Friday, June 09, 2017

Jean-Michel Jarre Live Synths and a MATRIXSYNTH Baseball Cap

This one in via Synth Addict:

"A great Jarre show a couple of weeks ago in Berkeley, with lots of analog goodness and lasers.

ARP 2500 and many more synths were spotted.

In the souvenir area, the most coveted item wasn't for sale. :-)"

Nice MATRIXSYNTH hat! That would be Synth Addict's, not JMJ of course. He's never asked me for one. :) Cool to know it was at the show! Thank you Synth Addict!

Quick Note: the baseball cap was actually made by Synth Addict. The ones for $10 supporters of the site are a different design as you can see here. Just want to be sure anyone that does sign up for the cap, knows which one they are getting.


  1. Make those hats in military style hats, and i'll buy one from you =o]

  2. visible gear list from the Berkeley Jarre show:
    lots of analog classic gear (Memorymoog, ARP 2500, EMS VCS3, MS-20, some modular stuff), some iPads, a couple of Roland System-8 units, some Nord keyboards, VT-3 vocoders

    and the laser harp of course: