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Thursday, September 24, 2020

Hypercube VST: Reduce 100+ Synth Parameters to Just 3

Novel Insight Software

Here is an interesting program in via Novel Insight Software. In short it uses artificial intelligence to pick from all available parameters in creating a three new parameter. The three act as macro controls for the parameters selected and they can change over time. One of the thing that makes the Yamaha DX-200 and the newer Reface DX are the macro controls allowing you to morph multiple FM parameters at the same time. And of course there's the macro knob on the Yamaha MODX series.

The following is what Novel Insight Software had to say about the software:

"We have been developing a new (still beta) software which makes it easier to find new sounds from VST synths. (Novel Insight Hypercube VST).

The freeware software uses machine learning to analyze presets and reduces the number of parameters to three making it easier to find new sounds. Currently VST2 plugins are supported.

The algorithms start from a random starting points so the results are a bit different everytime parameters are calculated, especially when there are no large number of presets available (machine learning methods require large amount of data and typically the number of presets are only in hundreds meaning the results depend on a random starting points).

Software is also quite slow on laptops, it can take 10 minutes or hours to calculate parameter reduction for a single VST instrument. I’m developing GPU acceleration which should speed up calculations significantly."

And via their website where you can find the download and a few demos:

"Hypercube VST is a parameter reducer plugin for VST2 instruments. It reduces the number of synthesizer/effect parameters to just three (3) which makes it easier to find new sounds than changing 100+ parameters that may be available through the normal user interface.

In order to to do parameter reduction a VST module must have roughly more presets of good instruments/effects than there are synthesizer parameters. The existing good presets are used to find "three dimensional space of good sounds", which can be then explored by using only three parameters: X, Y and Z.

Hypercube VST currently supports only 64bit VST2 modules. Support of 64bit VST3 instruments is planned in future releases. This software requires 64bit Windows 10 (earlier versions not tested) and 64bit Java (plugin generator user interface).


Hypercube VST is free to use (freeware) but closed source."


  1. Interesting idea. I don't know much about machine learning but I'm a little confused as to why it would take so long since the data set it can learn from (the VST instrument's presets) isn't that large.

    1. It may be referring to every single permutation and combination of any and all parameters.



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