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Monday, February 08, 2016

PockeMix 8, 6, and 4 Channel Stereo Passive Mixer/Splitters by darenager

8 channel via this auction

6 channel via this auction

4 channel via this auction

The following is the description for the 8 channel mixer:

"A very compact 8 channel passive stereo mixer, ideal for small synths and drum machines such as Teenage Engineering Pocket Operators or OP-1, Korg Monotribe or Volca series, Roland Boutique JX-03, JU06 or JP-08, iOS synths or any line level gear equipped with 3.5mm sockets.

It has 8x 3.5mm TRS inputs and 2 sets of outputs, one of the outputs carries the stereo signal (TRS) or if the switch is set to mono the left signal (TS), the other output carries the right signal (TS), so all in all quite a flexible setup, by using input splitters it can actually be used as 2 independent 8 channel mono mixers when the switch is set to mono.

It has no level controls because you set the desired level on the volume control of the devices connected, built by hand using good quality parts this minimal and clean sounding mixer will find many uses, from tabletop jam sessions to expanding a main mixer in the studio.

Like any passive mixer you use the pre-amp in the device you are connecting to make up the gain, so a powered speaker, powered main mixer, field recorder or soundcard input, kaoss pad or similar will do this, if you want to use headphones then a headphone pre-amp will do it.

Although this is a new design my other mixers have been used by many satisfied customers all over the world, see my other items for those and other interesting and handy stuff.

Please note - this is nothing like a Belkin Rockstar headphone splitter which does not mix line level signals, despite what some people on the internet say, when you change the level on one of the connected devices using the Belkin you will notice that the level of the other devices change also, not to mention you will be connecting all the outputs of your gear together (just like splicing a bunch of cables together) not a very smart thing to do! So save that for it's intended use and use a proper mixer."


Side note: you might recognize the name darenager from previous music posts here on MATRIXSYNTH. I created a new site label for his hardware products moving forward. You'll find it at the bottom of this post.

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