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Friday, June 09, 2017

Justin Melland Synthesis Technology E352 BETA Videos

Published on Jun 8, 2017 Justin Melland


1. Justin Melland Synthesis Technology E352 BETA

"Bass - Synthesis Technology E352 BETA

in concert with the following :

Percussion - Rossum Evolution - Pinged with Verbos Envelopes, and modulated with Random Source.
Kick/Snare - Noise Engineering
Sequencing - Malekko"

2. Justin Melland - Synthesis Technology E352 BETA The Sequel

"E352 BETA is accepting a CV Sequence into the Z input which is scanning the wavetable in a repeating pattern. This sounds like more than one instrument because the wave tables are so varied. I am then playing the E352 with the Keyboard as a bassline. E352 is going through Black Hole DSP Reverb.

Then the kick that comes in later is Verbos Amp and Tone's vactrol being pinged by the Verbos envelopes. The percussion is the pinging of the Rossum Evolution.

The Buchla 259R is the higher pitched tone that comes in later in the piece. It's heavily modulated, and the timbre is being sequenced by the Verbos Voltage Multistage as well."

3. Justin Melland Synthesis Technology E352 Beta 3

"A simple patch illustrating the brilliance of the E352. To go from a drone to a rhythm all I am doing is using an AD envelope to open the filter stage of a VCA/Filter combo. I close the cutoff when I want the envelop to function, and simply open the filter all the way when I need a drone."

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