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Saturday, January 16, 2016

tempest 1.3 - DSI Tempest controller for Ableton live

via Max for Live:

"Tempest is a simple utility for Dave Smith's and Roger Linn's Tempest analog drum machine with Ableton Live.

You can control the parameters that are available on the Tempest as they come with the tempest OS updates. The tempest os used is 1.4.0 for this version.

The available parameters are:

- Distortion
- Compression
- a value other than 0 reverts Beat FX params to defaults
- Beat FX All Osc Frequency
- Beat FX Feedback
- Beat FX Lowpass Filter Cutoff
- Beat FX Lowpass Filter Resonance
- Beat FX Lowpass Filter Audio Mod
- Beat FX Highpass Filter Cutoff
- Beat FX All Env Attack
- Beat FX All Env Decay

The virtual pads show both bank A and B. These pads are clickable and send midi notes, the MIDI notes used in this device are ascending from 0, it is a chromatic scale from C0 to G2 (pad A1 to pad B16), the pad display will work with this config in your tempest system parameters, and will act accordingly to your 'pad to note' config in the Tempest System parameters. As beats and mutes pad mode do not respond to note-off messages from your daw nor this device, you might need to trig the pad twice to mute or unmute a sound, or to lanch a beat, and the lights won't be coherent in these modes.
You have to set the output of the Live midi track to your Tempest midi PAD in channel.

Save your soul."

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