MATRIXSYNTH: NANO Modules ALT // basic to advanced patch techniques AM synthesis, auto panning, sidechain + more!

Tuesday, January 14, 2020

NANO Modules ALT // basic to advanced patch techniques AM synthesis, auto panning, sidechain + more!

Published on Jan 14, 2020 DivKidVideo

"Here’s ALT from NANO Modules. A quad VCA module in an 8hp Eurorack format. Three channels features both manual gain (level, bias or offset) as well as CV inputs with CV attenuversion (attenuation and inversion) which gives lots of control and opens up the module to sidechain and ducking like FX as well as easily making auto pan FX too. The fourth channel is a more basic VCA with input, CV input and output. This is normalised open until you plug in a signal which is useful for the onboard mixing. ALT is also a mixer, either for basic mixing of audio or CV, for CV mixing, for cascaded mixing (2x 2 input mixers, 1x 3 input mixer + a VCA …). This video aims to go through the basics to more advanced patching answering the age old modular questions “WHY YOU CAN NEVER HAVE ENOUGH VCAS!” Going from basic amplitude control to full on AM synthesis and patching up other FX and dynamic modulations of modulation. For those comfortable with how VCAs work skip ahead with the timing index below to get right to the patch tips.

00:00 Hello & video previews
00:53 What is ALT? Feature run down
02:59 VCA basics and how ALT works
05:34 Basic audio mixing, CV controlled mixing and how to patch sidechain compression / ducking FX
07:52 A quick tip for creating unique modulation sources
09:12 Expanding basic patches with VCAs
10:25 How to create an auto panner
12:22 Dynamic AM synthesis"

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