Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Erica Synths Introduces New Polivoks Inspired DIY Eurorack System

via Erica Synths

"Erica Synths began with DIY kits, which have now been fully redesigned, are skiff friendly, and have been adapted even more for modular functionality.  This provides you with a great-sounding 84HP two-VCO modular system with 53 patch points that go well beyond classical monosynths.

This is not just a Polivoks clone.  We have introduced numerous innovative solutions in each module to make it more versatle and to expand the functionality of the entire system.  Each module is available as a PCB+ panel or a full kit, and it includes unique components and manufactured-in-Latvia ICs.  Front panel design by  All kits will be available in March 2017 at

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