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Monday, June 15, 2020

Eurorack Modules by TomaTekAudio

Update: demos posted here.

TomaTekAudio is a new maker from Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

You'll find their modules available at their Etsy shop here.

Details on the first three follow.

Tomatek-Audio MMVCF.

a High-end AS3320 based 12dB-per-Octave multi-mode filter module. With separate outputs for Low-Pass, Notch, Band-Pass and High-Pass. Based on the design of the OBx-A filter, but with several tweaks and improvements.


- CV control over Filter-Cutoff and Resonance, with a fixed V/Oct input, switchable attenuation/attenuversion on the FM-input and attenuation on the Resonance CV input.

- Self-Oscillation with accurate temperature compensated V/Oct tracking over approximately 6 octaves, which allows for a very nice playable sine wave.

- Input gain control with a soft-clipping circuit that kicks in at around the 12o'clock setting, with typical eurorack levels. Allowing for clean tones till unity-gain and soft-clipping and eventually hard-clipping the filter front-end at higher gain settings. When used in conjunction with a VCA before the filter, this will allow for a nice range of extra tones.

- Makes use of high quality parts where applicable (Wima Polypropylene capacitors for timing, Nichicon Bi-polar audio capacitors for ac-coupling, Panasonic and Nichicon electrolytics, Texas Instruments Audio-Grade Opamps and of course ALFA AS3320 filter chip).

- 8HP width.

- current draw: +12V 25ma, -12V 25ma, +5V 0ma.

- Skiff friendly at 35mm deep."

Tomatek-Audio Matrix-4x2.

a 4 input 2 output dc-coupled mixer, capable of mixing audio and/or cv sources. The Matrix 4x2 has several uses, including but not limited to: attenuation, inversion, dc-offset, dual cv-mixer, stereo audio-mixer, audio-mixer with effects send/return


- Switchable attenuversion/attenuation per output channel.

- Switchable dc-offset on input 4: +5V / off / -5V, allows for mixing in dc-offsets..

- Bi-polar led on each output channel for signal visualisation.

- Expansion headers on the back allows for chaining multiple Matrix-4x2 modules. This makes it possible to expand either the inputs and/or the outputs.

- Makes use of high quality parts where applicable (Panasonic and Nichicon electrolytics and Texas Instruments Audio-Grade Opamps).

- Skiff friendly!

TomaTek-Audio MULT

Simple passive multiple configured for 1x6/2x3 operation.

By changing solder jumpers it is possible to change it's configuration to 2x3 without normalisation or 1x7.

The panel is reversible.

see github for changing the default configuration of this multiple.

All made with love in Amsterdam!

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