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Saturday, October 29, 2016

New KORG Volca Wave Wavetable Synthesizer & Volca VC-1 Vocal Processing Synthesizer?

These don't quite match the teaser for Nov 1.

Real or not?


Update: some commentary regarding the Volca Wave:

Note the Volca Wave wavetable synth appears to have a vector joystick more akin to the SCI Prophet VS (Vector Synthesizer), Yamaha SY-22/TG-33, and Korg Wavestations. There is a difference between classic wavetable synthesis and vector synthesis. Wavetable synths typically have a number of single cycle waveforms in a wavetable oscillator that you can modulate through, while vector synths allow you to use a joystick to crossfade through four different waveform oscillators. The KORG Wavestation added the ability to sequence through waveforms, while the Prophet VS and Yamaha incarnations only allowed you to  crossfade between the individual oscillators, each with a single waveform loaded vs. a wavetable of multiple waveforms like on PPG and Waldorf wavetable synths.  An interesting side note is I believe the John Bowen Solaris is the only synth that blends both Vector and Wavetable synthesis. You get four oscillators with wavetables (including other waveform types), and the Vector joystick to crossfade between oscillators - meaning you can transition both within individual oscillators and between multiple oscillators.

If the Volca Wave is real, it will be interesting to see what synthesis they employ.

On a side note, some people have labeled synths like the Korg DW-8000 as employing wavetable synthesis. In this case, yes there is technically a wavetable holding the different waveforms available for each oscillator, but the behavior is more like your standard PCM or rompler based synth (or Vector synthesis minus the ability to crossfade between oscillators).  You simply select a static waveform for each oscillator.   Think of the DW-8000 as having sixteen distinct waveforms available per oscillator, while on the Waldorf Wave line of synths you instead have wavetables consisting of 256 waveforms each per oscillator. Depending on the synth, you can then set the start wave and the end wave and then use a modulation source like an envelope or LFO to sweep through them.


  1. PMSL why would they do this, not useful or cool

  2. The Volca VC-1 would be nice but something tells me their fake. Hopefully I am wrong:)


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