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Tuesday, November 21, 2017

MIDI Sprout for iOS Released

Note this app requires MIDI Sprout hardware.

via iTunes: MIDI Sprout - Data Garden

"Use this app with your MIDI Sprout to listen to your plants!

Plug your MIDI Sprout into the Lightning port using an iConnectMIDI1 cable. Turn on your MIDI Sprout and listen to your plants play harmonious sounds designed by our team of artists. Experience the way patterns and melodies change in relationship to fluctuations in your environment."

And the press release:

"Data Garden announces release of MIDI Sprout for iOS, a device that lets plants play music through an iPhone.

In 2014 Data Garden Kickstarted MIDI Sprout, a device to connect plants to synthesizers, allowing them to produce generative music in real time. After years of presenting this work in installations and refining the technology itself they are announcing its integration into the iOS platform. “We are very excited to release this new app into the world,” says Joe Patitucci, Founder and Co-Director of Data Garden. “The original MIDI Sprout helped our fans recreate the experience of our live installations at home, but there was a learning curve as a MIDI Sprout only worked alongside synthesizers or computer programs that required sound design experience. That all changes now. Our team was able to produce an app with built-in instruments designed especially for plants to play. With our new app, listening to plants is as easy as plugging MIDI Sprout into your iPhone.”

MIDI Sprout for iOS consists of the original MIDI Sprout with a MIDI to Lightning cable that allows users to plug the device into their iPhone. The package also comes with two sensors that stick onto the plant and are connected to the MIDI Sprout device. The sensors detect very small electrical fluctuations that occur over the surface of the plant’s leaves. The MIDI Sprout converts these signals into MIDI information that is sent to the phone where it is processed into sound, thereby allowing the plant’s biorhythms to control digital instruments in real time.

'This is just the beginning,” muses Jon Shapiro, Co-Director of Data Garden. “Not only will this easy-to-use version allow us to bring plant music to more people, but it serves as a platform for us to start building really interesting networking features. It’s a platform for other forms of biodata sonification as well. We’re looking forward to working with our community to develop features so that listening to their plants can be as magical at home as it is in their imagination' Shapiro added."

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