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Sunday, June 07, 2020

Irijule Theoryboard and Ensoniq Fizmo - chord demos


"Mellow/moody, live jam made from a chord exercise I was doing with the Irjule Theoryboard and the Ensoniq Fizmo."

"Mellow/moody live jam made from a chord exercise I was doing with the Irjule Theoryboard and the Ensoniq Fizmo. Later I added more layers live while mixing the loops to a recorder using Dave Spier’s amazing G-Force Software M-Tron Pro, with his new free Isolation Choir add-on (Covid-19 inspired)."

Note this is the first post to feature the TheoryBoard. The following is an overview video for it:


  1. Should it be easy, though?

  2. Why not? Why be such an elitist when this is all about learning and having fun?

    The TheoryBoard (TB) is a tool has tons of experimental options all over it, and more on the way with updates like strum and arp settings, etc. It's a very powerful improv tool for beginners and pros alike. The amount of clever inversion settings, international scales and modes, chord spread, and other tricks are only possible on one device currently, the Kordbot and this potentially does more with chords. I have both. They could only be made with crowd funding since big companies won't take risks.
    TB allows you to experiment with chord types and inversions quickly like nothing else, and you can learn about theory as you go if you like since everything is displayed for you from both sides on the screen, so you can translate what you discovered or learned to any instrument, not just keyboards.
    Why is that bad? It's just another way to learn.

    When I was a kid I played multiple instruments in the orchestra and could read sheet music like it was nothing. Decades later and way out of practice on newer/different instruments, I could use some new ways to learn and make my current playing more interesting and fresh instead of the same old chord and riffs. Music playing and learning can be fun, not stuffy and heavily regimented like the old days.

    My niece is pretty good at guitar, but she could learn a lot from this device as anyone could.

    Try it before you knock it, or stick to being a troll.


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