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Thursday, February 10, 2011

New Rhodes Chroma TouchOSC Templates Complete

Update: see this post for a port that does not require The Missing Link.
One for The Missing Link and two for OSCulator. Click the images for the full size screens. They will show you every editable parameter on the Chroma. The template interfaces for The Missing Link and OSCulator are exactly the same. The only difference is in the message format each sends. You can find a video of the previous template in this post. It's roughly the same but I switched out sliders for toggles where appropriate for finer control over the parameters.

I sent the following to the Rhodes Chroma List and wanted to capture it here in a post. If you have a Chroma and are not on the list, you owe it to yourself to join it. See for everything Chroma. It's an amazing resource.

"Hi everyone. The Chroma TouchOSC editors are ready. Yes editors plural. I made two, one for The Missing Link, and one for OSCulator so those that don't have The Missing Link can try it out. If you have an iPad and a Mac with MIDI you can get going right now. If you don't you can still check out the templates in the TouchOSC editor which runs on Windows, Mac or Linux.

If all of this is new to you and a little confusing. It's not as complicated as you think. Once you get set up it's a breeze and running the editor is as simple as launching a stand alone app for the iPad.

In short:
1. TouchOSC is an iOS and Android app that transmits OSC (Open Sound Control) Messages.
2. OSCulator and The Missing Link translates these messages into MIDI

TouchOSC consists of two programs, an editor and the app that runs on the iPad, iPhone/iPod Touch, or Android. The editor runs on Windows, Mac or Linux and is where you design templates. The app runs your templates on an iOS or Android device.

OSCulator is an app that runs on a Mac only and acts as the translator for TouchOSC to MIDI. You connect from the iPad to your Mac over wireless.

The Missing Link is a little wireless TouchOSC MIDI device that does the same as OSCulator minus the need for a PC or Mac. It is also a class compliant USB MIDI merge device.

You can grab the templates here.

Setup Instructions for TouchOSC (only do this once):
1. Install TouchOSC on your iPad via iTunes or It is free. Follow the instructions on site.
2. Install the TouchOSC editor Follow the instructions on site.

Setup Instructions for OSCulator (only do this once):
1. Install OSCulator:
2. Follow the Quickstart Guide:

Install Templates:
1. Download the appropriate templates - two OSCulator files if you are going to use OSCulator or one ML file if you are going to use The Missing Link.
2. Copy the .touchosc file/s to the TouchOSC application folder.
3. Copy the .oscd file to the OSCulator application folder.
6. Double click/open the template you plan to use
7. Click on the Sync button
8. Open TouchOSC on your iPad
9. On the iPad, in TouchOSC's settings, click on the template name listed under Layout
10. Click on Add
11. Click on your computer's name. It should add the Chroma template
12. Click the TouchOSC button on the top left of the screen to get out of the Layout screen
13. Click Done on the top right of the TouchOSC screen. With The Missing Link you are good to go. For OSCulator:
14. Launch the Chroma OSCulator template, click on Parameters and set MIDI for your MIDI device - MIDI out of your Mac to MIDI in of your Chroma. You should be good to go.

If things don't seem to be working, close out of TouchOSC completely. Get out of the program, double click on the iPad's "launch/start" button, hold your finger down on the OSC icon for a few seconds and then click on the minus to close it. Make sure your iPad is connected to the same network as your Mac and then open TouchOSC again. Follow the setup instructions on and/or to make sure everything is connected properly.

Once setup is complete you can just launch whatever template you want to use and go.

A quick note: if you plan on using The Missing Link and OSCulator interchangeably, remember to switch the Network setting in the TouchOSC iPad app's settings. It does not auto discover like the iPad's wireless settings, so be sure to write them down."

TouchOSC - hexler
iPads on eBay

Update: Some troubleshooting tips via Ben on the Rhodes Chroma list:

---OSCulator was not sending midi out of my interface, even though I had it selected to do so. I had to go into Audio Midi setup on my Mac, enable IAC, and then select it as an input source within OSCulator. It then properly passed the information out of my interface, an old first gen USB MOTU Midi Express XT. Although this is listed in the OSCulator manual, I didn't see it in any of the general setup instructions on Matrix's site so if you have this problem turning IAC on may fix it.
---The Chroma must be set to Extended Program mode... set split 36, parameter 6 set to on
---The Chroma must be set to Custom MCM mode... set split 18 set to Cust
That was pretty much it, the rest was just basic missteps with me learning how to get the Ipad/TouchOsc/Osculator stuff working properly.
Now that I have it working, It should be pretty solid unless I go start changing parameters.
Thanks everyone, and especially to Matrix for making this available for free!


  1. Hello, I wonder if anyone can help. I'm having trouble with the OSCulator part of the setup. The two templates mentioned above are not at the link above anymore (
    Does anyone have a link to these templates?
    Many Thanks

    1. Thanks for letting me know. The link has been updated.


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