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Monday, March 29, 2021

Early Analog Band - Fender Chroma Musical Instruments 1982

video by Brigida Family

"Rare vintage footage! This product demonstration for Fender Chroma features a performance by Mike Brigida, John Shykun & Cleve Pozar.

16:50​ closes with John Williams 'Indiana Jones Theme' & 'Superman'"

And a note from the Rhodes Chroma list:

"The 'Expander's they show don't seem to have the same setup as a typical expander today. Specifically, the expander panel looks to be identical to that of the Chroma - and so has a extra black metal lip on the front. It is much more of a 'keyboard-chopped-off-Chroma' versus what ended up being the Expander.

Somewhat of a prophetic quote from one of the questions and answers in the video:

Q. How long before the Chroma is obsolete?

A. Chroma is an expressive, powerful musical instrument. Since it sounds good and has terrific expansion capability it stands the best chance among products available today of lasting the longest."

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  1. Nice demo. If I would have had polysynth money back in the day, I would have gotten a Chroma. If ARP had been able to get it on the market in 1980, it would have saved the company. I think CBS dribbled some out in 1981, but mainly 1982, and in the summer of 1983, everybody wanted a DX7.



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