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Saturday, February 08, 2020

TM Synthesis FLUX - Temporal Modulation Rhythm Sequencer to Launch on Kickstarter

FLUX Kickstarter Trailer from FLUX on Vimeo.

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"Flux is a Temporal Modulation Synthesis Complex Rhythm Sequencer for Eurorack.

Temporal Modulation Synthesis applies a curvature to time, creating rhythms by modulating the linearity of trigger distribution within a step (each step can output a density of between 1-64 triggers). Trigger distribution can be modulated with a choice of 15 TM curves, the curvature of which ranges from -10 to +10 in 0.01 increments (2000 possible curvatures). Positive curvature values produce logarithmic responses, negative values produce exponential responses and a curvature of 0 results in linear spacing. 16 TM steps can be sequenced per channel, each with unique length, density, curve and curvature parameters. FLUX uses 64-bit double-precision floating point math internally to calculate rhythms with an extremely high degree of precision.

True Euclidean rhythms, polyrhythms & complex rhythmic patterns are extremely easy to generate and wide ranging in scope.

ARM Cortex-M7
Fast Slew (45 V/μs) TLE2072 OP Amps
16 Outputs (4 TM, 12 Logic, All 10V)
4 Inputs (1 Ext Clock (+5V), 3 CV (-5 to +5V))
128x160 Pixel Full Colour TFT display
4 Macro Potentiometers
4 UI Navigation Buttons
2 High Quality Optical Encoders
32 HP Width
20mm Depth Behind Front Panel
~250 mA +12V
~50 mA -12V
Reverse Polarity Power Protection
Eurorack Power Cable & Mounting Screws Included

4 TM Synthesis Channels
12 Rhythm Delay/Logic/Divider Outputs
Humanize Algorithm
Modulation Matrix per Channel
64 Triggers per Step
16 Steps per channel
1-64 16ths per step (Max Sequence Length = 1024 16ths)
8 available Rhythm Delays per Channel (1-8 16ths)
3 +/- 5V CV Inputs With Red/Green LED Indicators
Colour Coded UI/Output LEDS (Ch1 = Orange, Ch2 = Green, Ch3 = Blue, Ch4 = White)
External Clock Input
Preset Save/Load"

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