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Wednesday, July 01, 2020

AUREX DIVA CTRL for the Novation Launch Control XL

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I like hardware synths. I love turning knobs, pushing buttons, and flicking faders when creating sounds. However, I also love all the software synths that are available now, especially because of very convincing analog sounding softsynths such as U-He Diva.

I've always felt the connection between software plugins and hardware controllers was missing something. When controlling hardware synthesizers, you get a great user interface, with clear labelling and tactile control over every parameter. MIDI controllers however, often present you with an uninspiring interface with mismatching colours, incorrect text or inaccurate labels. More importantly, they often can't handle more advanced functions like modulation assignment, interactive LED feedback or multi-button control over one single function. I also forget which knob I midi mapped to which function and so on ... I didn't connect with them like I do with hardware - until now.

This is exactly why I developed the aurex DIVA CTRL bundle. This bundle makes the Novation LaunchControl XL function as the ultimate MIDI controller for for U-He's Diva software synthesizer. I built a custom MIDI template (using advanced programming with BOME) that translates every Launch Control XL's MIDI message into all kinds of relevant MIDI data for Diva, offering much more possibilities than the original Launch Control XL's functions. In addition, I designed a hardware cover that fits on top of the Launch Control XL and has all these new features printed. This bundle comes with everything included (midi software, presets and a hard cover) to get you started right away.


My script sits in between the Novation controller and the Diva plugin, creating much more functions and possibilities than the original Launch Control XL's MIDI mappings. A simple example of what you can do with this: you can select LFO waveforms and speed settings with dedicated buttons. A more complex example is the Modulation Routing page, which allows you to assign 16 modulation sources to all kinds of destinations. Knobs and buttons can have multiple functions, depending on the menu you're in. The LED's reflect all these different pages and assignments. As a result, my template gives you the opportunity to control over 130 DIVA parameters on a very intuitive hardware interface.

I'm biased, but I never had this feeling before. I also believe this is the reason why controllers as Softube's Console One work so intuitive and smooth, making you forget it's only a controller.

When making music, I want to focus on the sound and this works best for me through the physical connection. This bundle has all the benefits of software (great sound, presets, DAW recall, automation, ...) and hardware (actual knobs and faders to touch, speed of creating sounds, less mouse actions and screen time, ...) combined.


• MIDI control tool for Launch Control XL and U-He Diva
• custom high quality cover overlay with very user friendly layout of all functions

• over 130 parameters mapped


• envelope 8F function to control both envelopes at the same time with 8 faders.
• extensive but super easy modulation routing page

• all oscillator models and envelopes selectable
• all filter models selectable, filter modes and options inclusive

• 3 filter select modes: VCF1 only, HPF only and Unify (select the same model for VCF1 and HPF)
• OSC, FILTER (+ ROUTINGS) reset function
• LFO 1&2 speed selection with buttons
• LFO 1&2 wave selection with buttons

• all knobs jump to correct values when needed - no wrong 'in between' settings"

AUREX DIVA CTRL is currently seeking funding on Kickstarter here.

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