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Friday, September 23, 2016

Zetaohm FLXS1 Eurorack Modular Sequencer

FLXS1 Demo 1 Published on Mar 11, 2016 - Demo 2 here.

"Here we see the FLXS1 sequencing multiple modules simultaneously: the Macbeth Micromac, Intellijel Atlantis, Mutable Instruments Rings and a Ladik D-333 with the Korg ROM Chip installed. UAD Apollo was used for reverb and recording. Everything is recorded in one take. Levels are the only thing that were modified after recording. FLXS1 is running in quantized mode to keep all notes in tune. The FLXS1 was reset before this take, all melodies were programmed live during recording."

And a video from Knobcon:

Zetaohm Eurorack Modular Sequencer Knobcon 2016

Published on Sep 23, 2016

Details via


4x 64 step sequencer channels
- 4x gate output (8v)
- 8x 16 bit quantized CV output (bipolar 10v)
- Pitch + Velocity
- Per step ratchet / arpeggio with speed select
- Scale quantization (including Colundi scale)
- True polyphonic mode (4 gate + 4 pitch CV + 4 vel CV)

4x assignable gate input
- Per channel clock input
- X Y step advance mode
- Pattern advance / select (with CV input)
- Arp / glide / random enable

4x Assignable 13 bit CV input (bipolar 5v)
- Auxiliary gate input setting
- Per channel pitch transposition
- Assign pitch to selected note (on gate input) in record mode

Selectable division dedicated clock output
┬ÁSec accurate hardware timer driven sequencing engine
- Engine runs every 250 microseconds (4 Khz)

USB OTG compatible (for USB keyboards + non host devices)

USB MIDI input + output

3.5mm MIDI input + output (Korg SQ1 / Make Noise standard)
- Solder jumpers on back to switch MIDI tip / ring
- MIDI sync slave + master
- USB / MIDI keyboard input record mode

Goertzel algorithm oscillator tuning feature
- Connect unfiltered oscillator output to CV input 1 - 4
- Capable of tune mapping non-linear oscillators (tube / FM)
- Tune during performance (with short mute)

ARM Cortex M4 processor running at 96Mhz
16-bit Analog Devices Octal NanoDAC+
0.96” RGB OLED display

MicroSD card data storage (for easy data backup and archive)
100% open source OS (Teensy compatible)
- Many more features planned through software updates!
- Generative / algorithmic sequencing

26hp / 200ma 12v / 50ma -12v

Available late 2016 / early 2017 -"

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