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New NNZD Music Toys: MOSTRO FM Synth

Published on Jul 12, 2017 Blanali

A new synth from a new maker, Neonized aka NNZD. The following are the details, Google translated, from Neonized:

"In recent years we have seen a small number of FM synthesizers appear in the market, that form of synthesis that dominated the eighties and thanks to its exponent the already classic Yamaha DX7 was part of the dominant sound in this decade. Their strings, their pianos and bass lines, are already part of the collective memory and have been present from pop and rock to soundtracks.

But the FM always had something that made difficult its permanence in the electronic music, the difficulty in its programming, and the little intuitive of its interface, the complexity of its sounds has always been one of its attractions, but in what to program it refers Has always been something of a dark art, it was not until the appearance of VST versions like the classic FM8 from Native Instruments that we were able to penetrate into their guts and exploit their possibilities.

With the appearance of some FM in recent years, such as the Korg Volca FM and the Yamaha Reface DX, some of these parameters have become more accessible, especially for the musician or composer who seeks to modulate the sound in an intuitive way As it does in the usual subtractive synthesizers, and above all in direct, in order to give a greater expressiveness to the instrument and also to music.

Synthesizer fm This is where the MOSTRO appears, made by OSS (Outer Space Sounds) a Start Up born in Barcelona, ​​but with a "foot" in Medellin (Colombia), and that is currently in prototype, but is in the last Stage before launching into a Kickstarter to have a commercial production. This small FM has a polyphony of 4 voices, LFO, Sub Oscillator plus a Delay and an included Glide, and most important, control in potentiometers of these parameters, which gives the flexibility and expressiveness of a conventional noun synthesizer, Even within the unpredictability that is usually the FM synthesis. Its size makes it portable, and although it still depends on being connected to a power outlet, this does not prevent it from being desirable in a live Setup where it can be controlled or controlled from its MIDI connections.

I had the opportunity to explore his sound, basically in a couple of small improvisations, one of them sequencing it externally. In the videos that are at the end of this article you can hear a little sound and precisely the malleability of this thanks to its controls, and that immediately made me think about their possibilities in the context of the live. Possibilities that in the version that will be launched finally will be many more to include the possibility of loopear internally as well as 4 CV Inputs and 1 CV Gate In, which immediately includes it in a set of analog synthesizers or even by its format, within a Eurorack!"

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