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Sunday, December 13, 2020

SoundForce Introduces New SFC-60 V3 TAL-U-NO-LX Juno-60 Hardware Controller

"The SoundForce SFC-60 V3 is a boutique class-compliant USB-MIDI controller dedicated to the fantastic TAL-U-NO-LX Juno-60 emulation. The original SFC-60 was the first SoundForce product to come out. I have come a long way since 2014 and this new version is based on all the lessons learned from several years of designing and manufacturing similar products. With a solid sheet metal case, colorful front panel and new software integration, it's my favourite controller so far. It is usable with any MIDI-mappable software or hardware but has special integrations with the TAL-U-NO-LX.

In collaboration with Patrick from TAL, special features have been implemented to improve the user experience and the hardware/software integration. Finally, all the LED-based physical switches can update their states when a preset is changed in the plugin. Also when switching instances on different tracks, the plugin can sync the controller and update the switches as well. It works a bit differently in each DAW, more details and videos on that coming soon. For the sliders/faders, the pick-up or scaling modes (similar to the Takeover modes in Ableton Live) can help avoiding "jumping" parameters. Those features require the latest version of the plugin. I would like to thank Patrick for his time and his contribution on this project.

Build quality
The controller is assembled in The Netherlands with parts from Europe and Asia. The enclosure is made of 100% sheet metal and is manufactured by Grawart ( The case is made of bent steel and powder coated in black. The front panel is aluminum, also powder coated and screen printed with scratch-proof white, blue and red inks. Walnut wood side panels of 8mm thickness are fitted to both sides of the controller. The sides are made in Amsterdam by Rob Gould (

Pricing and Availability
The SFC-60 V3 is available on the SoundForce webshop for 349 euros incl VAT in the EU and 288 euros for customers outside the EU. In the US, Perfect Circuit is distributing the full SoundForce product line. US price is still to be announced."

Sunday, November 22, 2020

Oops They Did it Again - Behringer Introduces the Swing USB MIDI Controller Keyboard

Update: see Arturia's & interface designer Axel Hartman's response further below.

Look familiar?

"32-Key USB MIDI Controller Keyboard with 64 Step Polyphonic Sequencing, Chord and Arpeggiator Modes

The Behringer SWING gives you full control over any synthesizer or virtual instrument in your DAW via USB or MIDI. Featuring a 64-step sequencer with an 8-note polyphonic sequence combined with 32 compact-sized keys and pitch and modulation touch-strips provide unlimited ways to express yourself in a compact and portable package.

The SWING’s 32-compact-sized keys create a perfect balance between size and playability. The keys give you the ability to create more nuanced and colorful passages with velocity and after-touch functionality. Use the Pitch and Modulation touch-strips to add even more character to your music. Chord Play Mode allows you to play a chord with up to 16 notes with one single key for some really enchanting Trance music. The SWING also features a 64-step polyphonic sequencer so you can create any progression imaginable and even play over it. Switch to Arpeggiator mode and create an amazing string of notes that can sync to the clock of any device the SWING is connected to.

The Mode knob on the SWING can select up to 8 saved programs in Sequencer mode, while in Arpeggiator mode, you can select different playing orders such as up, down, inclusive, exclusive, random, note order, double up and double down modes. Select from 8 different time signatures with the Scale knob and adjust the tempo with the Tempo knob or the Tap button. Press the Record button to start recording a sequence. This also doubles as an Append button when holding down Shift. Use this along with the Stop/Clear Last button and you can edit your sequences and arpeggios on the fly.

Update: And a response from Arturia followed by Axel Hartman who designed the physical look of the Keystep:


"Hello everyone,

We have been informed on Sunday November the 22nd of the upcoming release of a new product called Swing, by Behringer. This product is in no way the result of a partnership between Arturia and Behringer.

We have worked hard to create the _Step range. We have invested time and money to imagine, specify, develop, test and market the KeyStep. Along our distributors we have been evangelizing this product, placing it in stores, explaining it, servicing it.

Of course we accept competition, and would absolutely understand that Berhinger give their own interpretation of a small and smart controller that would also be a sequencer. Others do, we have no problem with that and see good for the customer, as well as for the industry, in fair competition.

But this is not fair competition here.

Coco Chanel once said: “If you want to be original, be ready to be copied”. So we could in a way consider the Swing as a compliment.

We could.

In any case, thank you, everyone who came out and supported us these past 36 hours! It's been very helpful, very much appreciated.

Frédéric Brun
Co-founder and CEO, Arturia"

Axel Hartman:

"I do feel the need to comment on the many postings I can find here @ Facebook in several places regarding my thoughts, feelings, but also the truth about the blunt Behringer copy of the Arturia key step.

Arturia and myself, aka my company design box are designing instruments, synthesizers, controllers, interfaces since many years. As industrial designer, I contribute mostly my services on the asthetical side of a product. This is true for almost all hardware products that you know from Arturia. In all cases, Arturia is buying my services - I never licensed any of the designs. Arturia always pays, and naturally owns the output of my work, that - by the way - is alway the result of an in-depth cooperation with their internal team of specialists.

Arturia and myself are working together since many years, and we share the deep desire of designing innovative products. I could never share any of the designs, that came out of that cooperation with any body else, legally not, and not from my personal high attitude in that regards. So anything, pointing in that direction is simply fake information. Neither the company Behringer, nor Uli himself have ever approached me with a request like that. And I would also never ever do something like that - I can not license anything that is not in my possession.

Personally, I feel sad, and am also upset about that sheer copy of a design, that I once created for, and together with Arturia, the team around Frederic Brun. These people have spent lots of efforts and great energy in building a brand and all that belongs to a brands assets. It is simply not right, somebody else is taking advantage of that hard work (which is not only true for Arturia, but for all great brands, that must see their most successful products being copied) I do not understand (Uli) Behringer - with his huge company and the power of many great R&D teams - some of the best and most respected and innovative companies we know in our business, that Uli was able to simply buy in the past with his money. A product like that copy simply can not represent the core values of the people, he could convince to be part of his company. It is simply sad, and I can not understand that move (like many, it seems)."

And then there's the following mock-up from Atomic Shadow that pretty much sums it up:

Update via Wikipedia: "Music Tribe, formerly Music Group, is a holding company based in the City of Makati, Metro Manila, Philippines.[2] It is chaired by Uli Behringer, founder of Behringer. Music Group rebranded to Music Tribe in December 2017.[3]...

In 2015, Music Group's portfolio included Midas, Klark Teknik, Behringer, Bugera, Eurocom, Turbosound, TC Electronic, TC-Helicon, Lake, Lab.gruppen, Tannoy, TC Applied Technologies and CoolAudio[6]"

And Behringer's response via Musictribe:

"Since various magazines and Arturia have publicly called us out over the launch of our Swing MIDI Controller, we would like to respond and share some facts around the principles of competition and clear up some misconceptions.

Competition is a highly effective tool to drive innovation by empowering Customers to make their best choices and force manufacturers to constantly reinvent themselves. Innovation means progress and this happens on many levels, whether it relates to customer experience, functionality or cost efficiencies etc.
There are 4 established marketing strategies: market leader, market challenger, market follower and market nichers. Here is a great article:

The competition law was designed to avoid companies creating a market monopoly and stifle innovation, which would be detrimental to the rights of the Customers to expect better offerings. The law was specifically designed to encourage everyone to fiercely compete, even when it means over the same functionality and design, provided intellectual property such as utility (functional) and design patents as well as trademarks etc. are respected.

How many Fender Stratocaster or Gibson Les Paul clones are out there in the guitar world and how many SM58 clones are available? How many cars or mobile phones look alike? It is not surprising that Gibson recently lost a substantial legal case trying to prevent others from making V-shape guitars or Fender, who lost all trademark cases related to their Stratocaster design.
The reason is simple: the law encourages competition and provides maximum freedom for companies to engage head-on, all for the benefit of the Customer.

We are spending large amounts of resources on innovation, which is reflected in products such as X32, XR18, Flow, DDM4000, etc. This made us the global market leader for analog and digital mixers and over the years we have built an extensive patent portfolio:
However, we also clearly choose to follow successful brands and products, while adding more features and/or competing on price. Much of our innovation is invisible to the Customer as it relates to our highly advanced and automated design and manufacturing processes and for that we are spending hundreds of millions of US$.
For this reason, we have become strategic partners with Microsoft, Siemens, Adobe and many other Tier 1 companies as we are pushing for extreme digitization and automation.

The follower marketing strategy is a very common business model in any industry, which is enabled by law to encourage competition. With our new Swing MIDI Controller, we followed an established concept, but of course wrote our own firmware with added functionality. However, these unique features will only come to life when we launch our free DAW.

The free Music Tribe DAW will form the heart of an incredible eco-system, where all our controllers, synthesizers and drum machines etc. will integrate seamlessly, thus dramatically improve connectivity and workflow. This will make it incredibly easy for our Customers to create, edit and share their music.
Only our upcoming controllers will feature total integration with our synthesizers, drum machines, digital mixers and other Music Tribe equipment, while also offering standard functionality with all 3rd party products.

For anyone familiar with the industry landscape, Arturia has been cloned for years (Worlde MiniMidi, etc.), while the company has also been “borrowing” from others with their VST replicas of legendary hardware synths, open-source code from Mutable Instruments, the “Expressive Touche” controller or the registration of known “DX7” and “Synthi” marks. Equally, our own analog Xenyx mixers and many other products have been widely cloned.
¬We will absolutely continue to deliver innovative products but also follow our competitors as we expect our products to be cloned - fair play.

We are very cautious when it comes to our follower approach and employ expert intellectual property firms to ensure our products stay within the boundaries of the law; we are committed to never intentionally infringe on other companies’ intellectual property.

Many years ago, we were entangled in bitter lawsuits with Mackie and Pioneer, which we all won. But we also recently lost a case against Yamaha in China related to a simple fader knob design that involved a design patent we were unfortunately not aware of. We changed the design, we will pay the fees and move on. Notably, Yamaha themselves were sued by Dr. Dre over their headphone designs ( or entangled in other legal matters (, which clearly shows how competitive business is. The heated Apple versus Samsung disputes are a prime example.

It is our Purpose and Mission to empower Customers who don’t have deep pockets and provide them with the best possible equipment at fair prices. We do understand that we are a fierce competitor and at times controversial as we’re relentlessly push the envelope.

We would like to thank all our Customers who have supported us over the past 30 years. We are absolutely committed to continue to deliver the best possible products at the lowest possible cost."

Friday, October 30, 2020

EmissionControl2 first play

Todd Barton

"I'm just beginning to explore this amazing software. Here is the link to download it gratis:

And here are the specifics:
The Center for Research in Electronic Art Technology (CREATE) at UC Santa Barbara has released a new software app for sound granulation: EmissionControl2 for MacOSX, Linux, and Windows. EmissionControl2 is a granular sound synthesizer. The theory of granular synthesis is described in the book Microsound (Curtis Roads, 2001, MIT Press). Granular synthesis is one of the most important methods of sound design.

Features of the software include:
Granulation of multiple sound files simultaneously (up to 1 GB of samples can be loaded)
Supports up to 2048 simultaneous grains (limited by the user’s hardware)
Synchronous and asynchronous grain emission
Intermittency control
Per-grain signal processing (envelope, waveform, amplitude, frequency, spatial position, filter center frequency, and resonance)
Modulation control of all granulation parameters with six LFOs (bipolar or unipolar waveforms)
Real-time display of peak amplitude, grain counter, waveform, scan range, scanner, and grain emission
Scalable GUI and font size
MIDI Learn enables mapping to any MIDI continuous controller
Unlimited user presets with smooth interpolation for gestural design
Code is open source and available at GitHub
The new app was developed by a team consisting of Professor Curtis Roads acting as project manager, with software developers Jack Kilgore and Rodney DuPlessis. Kilgore is a Computer Science major at UC Santa Barbara. DuPlessis is a PhD student in Music Composition at UC Santa Barbara and is also pursuing an MS degree in Media Arts and Technology.

“Professor Roads and his team worked for 20 months on this outstanding project,” said Professor JoAnn Kuchera-Morin, Director of CREATE. “It is the ultimate granulator,” said Roads, who teaches electronic music at UC Santa Barbara and is also Associate Director of CREATE."

Thursday, October 15, 2020

Erae Touch: the Expressive Music Controller.

Looks a bit like a giant version of Roli Blocks. The following are a few videos from their YouTube channel followed by some details from their Kickstarter.

"This multitouch pad makes the best use of the MIDI Polyphonic Expression (MPE) protocol.

This new MIDI norm goes deeper in velocity dynamics and is more accurate in microtonal variations. Granting faster information transmission between your DAWs and synths for easier mappings and routings.

Rediscover your favorite synthesizers by triggering multiple effects at the same time with XYZ/3D-Pads, polyphonic aftertouch, released velocities or arpeggios effects.

All those features allow for true expressive and musical gestures such as glissando or portamentos, vibratos or pitch bends for every note you play.

Create your own layout with simple elements

From action keyboards and settings adjustment to rhythmics objects:

Erae Touch has everything you would expect from a traditional MIDI controller and inherit from the innovation and new standard in the music industry.

Play multiple instruments on the same layout

Easy to play with, provided with advanced templates and quick menu access to optimize your workflow, it will become a central element in your music set.

Split your layout to control several of your favorite VSTs or synths without menu diving!"

You can find additional details at their Kickstarter campaign here.

Sunday, September 27, 2020


via this auction

"61 key MIDI keyboard from Extra Deluxe MFG. It is a premium MIDI keyboard with a similar metal and wood build to high end synthesizers. It has an internal power supply (can also be powered by usb) as well as a 61 key Fatar tp/9s keybed with aftertouch. This keyboard is a good choice for anyone who wants a minimalist keyboard that is still high quality. It is in excellent condition. You will get:

61 key MIDI keyboard
power cable
usb a to b cable
usb a to c cable
original box"

This is the first post to feature EXTRA DELUXE.

Tuesday, September 08, 2020

Arturia Introduces New KeyStep 37

11 video playlist above. You can use the controls in the player to skip around. In order of appearance:

1. KeyStep 37 | Controllers | ARTURIA Intro Video
2. Arturia Keystep 37: Overview and demo! from Patchwerks - Order your Arturia Keystep 37 here:
3. Keystep 37 — Still the King of Affordable Midi Keyboards?! - BoBeats
4. Easy Chords with one finger with Arturia "KeyStep 37" (Feat Novation Peak Synth) - Sound Provider
5. Arturia Keystep 37 Controller - Sonic LAB Review - sonicstate
6. Arturia KeyStep 37 Review and tutorial // 6 tips and generative ideas - loopop
7. Arturia KeyStep 37 controller and sequencer review - Molten Music Technology
8. Why Arturia KeyStep 37 is amazing. - mylarmelodies
9. Tutorials | KeyStep 37 - Episode 1: Overview - Arturia
10. Tutorials | KeyStep 37 - Episode 2: Sequencing & Playing - Arturia
11. Tutorials | KeyStep 37 - Episode 3: Connectivity & Settings - Arturia

And the press release:

"Arturia releases KeyStep 37 - available now

KeyStep 37 is a controller evolved to meet the creative needs of musicians across the board. Intuitive appointments like Chord mode, Scale mode, and real-time LED note feedback make it the perfect option for beginner beat-makers and composers. Instant MIDI CC control, advanced connectivity and a high-end compact keybed make it a reliable solution for professionals.

KeyStep 37 is a controller built to inspire, designed to let users interact and experiment with their music like never before - the new core of your setup.

_The standout features

The unique interplay between KeyStep 37’s features is designed to unlock and connect musical ideas in real-time. It encourages spontaneity and experimentation, letting musicians and producers savor the creative process. Let’s take a closer look at the features:

37-note Slimkey keyboard
With velocity, aftertouch and real-time RGB LED indicators for a comfortable, responsive performance.

Creative sequencer and arpeggiator
Sequence up to 64-steps with 8-note polyphony and 8 custom pattern slots, or explore 8 modes of arpeggiation.

Supercharged Chord mode
Generate instant chord sequences that respond to your velocity, with 12 chord types, and animate your chords with the articulate instrument-like strum control.

Scale mode
Quantize the keyboard and never play a wrong note. Choose from 5 scales, including a user-defined scale, to set your own musical terms.

Assignable MIDI CC controls
Interact with your hardware and software with 16 assignable MIDI CC parameters across 4 switchable banks, accessible via a new control panel and screen.

Versatile connectivity
Connect to your computer, your desktop MIDI synths, or your CV & modular gear for simultaneous control over hardware and software.

_About the Step range

Universal sequencing controllers
Uniquely combining the familiarity of MIDI controllers with the complexities of step sequencing, the Step range puts you in command of your software and hardware instruments. Just at home on stage as they are in the home studio, these sequencers are designed to enhance your ability to perform, improvise, write, and create.

Each member of the Step range features a combination of USB, MIDI and CV connections, and a variety of workflows to suit any sequencing needs. All your instruments, marching to the same beat."

Tuesday, August 04, 2020

Akai Introduces the MPK Mini mk3



MPC-inspired production essentials, a Gen 2 enhanced dynamic keybed and tight integration with any music production app makes MPK mini mk3 the ultimate go-anywhere beat making tool

Ft Lauderdale, FL USA (August 4, 2020) — Akai Professional, a leading manufacturer of music equipment for performers and producers, today announced the immediate availability of the 3rd generation of the world's best-selling USB MIDI keyboard controller, MPK mini.

For the beginner, MPK mini is a complete package with every tool needed to create hit songs from the start. For the working professional, MPK mini is the ultimate musical Swiss Army knife, packed with all the features to deliver on any musical task. From its inception, the MPK mini inspired a generation of producers, redefining how creators make music. MPK mini mk3 refines the tried and tested design of its predecessors with an updated feature spec that leaves any roadblocks by the wayside and places creativity firmly in the driver’s seat. Your hit song starts here!

Universal Compatibility
Featuring driverless plug-and-play connectivity, MPK mini is primed for immediate performance and production capability right out the box. MPK mini’s new OLED display places must-have visual feedback of velocity, CC and even DAW mode selection, offering seamless capability with all industry standard music production apps.

Complete Music Production Starter Kit
MPK mini includes everything needed to immediately start making music right out the box. Featuring MPC Beats, a professional DAW based on the legendary MPC workflow, sample content from assorted MPC Expansion packs and a collection of the most versatile virtual plugin instruments available today (AIR Hybrid, Mini Grand, Velvet), the creative possibilities with the Music Production Starter Kit are endless.

New Gen 2 Keybed
Designed from the ground up, MPK mini’s all-new, reimagined Gen 2 enhanced dynamic keybed delivers a natural and responsive key performance. From grand pianos to searing synth leads and lush electric pianos, the Gen 2 keybed guarantees the best from any playing style and virtual instrument.

MPC Pad Power
No Akai Professional keyboard controller would be complete without the legendary MPC pads – MPK mini is no exception with 8 pads pulled right from the flagship MPC series. These bankable, velocity sensitive backlit MPC pads deliver the perfect touch for precise drumming and melodic sample playback that even the most demanding performers will find unmatched.

Complete Command of Your Production
MPK mini’s rotary knobs give producers and performers immediate control of any assignable parameter in their music application. Designed to assign to synth, mixer and effects plugins, users will love the hands-on control of all key parameters for an immersive, music making experience.

Packed with Production Mainstays
Note repeat, arpeggiator and the omni-directional joystick are trusted features no MPK mini would be complete without, and it's all here in MPK mini mk3. Whether it’s sparking that initial idea or capturing every subtle inflection of an expressive performance, MPK mini gives users compete flexibility to truly make their performance your own.

MPC Beats Software
MPK mini mk3 comes with everything you need to start creating the hit music of today, including a fully functioning DAW, MPC Beats. Incorporating the finest parts of the legendary MPC workflow, MPC Beats features all the essential tools for pro production. Edit samples, mixdown tracks with world-class audio effects, find any sound with the same synth engines found in the legendary MPCs, record audio and much more. MPC Beats also hosts AU/VST plugins, offering complete compatibility with industry standard virtual studio technology. Plus, MPC Beats opens as a plugin in any DAW for effortless integration into existing setups. With the same iconic workflow from the critically acclaimed MPC Series, fused with a super-intuitive UI, MPC Beats guarantees to take your music wherever you want it to go.

MPK mini mk3 Highlights
• 25 Mini Keys, Featuring Redesigned Keybed for Incredible Dynamic Expression & Precise Articulation
• Brilliant OLED Display for Immediate Parameter Feedback
• 8 Bankable MPC Performance Pads with Legendary Note Repeat and Full Level Functions
• 8 Endless Rotary Knobs
• 4-Way Joystick for Pitch & Modulation Control
• Class-Compliant USB Connectivity
• Built-in Arpeggiator
• Sustain Pedal Input Jack
• Superior, Sturdy Design & Build
• Complete Music Production Starter Kit, including: MPC Beats, AIR Hybrid, Mini Grand and Velvet
as well as assorted MPC Beats versions of MPC Expansion packs.

“Whether it’s an entry point to the exciting world of music production, or a must-have tool for the seasoned professional on the move, MPK mini won't disappoint,” said Dan Gill, Senior Product Manager for Akai Professional. “For years, MPK mini has graced studios and stages internationally with a feature set geared toward maximum creativity, whatever your next project demands. Our third iteration takes the best parts of its predecessors while adding new features directly from our critically acclaimed MPC

line and universal capability with any music making app, making it easier than ever to integrate into any setup. We can't wait to see how MPK mini mk3 inspires the next generation of creators.”
MPK mini mk3 is immediately available in three colorways with a US retail price of $119.. For more information visit

Friday, July 31, 2020




00:00 - Unboxing
01:16 - Optigan Mode Demo (Cha Cha Cha)
03:51 - Orchestron Mode Demo (Bass Clarinet)
05:03 - Chirp (Bossa Nova Style)

"Here's a quick unboxing & demo of Quilter Labs' new Panoptigon Chord Controller, available for purchase here

This is a small MIDI controller that replicates the functionality of the Optigan chord button panel. You can use it in conjunction with a standard MIDI keyboard to control Panoptigon. You can also use it with iOptigan (requires an additional 3rd party MIDI to Lightning interface) or any other MIDI sound module.

In "Optigan" mode, the PCC controls a standard Optigan format disc. In "Orchestron" mode, the chord buttons send chord MIDI data to play simple sustained chords to either an Orchestron disc or any MIDI sound module. In "iOptigan" mode, the PCC is mapped to control the iOptigan app ( All three modes can be set to either "Normal" for momentary operation or "Radio" for latched operation.

In this video I demonstrate the "Optigan" and "Orchestron" modes. A full demo of the 'iOptigan' mode will be coming soon.

At the end, there's a nod to all the Minecraft / Little Big Planet fans- a quick improv on 'Chirp.' :)"

Monday, July 20, 2020

Review: ATOM SQ and its innovative offset pads // 3 pros & cons w/Ableton Live & Presonus Studio One


0:00 Intro
0:20 The offset pads
1:00 Overview
5:20 Connectivity
6:10 Arpeggiator
8:05 MIDI features
10:55 Ableton Live
12:05 Session control
13:15 Overall control
14:00 Device control
15:35 Custom control
16:00 Studio One
17:00 Device control
18:35 Sequencer
19:55 Pros & cons

Wednesday, July 01, 2020

AUREX DIVA CTRL for the Novation Launch Control XL

via Kickstarter


I like hardware synths. I love turning knobs, pushing buttons, and flicking faders when creating sounds. However, I also love all the software synths that are available now, especially because of very convincing analog sounding softsynths such as U-He Diva.

I've always felt the connection between software plugins and hardware controllers was missing something. When controlling hardware synthesizers, you get a great user interface, with clear labelling and tactile control over every parameter. MIDI controllers however, often present you with an uninspiring interface with mismatching colours, incorrect text or inaccurate labels. More importantly, they often can't handle more advanced functions like modulation assignment, interactive LED feedback or multi-button control over one single function. I also forget which knob I midi mapped to which function and so on ... I didn't connect with them like I do with hardware - until now.

This is exactly why I developed the aurex DIVA CTRL bundle. This bundle makes the Novation LaunchControl XL function as the ultimate MIDI controller for for U-He's Diva software synthesizer. I built a custom MIDI template (using advanced programming with BOME) that translates every Launch Control XL's MIDI message into all kinds of relevant MIDI data for Diva, offering much more possibilities than the original Launch Control XL's functions. In addition, I designed a hardware cover that fits on top of the Launch Control XL and has all these new features printed. This bundle comes with everything included (midi software, presets and a hard cover) to get you started right away.

Thursday, June 18, 2020

Novation Introduces NEW Launchkey MK3 Full Size Range of Controllers

Novation introduced the Launchkey Mini MK3 back in September of 2019. They are now introducing four Full-Size Launchkey MK3 cntrollers, 25, 37, 49, and 61 key layouts. The above is a playlist of videos from Novation. Directly below is a live stream followed by an overview from loopop.

"Introducing the Novation Launchkey [MK3] - a totally revamped range of full-sized controller keyboards for making tracks in Ableton Live and with hardware. Launchkey [MK3] controllers come in four model sizes (25-, 37-, 49- and 61-key variants), and pack in more inspirational music-making features, more expressive pads and keys, and deeper Ableton Live integration than ever before.

Launchkey [MK3] is our intuitive and fully integrated MIDI keyboard controller for making tracks in Ableton Live, designed to give you everything you need to create and play your music. Made for creators of all abilities, the Novation Launchkey gives you inspirational tools to expand your musical vocabulary. Scale and Chord modes and a powerful arpeggiator push your musical creativity and help start new ideas. Custom Modes and a full-size MIDI output transform Novation Launchkey [MK3] into a powerful centrepiece of any music-making setup. Launchkey [MK3] is made to create."

Product Showcase // Novation

LAUNCHKEY MK3 Review and Tutorial // 25,37 vs 49,61 // Generative Arpeggiator by Novation explained

Four Model Sizes

Available in 25-, 37-, 49- and 61-key variants, it’s easier than ever to pick the size that suits. 25- and 37-key models are perfect for mobile producers and performers, and for those in tight setups. 49- and 61-key versions are ideal for larger setups, and for those who want more keys, and greater hands-on control with faders and fader buttons.

Click here for additional details.

Tuesday, June 09, 2020

New DIY Bratigel PPG wave 2.2 controller


"New BRATIGEL DIY MIDI and USB Controller for waldorf vst plugin PPG Wave 3.V
The most important controllers analog !"

Sunday, June 07, 2020

Irijule Theoryboard and Ensoniq Fizmo - chord demos


"Mellow/moody, live jam made from a chord exercise I was doing with the Irjule Theoryboard and the Ensoniq Fizmo."

"Mellow/moody live jam made from a chord exercise I was doing with the Irjule Theoryboard and the Ensoniq Fizmo. Later I added more layers live while mixing the loops to a recorder using Dave Spier’s amazing G-Force Software M-Tron Pro, with his new free Isolation Choir add-on (Covid-19 inspired)."

Note this is the first post to feature the TheoryBoard. The following is an overview video for it:

Friday, May 29, 2020

The ThunderWave Ribbon Controller by The Electronic Peasant

ThunderWave Ribbon Controller Demonstration Published on May 23, 2020 epeasant

A new DIY percussion instrument in via The Electronic Peasant:

"The ThunderWave is a new type of electronic percussion instrument that you can build yourself. Instead of the traditional round drum pads, the ThunderWave uses curved ribbon controllers and force sensitive technology to create an expressive and intuitive interface that is both fun and easy to play. The instrument provides standard trigger, gate, and CV outputs, including volt/octave, for use with analog synthesizers. Each ribbon can also be divided into up to thirteen different zones, for consistent sounds using two drum sticks at slightly different positions. A 'striking force' trigger output and two force based envelope generators for each ribbon are also included. The ThunderWave is designed for the advanced DIYer, and can be built using common, easily available parts and tools.

The complete ThunderWave project can be found on the Electronic Peasant website, including detailed building guides and videos."

Be sure to check out previous posts, dating back to 2005, featuring The Electronic Peasant here.

Wednesday, March 11, 2020

SoundForce SFC-5 MIDI Controller for U-he Repro-5 and the Arturia Prophet V

via SoundForce, available at Perfect Circuit in the US.

"SoundForce is announcing the release of the SFC-5 V2 MIDI controller. The SFC-5 is a boutique MIDI controller for Prophet-5 virtual instruments such as the Arturia Prophet V and the U-he Repro-5. The 2020 V2 model offers fantastic upgrades compared to the original V1 model: 100% sheet metal case, wobble-free metal shaft pots and walnut side panels.

Wednesday, January 29, 2020

The Synthfox Touchbay

Published on Aug 28, 2019 Synthfox Channel

via this auction

"Touch Bay is a tactile performance signal router. It can route 4 inputs to any of the 4 outputs by means of touching the controller's pads. The perfect use of it is a CV router, although it can also be used as a sound mixer, though maybe a bit less high-end sounding as a dedicated one.

Touch Bay comes in three pieces: the module, the tactile handle and the ribbon cable to connect them together. The handle is a PCB fit into a machined piece of plywood, and it's meant to sit outside of the rack and be a performance tool that you can pick up and play without tangling your hands in your patch's wiring.

The module has 4 inputs labelled with letters (A, B, C, D) and 4 outputs labelled with numbers (1, 2, 3, 4) - each with an individual sensitivity setting. These signals are directly connected to corresponding pads on the tactile handle: pads A, B, C and D are inputs, and pads 1, 2, 3 and 4 are outputs - just touch an input pad and an output pad to route! You can touch more than one inputs to mix signals, or more than one outputs to send signals to multiple destinations. Works really well with CV routing or feedback paths!"

Thursday, January 23, 2020

NAMM 2020 Lekholm DM48 MIDI Harmonica

Published on Jan 23, 2020 sonicstate

"Lenkholm Digital Chromatic Harmonica - its a MIDI controller for the harmonica player. Play in any key, any tuning from a small Swedish company Father and Son.
Includes side lever plus additional buttons for additional pitch shift functions"

"The Lekholm DM48 is a unique electronic instrument controller in the form of a chromatic harmonica. Twelve independent pressure sensors puts players in control of a world of synthetic sounds, silently at night or loud on stage without feedback. The DM48 is a pure MIDI controller without onboard sound synthesis.


12 precision pressure sensors · USB MIDI · Instant key changes · Stores multiple settings & tunings · Built-in tuning editor · Export & import tunings · Highly adjustable response · Adjustable breathing resistance · Single or multichannel output · Compact size · OLED display · Anodized aluminum mouthpiece · Protective nylon case"

Thursday, January 16, 2020

Nektar Aura Beat Composer - NAMM 2020

Published on Jan 16, 2020 Bedroom Producers Blog

"Nektar Aura Beat Composer presentation at NAMM 2020."

Introducing Nektar AURA Beat Composer

Published on Jan 15, 2020 NektarTechnology

"See AURA in action: AURA is Nektar's new powerful beat creation and performance instrument. Hardware features like 16 hyper-sensitive RGB illuminated pads, color TFT display, an on-board step sequencer, a flexible pad repeat engine and incredible plugin control, make beat creation in any VST, VST3, AU or AAX compatible DAW-environment a fun experience with true groove-box feeling. Paired with the included Nektarine 2.0 software, AURA becomes a plugin control powerhouse for VST, VST3 and AU plugins.

AURA can also be used in stand-alone mode with external MIDI devices. Custom Nektar DAW integration adds extended transport control, track selection, project navigation and more. Nektar DAW Integration software is included for Ableton Live Suite, Bitwig, Cubase, Digital Performer, Garageband, Logic, Nuendo, Reaper, Reason, Studio One and Sonar/Cakewalk."

And the Press Release:


Nektar AURA is a powerful beat creation and performance instrument. Featuring 16 hyper-sensitive RGB illuminated pads, an on-board step sequencer, a flexible pad repeat engine and incredible plugin control, AURA brings an exciting drum-machine-style workflow to any DAW or external MIDI setup.

Lumatone Microtonal Keyboard - NAMM 2020 -

Published on Jan 16, 2020 BBoy Tech Report

Found the following on their Indiegogo campaign:

Lumatone Microtonal Keyboard - "Sundog" by Benton Roark (31-TET)

Published on Jan 14, 2020 Lumatone Microtonal Keyboard

"Benton Roark performs his original composition 'Sundog' on a LUMATONE Microtonal Keyboard.

Visit http://WWW.LUMATONE.IO to learn more about this one of a kind isomorphic instrument, and to get deep discounts on your very own Lumatone during the upcoming limited-run crowdfunding campaign!"

"The Generalized Keyboard. Reinvented in Colour.

After years in development, the Lumatone is a game changer for microtonal composers and isomorphic keyboard enthusiasts. Powered by centuries-old music theory and modern design ingenuity, the Lumatone is all at once intuitive to play, fully programmable, and endlessly creative.

Powerfully programmable. Beautifully simple.

275 illuminated, velocity sensitive hexagonal keys. Each with an individually programmable MIDI note and LED colour. 10 onboard preset Buttons. Encased in a premium anodized aluminum case.

Any sound. Dozens of Tunings. Millions of Colours.

The Lumatone's isomorphic layout can be mapped to any tuning or temperament, and every key's colour is up to you. And of course, as a MIDI controller, it can connect to any instrument imaginable."

Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Vochlea Doubler - NAMM 2020 (Use Your VOICE As A MIDI Controller!)

Published on Jan 15, 2020 Bedroom Producers Blog

"Demonstrating the Vochlea Doubler Studio Kit at NAMM 2020. This software, in combination with a microphone, turns your voice into MIDI.

With 3 million sounds - What would you create?"


Access millions of samples
Audition samples from the entire Loopmasters exclusive sounds catalogue: the biggest library in the world. Our intuitive website lets you preview over 3.5 Million unique samples from your desktop, app or tablet. But most importantly, search for sounds whilst you create. The music never has to stop.

Sound like no one else
Slice, edit and pitch samples with ease using our revolutionary Loop Editor. Create unique patterns, whilst saving all of your edits, effects and pitch information in sample templates. Loopcloud refines your workflow to get you there faster. This is your time; originality will see you now.

Authenticity at your DAW
Forget the imitators, find your sound. Loopcloud automatically connects to your DAW, pulling all of your sounds into the software. And with the new effects rack, you can weave even more personality into your sound. Add filters, reverbs and compression, whilst BPMs bend to your will. With Loopcloud, the possibilities are endless. Authenticity never looked so easy.

All of your sounds - all in one place
Creativity has no time for admin. That’s why Loopcloud organises all of your samples, creating the largest palette imaginable. The storage facility actually indexes and protects your samples from being lost, damaged or stolen. What’s more, it allows you to access your whole collection - wherever you are. Inspiration isn’t at your fingertips, it’s pulsing through your headphones.

Instrumental inspiration
Create signature basslines, percussion parts, arpeggios and much more with the new pitch per region feature. Experiment and play with an extensive collection of plugins, designed to tailor your sound. And, importantly, you can load a range of virtual instruments and effects directly from the software. Every artist needs a trademark - time to tailor yours.

Patch n Tweak
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