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Monday, July 06, 2020

New Stereoping PolyChainer MIDI Polyphony Tool

Stereoping 2020/07 PolyChainer product demo by Stereoping

"The PolyChainer is a little Midi tool enabling 12 note polyphony with two Matrix 1000 or 6/6R while being edited from a Stereoping Synth Programmer. The M1000 manual calls this GROUP mode, every second incoming note is passed to another Matrix connected to the first one's MIDI OUT. Unfortunately the 1st matrix destroys parameter change SysEx on the way, making the 2nd one not editable anymore. Apart from the fact the Matrix 6/6R does not offer a group mode at all.

Now the PolyChainer overcomes these problems, it builds up it's own GROUP mode not using the M1000's built in. This allows editing of both connected Matrix (even M6), switching between LAYER mode for stacking programs or CHAIN mode for double polyphony. A 2nd switch determines to which MIDI OUT the parameter edits are going to be sent - while leaving the note's paths untouched. Sounds complicated, right? This video demoes several situations like editing from the Programmer with 1 and 2 Matrix, without and (of course) with PolyChainer in LAYER and CHAIN mode, editing one or the other Matrix or both. If you have no clue what this is all about this is perfctly ok. It simply means you do NOT need this product. I hope you like the video nevertheless, at least you'll hear some nice Matrix sounds including the "Stereo/detuning trick". The two Matrix are hard paned to left and right - largest happiness level is reached by using headphones.

00:12 - Programmer & 1 Matrix without PolyChainer
00:30 - Programmer & 2 Matrix without PolyChainer
01:34 - PolyChainer presented on a rotating leather chair

01:52 - Programmer & 2 Matrix + PolyChainer, LAYER mode

03:41 - Programmer & 2 Matrix + PolyChainer, CHAIN mode

05:58 - Programmer & 2 Matrix + PolyChainer, LAYER mode on 2 different sounds"

A PolyChainer software script for Logic Pro X's MIDI FX Scripter was previously featured here back in 2018.

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  1. Are there that many people who have a Synth Programmer and two Matrix 1000 or Matrix 6?


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