MATRIXSYNTH: Berhinger Set to Announce Moog Eurorack Modules at NAMM

Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Berhinger Set to Announce Moog Eurorack Modules at NAMM

2 Days To Go... Published on Jan 14, 2020 BEHRINGER

Behringer revealed the 923 Noise & Filter here. This one appears to be the 921 OSCILLATOR. Note there are several clones of this module from other manufacturers as well. Curious if this is based on one of them, the original, or their own. Their EDP Wasp clone closely resembles the Jasper clone.

NAMM 2020 – Behringer Introduces a System 55 Modular Synthesizer
NAMM 2020 - Introducing System 100 - Behringer Modular Synthesizer


  1. Matrix, you have asked a very good question.

    As usual with Behringer -at least so far- they are far more often cloning someone else's prior clone rather than doing the real work themselves. At least with the 921 it will be immediately obvious by the inclusion of either: weak-stron sync, which is what AION has done.. Or the original's clamp point sync.

    Getting clamp point sync to work correctly is quite a bit harder than simple weak-strong, and this is where Uli and his teams could really put their efforts and capability to great use in the delivery of a truly useful aspect of a classic module. I'm not holding my breath, but remain hopeful.

    As an example of the first claim, what happened to the Roland 100M modules first mentioned by Behringer over a year ago? But there's no prior clear direct Euro clone of those yet, although the Freq Central SystemX modules are a potential "donor" for Behringer's "transplant". But those don't look anything like the 100M. Maybe we'll see B100M modules this season? Meanwhile the easily copied AION are ripe for the picking. As was the Jasper, KARP ODY, Moog's mini re-issue, Deckard's Dream, etc.

    It's been telling how often B-clones have used the unique features of prior clones, and how often their announcements of what they're working on follows a small mfr announcement of something related.

    It is also abundantly clear when reading the typical Synth community forums, that the large majority of those posting have *very* little technical knowledge and rampant ability to re-spread technically inaccurate claims and information. This community is easily misled and miss or ignore those with the technical expertise and experience to help them see truth.

    As said before, I really don't want to become a Behringer hater. They're not doing anything that hasn't been done by others before in both this and other markets. Still, it's getting harder and harder to ignore the predatory tactics gaining over innovative or just plain original unit investigative hard work.

    Especially when they -more than perhaps anyone before them- have both the means and opportunity to deliver truly ground-breaking quality of clones and new products

    This is not to be confused with saying doing ANY clone is as easy as some would have you believe. It *is* hard work, even with the 'prior art' Uli's teams seem to go after. There's quite a bit more to a clone than simply copying a circuit board and panel. It's a *very* long distance from this to a finished saleable product. And Uli deserves recognition for doing *that* work.

    It's possible to respect one part of what someone does and represents, and be equally dismayed, angry or frustrated by something else they have a hand in.

    1. Looks like we'll see those 100M modules tomorrow. Behringer's 1 day to go teaser video just released has what sounds to be the running of Usain Bolt's 9.58s sprint record in the 100m dash.

      100M. Coincidence?


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