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Sunday, August 18, 2019

meadowrock // sequoia

meadowrock // sequoia from ioflow on Vimeo.

"ambient performance for monome norns + modular synthesizer and rhodes loops.

music on the spot, perched atop a granite outcrop, enfolded by the wondrous natural beauty of a montane meadow. giant sequoias, shadowed ferns, tall pines, and bright sunlight.

four melodies--three from a modular synthesizer and one from a rhodes--were recorded into norns and loaded into mlr, performed on the grid. the melodies and swells are layered, relooped, redirected, scattered into fragments, and recombined in new ways. underneath it all is a field recording: audio from the meadow and surrounding forest.

modular patch notes: instruo cš-l & tòna oscillators running through an instruo tràigh filter; and antumbra knit oscillator in inharmonic string mode. envelopes from instruo cèis and 2hp adsr. the melodies were played live with keystep and squarp hermod as a midi-to-cv converter; captured by ableton live and exported as samples for norns + mlr.

recorded august 14, 2019."

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