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Thursday, June 21, 2018

OTO Biscuit 8-bit Effects Makes Its Way to Software

Introducing OTO Biscuit – Softube Published on Jun 19, 2018

"Get it today –
✮ Vive Le Biscuit
Delicious 8-bit effects and analog filtering make the Biscuit a "magic box" – a must have for DJs, producers, engineers, and composers alike. It has detailed bit-by-bit control, unlike other bitcrushers, and built in digital multi-effects to complement the sweet-as-can-be analog-modeled filter. Once you taste it, you'll find it hard to keep your hands off. ✮"

Initially introduced in hardware in the late 00’s, the French-made OTO Biscuit quickly became a cult classic with DJs and electronic music producers around the world. Gritty bit-crushing, lo-fi multi-effects, a sweet and smooth analog filter, and a quality look and feel, made it a go-to awesome-sound-maker in clubs and studios alike.

Now it’s available in software, bringing those crunchy, dirty, edgy sounds closer to the DAW-based studio or laptop-based performance rig, and making it more intuitive than ever before.

The Biscuit offers incredibly detailed control of these essential sonic possibilities, with eight individually invertable or mutable bits, control of sample rate, waveshaping, delay, even pitch-shifting, and analog filtering (controllable manually or with a built-in step sequencer) to round off sharp edges and make even the harshest digital screech sound alive and organic.

"I feel stimulated to create new sounds with it ... and the really cool thing about it is that when I have tried everything on a song and nothing works, I can rely on the biscuit to propose a good idea and it always saves me when I am ready to give up !! Like a magic box."
Nicolas Godin, One half of the music duo AIR.

Try it on a drum loop for gentle lo-fi digital distortion, or complete screaming chaos, and everything in-between. Take synth sounds to the next level, creating arcade game blips and bloops, adding insane aliasing and overtones, making pads move and swell with the filter. Even apply to vocals or guitars to turn analog sounds into electronic, robotic, futuristic fantasies.

We’ve modeled both the digital and analog parts of the Biscuit, with unrelenting detail, and the plug-in features a low-latency mode that makes live use possible – a particularly popular way to play with the Biscuit is to mangle drums or drops in a DJ set, or create seemingly studio-bound sounds live on stage.

"amazing tool, I finally have the control i always wanted to have...!!!"
Carsten Nikolai (Alva Noto), Artist

And it’s simpler than ever before with the plug-in, as the added visualisations of the lower ‘brain’ section make working with the digital effects on board far easier and more enjoyable. See the shapes of the 8 different waves as you apply them to your signal. Drag delay time and feedback around with their own dedicated knobs, and sync to the DAW tempo or tap in your own. Pitch-shift and blend with your dry signal for ringing bell overtones or super-fat sub-bass.

At first, the Biscuit can seem like a novelty, only for crazy once-in-a-while sounds, a totally optional cherry on the cake. But dive in a little deeper and you’ll find it’s its very own confection, sweet and moreish. Before long you’ll be using it on pretty much every project and wondering if it’s good for your teeth.

"OTO Biscuit is the magic box that brings style and character to sounds lacking flavor. Beats become juicy and bass lines roar. The possibilities of the filter enable to add a subtle or drastic touch to the famous 8 bit effect."
St├ęphane 'Alf' Briat, Music Producer (AIR, Phoenix, Sebastian Tellier)

In short

Lo-fi 8-bit magic in a fun and easy-to-use package.
Take control on a bit-by-bit level.
Slow the sample rate and hear that aliasing glitter fall.
Smooth analog filter.
Built in digital effects – waveshaping, delay, pitch-shifting.
8-step sequencer to drive the filter.
Very distinctive sound, but good for many styles.
Turn any run-of-the-mill electronic track into a vibrant classic.

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