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Tuesday, October 15, 2019

GForce Virtual String Machine (VSM) - Version 3.0 Update

via GForce Software

"As technological developments advanced through the late 1970s & early 1980s, the polysynth enveloped the capabilities of the string machine family of instruments, seemingly consigning them to the 'where are they now' dustbin.

But in much the same way that we played a big part in the rediscovery of the mellotron sound, in 2007 we had a similar role in resurrecting the tones of a range of iconic string machines, including the Freeman String Symphonizer, Eminent 310 and Solina String Ensemble, and bringing them back into vogue with release of VSM. In 2014 the addition of the VSM Expansion Pack (now updated) further expanded the range of available instruments and tones helping establish VSM as the go-to instrument for this wonderful family of instruments.

While the likes of Sound On Sound magazine were singing the praises of VSM ("It sounds absolutely gorgeous.") we always felt it lacked one crucial component found on some of our favourite string machines - stereo playback.

Instruments such as the Solina String Ensemble and Roland's wonderful 505 offered stereo outputs allowing their sublime, moving ensemble textures to sit perfectly within a wide stereo field. This one feature set such instruments apart highlighting just how stunning these, now ancient, analogue machines could sound.

VSM Version 3.0 rectifies this by providing stereo playback of a range of previously unreleased, carefully crafted stereo sounds-sets, plus two new interfaces sizes in two designs, and an additional LFO destination.

And it is FREE to registered users of VSM.

Now in stereo!
Along with the existing library of 17 instruments and 66 sound-sets, VSM Version 3.0 comes with a huge (3.5GB ) supplementary library of predominately stereo sound-sets from the following instruments; the aforementioned Solina String Ensemble and Roland 505, Roland's Juno 106, Yamaha's CS-60 and CS-80 providing 34 new sound-sets.

Several of the new sound-sets have been processed through a range of vintage effects such as the Boss CE-1 Chorus Ensemble pedal, Roland's Dimension D and the sublime Ventris Dual Reverb.

In addition to the sound-sets, over 150 new Patches are included, many providing the ideal starting point for your own tweaking, while others show off VSM in all its stereophonic glory.

2 new interface designs, each in 2 sizes

VSM Version 3 features a completely redesigned user interface with Small and Medium sizes in both Tolex and Wood guises.

The Small version is 1230 x 610 pixels in size with the Medium being 1640 x 813."

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