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Friday, July 05, 2019

fricko eurorack modules

Published on Jul 4, 2019 Rick Jelliffe


1. Fricko ProPulse Eurorack Synth Module Calibration
2. Conventional ADSR/AR EG cannot do portato
3. Clean Envelope Generator from fricko - portato
4. Two fricko Blip! waveshaper modules driven antiphase
5. Double constant-breadth pulses with dual Blip! Waveshapers from fricko
6. VelocitizerAudioAnimator on scope

Pictured: ProPulse DIY Eurorack module & simulation of the logic gates for the ARP ProSoloist pulse waveform generator.

"fricko unique eurorack pcb+panels

PCB/Panel combinations for analogue synthesizer modules exploring new areas of dynamic waveshaping and dynamic performance

Unique function, new ideas, new designs, new patches, new sounds!
Friendly on rack space: 4 and/or 6 HP panels and 30 to 70 mm deep!
Convenient for DIYers: assemble in a single evening, through-hole, reasonable space between components, test points, no expensive or rare parts, all analogue
What you will get: 1 x PCB (unpopulated), 1x panel (PCB material), build information.

Current modules via

…About Waveshaping

Shell — NEW RELEASE! — IN STOCK — Exploring how to make a waveshape of the harmonics of the Fibonacci series, we designed a module with unbelievable variation of the first five harmonics. Dark and fuzzy. 4 or 6HP, 60mm

Blip! — NEW RELEASE! — IN STOCK — Based on the legendary Variophon breath synth, this waveshaper generates the constant-width pulses of double reed and brass instruments, from the thinnest flanged sounds to fat and scrapey bass. Additional “sharkstooth” output. No clashes: lots of space between the fundamental and harmonics above 1kHz. 4 or 6HP, 50mm

ProPulse — NEW RELEASE! — IN STOCK — Based on the cryptic pulse waveshaping of the Arp Pro-Soloist which changes both pulse width and pulse phase, with a brand new circuit. This module allows easy calibration to cope with different signal levels, and provides the multiple outputs suited for patches inspired by that unique vintage synth. 6HP, 70mm

Rasp — COMING JULY 2019 — A wavefolder that multiplies the frequency of your sawtooth waves? Supersaw, synced saw, buzz, sizzle, zizz, fizz, pizzle! 4 or 6 HP, 70mm

Performance Envelope Modules

Clean — NEW RELEASE! — IN STOCK — This velocity-sensitive kind of AR Envelope Generator, has special features to allow cleanly articulated notes within the overall phrase (portato) based on a technique pioneered in the 1960s by Wendy Carlos but never available till now. 4 or 6 HP, 50mm


Vox H. — COMING 3Q 2019 — Resonators expanding the famous Vox Humana resonators. 4 HP, 40mm.

+ Shout Out…

Velocitizer — AVAILABLE FROM ELBY DESIGNS — Add velocity spice to your dull old ADSR! (Not Fricko product, but same designer.) 4HP"

The following are a handful of pics for the modules available on

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