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Friday, July 27, 2018

Ritual Electronics - Miasma (distortion, feedback, thickener & bonkers!)

Published on Jul 27, 2018 DivKidVideo

Note there is a Halcyon Miasma as well. This is the first Ritual Electronics post on the site.

"TIMING INDEX BELOW! Here's the new Miasma from Ritual Electronics in Paris, France. It's a distortion and feedback device with a tonne of character from warm and clipped/compressed channel strip in vibe to all out chaos and screaming oscillation. There's a blend for parallel dry/wet processing, gain with CV input and attenuverter and feedback with CV input and attenuverter. You also get a feedback out and in so you can filter/effect and process the feedback path for more creative sound design. There's one rectification diode for the positive part of the wave and another for the negative and you can swap this out with no tools right on the back side of the module. So changing diodes/LEDs for different symmetrical or asymmetrical clipping is good fun too as you can change the whole flavour of the thing.It will do more subtle drive, but as soon as rectification kicks in and kind of snatches at your waves your into driven nasty town ... and it's lovely!


00:00 hello and previews of what's to come

01:02 Feature & control run down

01:59 303 style acid line - total destruction (when you want it) a big exploration of tones/colours and controls.

04:27 Processing drums - parallel mixing, channel strip style "colour" and intense saturation & noise.

06:48 Further examples - this is a Korg Volca Sample with chord hits, drums and synth hits.

08:12 Processing oscillator waves - using a triangle wave we take a look and listen to the waveshaping distortion and feedback.

10:21 Swapping out the components - how does the sound change and how do you do it?

12:23 Exploring and processing the feedback loop - first using the Make Noise & Soundhack Erbe Verb in the feedback loop.

13:55 Filters in the feedback loop - using the Joranalogue Filter 8 to low pass filter the feedback path.

14:30 Looking at pre or post VCF/VCA processing as well as the CV inputs for dynamic and expressive saturation."

"Miasma is a voltage controlled distortion with a feedback loop you can push to self oscillation for insane results. and interchangeable rectification diodes. giving you an unlimited amount of sound possibilities within one module.

Miasma feedback path feeds the distorted signal back in the input with no phase inversion, causing the module to self oscillate, even with no input. The feedback path can be opened to send it through different effects making Miasma perfect for complex feedback patches.
A blend knob allows Miasma to be used in a precise way, for more complex sound design.
The module's clipping diodes are mounted on a header making it easy to swap them and craft the sound you want. There module ships with six different diodes, from germanium to LEDs and you can experiment adding your own. The output level may vary depending on which diodes you use, this can be adjusted with the level trimmer on the front"

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