveshaper (Sine/Tri) and the IG00159 EG.
All these chips cost a fortune now, I hope none breaks (: It's not like CEMs/SSMs were you can find reeditions, these parts were specially made for the CS and there are not many anymore.
Tho my unit has a noisy VCA distortion, that's the high frequency buzz you can hear. I'll service it soon! Notice how straight and thin this synth sounds - it is extremely stable, and thanks its memories, it seems like the perfect synth for live gigs.
The filter reminds me of the Oberheim SEM, but it's less bright, as Yamaha's engineers set the max cutoff frequency to... 7500Hz. So we get the same behavior as in some Arp 2600 revisions: a restrained filter spectrum! Tho this doesn't make the synth bad at all ;)
I'll also add the fact that this synth is probably of the best build quality I have ever seen. Super heavy, big comfy controls. Inside everything is made very cleverly, top quality electronics. Yamaha also explained the whole synth circuits in the harware manual, I mean... They really described how the VCOs work, the memory encoding, etc... (​)
And despite being 42 years old, it is stable as hell, just like a brand new synth from these days. Japanese engineers were really good... Too good maybe ;)

0:00​ - Fonk Bass
0:13​ - 2-Lead
0:24​ - Synth 1
0:33​ - Synth 2
0:42​ - Multimode Bass
0:54​ - Saw Lead
1:10​ - Resonance
1:21​ - Moog-Like 1
1:29​ - Moog-Like 2
1:37​ - SnH
1:51​ - BP Arp
1:57​ - LP Arp
2:07​ - PW Bass
2:19​ - Chord Lead
2:41​ - HP Lead"

Monday, April 05, 2021

EMI Ritm-2: the most badass, single VCO synth ever made

video by Valmont

"Yall be hyped for SH101, Teisco 60f, Micromoog... Taste the Ritm-2, you won't come back ;)

0:00​ - I hope you have good subwoofers
0:56​ - VCF harmonies
1:22​ - LFO frogs
1:37​ - Analog mess
2:11​ - VCF Auto-oscillation
2:19​ - Arp bass
2:37​ - Big oOf bass"

Monday, March 29, 2021

E.M.I Ritm-2, analog soviet pizzazz

video by Valmont

"Facts I translated from an obscure russian forum:
- Development started in 1983
- Were made by hand from 1985 to 1992 in the Soviet Union
- 6767 units were built, estimated about 200 to 500 still working tho.
- The factory employed 15 workers: not enough people for a quality build. PCBs were cut and drilled by piles together by hand, the keyboard in an unspeakable handiwork thing...
- SN number starts at 2248 and ends at 9015, so mine is number 91!
- Black models are from the 80's, yellow/white plate ones are usually from the 90s
- Moog-type Ladder Filter (Micromoog or Prodigy?), Moog-inspired envelopes as well

Was just serviced"

Monday, March 22, 2021

Big big big big brass Prophet 600 + Crumar Bit One combo

video by Valmont

"In between fluid dynamics exams and record label contracts, both aren't substantially inconsistent Give it more brazz 💛​"

Saturday, October 31, 2020

Lewis OfMan - Attitude (One-shot cover by Valmont)


As usual no computer, the backingtape is sequenced on my old Roland R8, synchronized with the Emax, the RD8 and my modulars.

Kawai K3, Sequential Circuits Prophet 600, Yamaha CX5M-II, Elka EK-44, Yamaha DX-7, E-Mu Emax II, Behringer RD8, Roland R8, Ladik C-215, C-212, S-143, L-111, A-541, Synthesis Technology E-330, Doepfer A-110-2, A-190-3, A-118, A-138, Dreadbox Hysteria, Nostalgia, Behringer 121, 130, MFB VCF SED, Electro Harmonix Small Stone Mk4, Boss DD-200, Boss CH-1, Mode Machines MM5, SynthTronic Chorus, Arturia 1973-Pre, XLN RC-20, TAL Dub-X, Fuse Audio Labs Chorus-65, Xfer LFO Tool, IK TR5 EQual, Alex Hilton Stereo Control, Waves CLA-2A, Izotope Mastering Essentials, Eventide Blackhole, Eventide Octavox, TAL DAC, Waves CLA-Vocals, Waves J-37, Kjaerhus Delay, Fuse Audio Labs VQP-258A, A.O.M Invisible Limiter, JST BG-Mix, Microsoft Hortense French, Microsoft David US

Roland R8: sequences
Emu Emax: voice & drum samples
Yamaha CX5M-II: baseball organ
Modulars: Bass
Yamaha DX7: FM 1
Elka EK-44: FM 2 + organ
Kawai K3: Lead
Sequential Prophet 600: Strings
Behringer RD8: drums

Attitude, a song by @Lewis OfMan
Find my stuff here:

Thursday, October 15, 2020

Pearl Drum-X: a Simmons Drums contender


"A true gem of forgotten electronic machines!
Totally analog, with digital memories, this japanese Pearl Drum-X had serious potential for successful sales... But came too late on the market!
The first models were released in 1987, a year where PCM drums appeared and made those fantastic analog things completly old-fashionned.
Anyway, not many were built, and no one seems to know about this lil happy box. Working units can be found for almost nothing, got mine for a hundred bucks, but the 'edit' buttons are broken. Tried to fix that but now my unit doesn't start anymore... Gotta repair this one, as well as so many other machines now. Soon I'll do a noice jam with my soviet Lel UDS, RMIF Elsita, the 808 and this cool Pearl! :D

The Peal Drum-X has a huge variety of sounds, from 909-like toms to typical simmons snares or weird cowbell tones.
Later models had MIDI, this one doesn't. But not a problem when you have multi-trigger drum machines! (Such as the Roland R8)
It has 5 outputs, plus a mixed one, and the box can be screwed in a rack (Only 2U), so it's definitely a great studio machine, as well as for live gigs thanks the quick patch recall buttons."

Wednesday, October 07, 2020

Demo 13 - Juju 60, Prophet 600, DX7, Bit One, reveeeerb guitar and 🅱Ass

Valmont / Mooggy

"13th demo 4th EP but the 3rd one isn't released yet and the 2 firsts are in prototype state

Roland Juno 60, Sequential Prophet 600, Yamaha DX7, Crumar Bit, 1983 Quest Black Magic Bass, 1987 Young Chang Stratocaster, Strymon BigSky, EHX Small Clone, EHX Clone Theory, Waves J-37, Softube Drawmer S73, Arturia Tape-201, Eventide Blackhole, Waves CLA Bass, IK TR5 EQual, iZotope Mastering Essentials, Goodhertz Vulf Compressor, XLN RC-20, JST BG-Mix, A.O.M Invisible Limiter, Nomad Factory 80's Spaces, VPROM"

Monday, September 21, 2020

YMO - "La Femme Chinoise" on Prophet 600, Emax, Juno, Opera 6, Bit One, DX7, K3, Elsita & Linndrum

Valmont / Mooggy

"Ok this one took me a month to edit lol
19 tracks recorded with: Akai AX-80, Siel Opera 6, Crumar Bit One, Yamaha DX7, RMIF Elsita, Roland Juno 60, Sequential Circuits Prophet 600, Kawai K3, E-Mu Emax II.
Additional Linndrum LM2 played on VPROM.

- Akai AX-80: Bass, Verse Strings
- Siel Opera 6: Chorus Chords, Main Lead, Fonk Stabz Verse
- Crumar Bit One: Break chords, Chorus Syncope Chords
- Yamaha DX7: Main lead backs, Verse Stabs
- RMIF Elsita: (Played on a Roland R8) Snare double
- Roland Juno 60: Second Verse Lead
- Prophet 600: Chorus Strings, Chorus lead counterpoint, Chorus ponctuation
- Kawai K3: Verse Lead, Verse Lead Octave
- E-Mu Emax II: Verse Strings Lead Double, Bass ponctuation, Verse Stabs

Effects processors used:
Eventide Blackhole, SynthTronic Chorus, XLN RC-20, Waves J-37, Arturia 1973-Pre, IK TR5 EQual, U-He Presswerk, Xfer LFO Tool, Alex Hilton Stereo Control, Softube Drawmer S73, Nomad Factory 80's Spaces, XLN DS-10, Izotope Mastering Essentials, Fuse Audio Labs Chorus-65, Arturia Tape-201, JST BG-Mix

This song was written by Yukihiro Takahashi and Chris Mosdell, on the album 'Yellow Magic Orchestra' by YMO in 1978. Co-arranged with Ryuichi Sakamoto.

Find my stuff here!"

Sunday, September 20, 2020

Madonna "Into The Groove" bassline on Juno 60

Valmont / Mooggy

"This bassline is from 1984 but it's still groovy as hell"

Saturday, September 19, 2020

Prophet 600: 19 homemade sounds (With Strymon Big Sky)

Valmont / Mooggy

"19 sounds on my Sequential Prophet 600, thru a Strymon Big Sky reverb.
This 600 has no GliGli installed, so EG are slower (As well as panel controls)

0:00 - Very 600 Strings
0:18 - PolyMod Filter
0:46 - Synclavier spirit
0:56 - CS80 spirit
1:33 - PW Synth
1:50 - Fat Brazz
2:02 - Unison 1
2:22 - PolyMod Osc B
2:36 - Future Bass
2:55 - Unison 2
3:12 - More Sawtooth
3:23 - Minimoog spirit
3:53 - Portamento Pad
4:08 - House Chords Mode
4:32 - Thru some presets
4:42 - Saw Chords
5:21 - Yellow Notes
5:45 - Chillax Strings
6:05 - Unison 3"

And a video on the tuning when powering up:

When the Prophet 600 heats up

"Quick video to show how sounds a Prophet 600 when it's heating.
Mine doesn't have the Gligli mod so it goes out of tune easily.
Needs about 30 minutes for being 100% in tune!"

Juno 60 vs TAL-U-NO-LX-V2

Valmont / Mooggy

"I did this video very quickly but anyway even without more precise comparison you can feel how close the TAL emulation is from the original machine.

What I think about this:
- Attack/Decay bites more on original Juno, emulation loses dynamics with Chorus enabled
- Chorus is finner on original unit, and there's a true vibrato in mode 1+2
- Filter is a bit more instable on the Juno, yet the emulation is really good and accurate
- Emulation's parameters go further than original's: longer decay, higher cutoff, longer Pulse Width
- Factory presets on TAL's sound different because of parameters range.

Overall a fantastic emulation for a portion of the original's price
In an A/B comparison, TAL's has less presence and it's a bit cleanner
But in a mix there would be no way to differenciate an emulation from the original unit."

1978 EHX Small Stone Phaser: spectrum visualization

Valmont / Mooggy

"Roland SH-101 pulse wave going straight into the Electro Harmonix Small Stone mk2, then analysing back the sound (With DustAnalyzer)"

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