Friday, April 19, 2019

New GRP V22 VOCODER Revealed

A front panel drawing first went up here. We now have an image of the actual unit, and some details on the new GRP V22 VOCODER:

"After a sneak preview in Florence at Meff, we are working hard to be ready for the official presentation of the V22 at Superbooth 2019 in Berlin. Before Superbooth, another preview in Rome May 4th at Synth Day & Night with Mr. Enrico Cosimi.

A 22 band full analog design vocoder, with analysis and synthesis section full analog (20 BP, 1 LP and 1 HP analysis filters), a dedicated High Pass Filter on Main Output, everything hosted in an indipendent cabinet with wooden panels with a also an optional 'Tolex' version, these are the main technical features of the Grp Vocoder V22.

The preorder for the Grp Vocoder V22 is planned in June 2019; we are not able currently to estimate the price of the Vocoder, but as soon as the second prototype will be finished we will publish an updated pricelist.

Grp Synthesizer V22 Analog Vocoder Keypoints:

1. 22 band full analog design vocoder
o LP48dB@185Hz&HP48dB@7040Hz
o 20 BP Filters 48 dB BP @ 220, 262, 311, 370, 440, 523, 622, 740, 880, 1047, 1245, 1480, 1760,
2093, 2489, 2960, 3520, 4186, 4978, 5920 Hz
2. Analysis section full analog with 20 BP, 1 LP and 1 HP analysis filters
o Speech In/Analysis with Compressor & Noise gate freely adjustable o Mic/Line combo XLR/TRS/TS input – no phantom power
o Mic/Line Level Input Gain with dedicated analog Vu-meter
3. Synthesis section full analog with 20 BP, 1 LP and 1 HP analysis filters
o Internal Carrier Oscillator with selectable Saw/Pulse Wave and dedicated VCO Level
! Wide range VCO TUNE pot, with CV and MIDI external control capabilities ! Freely adjustable MIDI & CV Bend Amount over Internal Carrier VCO
! FM on Saw/PW on Pulse wave freely adjustable
o Internal Carrier Noise Generator with dedicated Noise Level
o Voiced/Unvoiced Detector, for automatic switching between internal VCO and Noise
! Voiced and Unvoiced activities LED
! Threshold V/UV freely adjustable
! Time response for V/UV switching selectable Slow/Medium/Fast
! Time response selectable for Symmetri Attack/Release, only Attack, only Release ! Slew Rate fully adjustable from very fast to full freeze
! Dedicated Freeze Slew switch, with external Gate and MIDI control
o External Voiced and External Unvoiced signals with dedicated analog connections and level controls
4. Analysis/Synthesis controls
o Each analysis band has dedicated Envelope Follower Output
o Each synthesis band has dedicated VCA Control Input
o Each synthesis band with dedicated VCA output level for band mixing
5. Analysis/Synthesis interaction
o Internal normalization 1-by-1 between analysis and synthesis bands
o Front panel patching 1/4” for free re-configuration analysis/synthesis
o Coupling control for different internal re-configuration with selectable offset
! Env Foll -> VCA in 1-by-1 or +1/+2/+3/-1/-2/-3 offset from Env Foll to VCA CV In
6. Dedicated High Pass Filter on Main Output
7. Main Output Level Control with dedicated Vu-Meter
8. MIDI Interface
o MIDI In/Thru on cabinet back panel
! Dedicated hardware MIDI SubModule for 5U modular mounting
o MIDI Note On/Off with MIDI Pitch Bend on Carrier Internal VCO Pitch o MIDI Mod Wheel for Slew Limiter Time control
o MIDI Sustain On/Off for Slew Limiter Freeze On/Off
9. Front panel Connections
o Audio Input Connections: Combo XLR/TRS Mic/Line Inputs, external Voiced signal, external
Unvoiced signal
o Control Input Connections: VCO 1V/Oct, Freeze Momentary Switch, Slew Time 0/+5V control in o Audio Output Connections: Internal VCO Output, Internal Preamp Output, Phones Output, Left
Output (odd numbered bands output), Rigth/Mono Output (even numbered bands output) o Control Output Connections: V/UV Control Output
10. Physical
o Same hardware standard of Grp A2 Synthesizer & R-24 Step Sequencer
! Fully indipendente HW cabinet with wooden panels
! Optional “tolexed box” cabinet with upper handle and metal angles for real vintage
loop. Tolexed box has internal power for easyness of transport o External power unit
o 8-unit width in 5U modular format
o Can be installed in 5U modular cabinets with DotCom and MoonModular powering standards 11. Price and Availability
o To Be Announced

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