MATRIXSYNTH: Funtimes (Little Boots cover)

Wednesday, February 08, 2017

Funtimes (Little Boots cover)

Published on Dec 29, 2015

This one was sent my way via John L Rice. Some nice synth spotting in this one - full list below.
Also worth checking out from the archives: little boots TIME TO PRETEND (WE'RE HAVING FUN!) funtimes cover of MGMT

"From a synth-nerd to a synth-nerd...

Little Boots, i haven't known you before, until J.-M. Jarre's new album was released. And now, with this track, i will say thank you for the music. (It's realy nice !) I wish you all good things, and every time a good sound. ;)

Greatings from germany

Equipment List :

Master Sequencer : EHX Clockworks
Bass Drum : SCI Pro-One & Roland SEQ-315
Hi-Hat : Noise & PPG 300 Modular
Bass Sequence : Marienberg Modular System
Melodic Sequence : Roland CSQ-600 & ProMars MRS-2
Background Sequence : Korg Polysix

Intro : Yamaha TX-1P & Roland SBF-325
Strings : PPG Wave 2.2 / Korg PE-2000 & Roland SPH-323
Solo Sounds : Marienberg Modular System / SCI Prophet 5 Rev. 2
Mid Sequence : SCI Pro-One

Delay : Yamaha E1010 / Ibanez DM1100
Reverb : Quantec YardStick 2493

PS : This track is a completely re-recorded merge of parts of many other music tracks from Little Boots, and a little piece of me.

PPS : No MIDI was used ! ;)

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