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Thursday, October 24, 2019

noodlebox serendipity sequencer prototype by six4pix

Published on Oct 24, 2019 While We Were Sleeping

00:00 - noodlebox on
00:05 - Fist noodle - My first go on the noodlebox. part of an Instagram live video.
02:39 - Two Layers - An example of one layer modifying another (details below)
03:12 - In the six4pix studio - Jason showing me around the noodlebox. You will be joining us mid-conversation and It's just to give an idea, not a tutorial.

noodlebox Details:
My good friend Jason gave me a noodlebox prototype so I can help test it :)

In the video, I have the noodlebox MIDI synced to my MPC Live and sends CV and Gate to control a bassline on my eurorack.

The software for the noodlebox is at an early stage and features and functionality can change.

noodlebox Layers:
The noodlebox is a 4 layers sequencer where layers can be though of as tracks. each has an individual midi channel and CV/Gate. Layers can be used to modify each other (Like transpose example at 2:39). Layers can have their own signatures and length. You can drag the start to end points in both directions to create a loop of varies length and directions.

noodlebox pages:
Each layer can also have 4 pages (versions) that can be stringed together at any order and number of repeats (like a song mode)

All this and other features can be used to noodle together vary complex and long patterns.

More Videos details
in the two layers examples 02:39 we use 2 layers each with a 4 note pattern.
The first playing a simple 4 note pattern.
The second also 4 notes long but at a slow clock division, transposing the first layer.
We are using the trigger of the first layer to trigger the VCA envelope and the transposed CV from the second layer to control the pitch.

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