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Saturday, June 17, 2023

Braintec Transistorbass-3/TB-3

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"-2 analog VCOs with morphable Saw/Square dials (not just hard saw or hard square but many gradients between them)

-VCF analog filter, pitch glide control, pitch envelope, accent control, envelope, filter crossmod

-18 control knobs on front plus a few "hidden" parameters accessible via MIDI CC messages (set up controls for these from your DAW or whatnot)

-One 1/4" output and 1/4" CV, Gate, and VCF inputs on rear"

Monday, September 09, 2019

Braintec Transistorbass 3.3

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"Quite rare rackmounted german analogue synth, much more like Sh-101 than just a Tb-303 clone.
Sporting 2 oscillators, sync, AR envelope and midi controlled modulation routings this is really nice sounding serious synth."

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Braintec Transistorbass 3 TB-303 Clone & More

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- one of the best TB-303 Clones ever built
- designed by genius Stefan Schmidt of Schmidt Synthesizer
- only 400 unit were built
- handmade in Germany
- works perfectly
- manual included
- power supply included
- one year warranty
- worldwide shipping

Monday, April 17, 2017

Braintec Transistorbass 3 - Rare Analog Synthesizer Module Inspired by TB-303

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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Rare Braintec Transistorbass 3

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via this auction

"ULTRA RARE VINTAGE/RETRO late 1980s GERMAN ANALOG RACK BASS SYNTH BRAINTEC TRANSISTORBASS. A very rare opportunity. These synths almost NEVER show up anywhere, including Ebay. In the entire world, only 400 were made. This one is in a great condition, minor rack wear near the front screws. Comes with a U.S. AC adapter, original german manual pages. Its MIDI config is extremely deep, much in the synth is controllable, one has to dig into get to all its secrets/oscillators etc. This synth can do Roland 303 style bass sounds, but actually its strongest capabilities are way more expanded, getting to deeper/moog/oberheim style territory: Braintec is massively better, deeper, with more functions, depth, thickness, control, knobs etc than most 303 clones. Search Cykong pages for its fuller description. The synth, in fact, was the predecessor by same people who created the simpler German 303 clones: Music and More MB33/MB33 MKII, NEXT SpaceBass 3.3/4.4, FAT Freebass FB383, Terratec etc. Great for an EDM afficionados/synth enthuasiasts/professional players/collectors/sound designers."

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Braintec TB3 Transistorbass 3 Analog Bass Synthesizer SN 506008

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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Braintec Transistorbass 3 (TB-303 Clone)

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via this auction - learn how to sell on eBay here

"can be installed in any 19 inch rack''
ideal for powerful bass sounds undtypische TB303
MIDI channel selectable via toggle switch on theback
analog sound generation (VCO-> VCF-> VCA> ENV)
2 oscillators (square / sawtooth)
Low pass filter with einstellbarerResonanz
2 LFOs (via MIDI clock triggerable)
Sync function for effect sounds, metallic, ring-modulated and overdriven sounds
Control of external synths via CVund gate
Processing external audio signals reconsider VCF"

Monday, June 27, 2011

Braintec Transistorbass 3 - Rare Analogue Monosynth

via this auction

"Braintec Transistorbass 3 Analogue Monosynth built in 1994. Only 400 were made.

A very few knobs are a bit stiffer than others, but apart from that, the unit works fine and knobs don't produce noise when moved. A 12V 500mA AC-Adapter is included but not original. It can do some really good TB-303 sounds (including slide and accent), but it really is capable of much more. Quite complex Midi-Implementation.

Take a look at [link] for some good info + manual.

2 VCOs:
- VCO 1 is saw/square switchable,
- VCO 2 could work like a LFO, modulating VCF, sync to VCO
Source-Target Modulation Matrix via Pitch bend / Mod Wheel / ENV ...
with 128 configurations switchable with midi program change
2 LFOs sync to Midi Clock
Real time MIDI control with controllers over the most important parameters
Accent (separate to volume) and slide effects to emulate the TB-303
CV and GATE out (midi to CV converter) along with CV adjust
Audio in to VCF
VCO Tune and Fine Tune
24dB Filter"

Tuesday, April 05, 2011

New Schmidt Analog Synth Debuts at the Musikmesse

via John Bowen:
"I thought I’d get you the first news about a new, 8-voice all analog synthesizer debuting at Messe in the EMC/Moog Booth (along with the Solaris, Muse, Spektralis, and Mellotron stuff).

It has presets, it has 7 filters (3 ladder type, 4 state variable 12 dB set up as 2 ‘dual filters’) and 4 Oscs - each osc is a bit different. Something like 107 knobs on the thing!

The designer is Stefan Schmidt, but not the one who runs Native Instruments - it’s yet another ‘Smith’ in the synth world :-)

It’s got stereo outs, individual voice outs, and some control voltage inputs (I think 4). I’ll try to get you more info later.

By the way - it sounds great!

And it’s a REAL heavyweight synth - with the travel case (like an anvil case) it’s 55 kilos!!

p.s. we are starting production finally - I have 4 production units of Solaris at the show."

Update: trying to find out if this is the Stefan Schmidt from TBS/MAM mentioned here. If anyone knows feel free to comment or email.

Update 5/6: John Bowen confirmed it is the same Schmidt. The following is via Juergen Haible who is known for his own designs specifically in the Synth DIY world:

"That's *the* Stefan Schmidt, all right.

I've followed the development of this synth over the last 8 years or so, and have always been forced to keep my mouth shut and keep it a secret. So it finally has hit the Musikmesse and it's out in the open. From what I've seen and heard, this will be the most powerful analogue polysynth *ever*, if it goes into production. It's not the typical "modern" approach of having a knob-ladden panel connected to a small piece of electronics with specialized chips. On the contrary, it's stuffed with opamps and OTAs to the brim, and each of the endless filter functions is realized in such discrete hardware. An absolutely amazing design, from one of the most dedicated synth designers on this planet.


Rumors on the price? $25,000 euros. Only one is currently in existence.

Update 5/7:

MESSE11: Mother Of God - Its The Schmidt Polysynth

via Sonic State

Some highlights:
157 knobs - all parameters on the front panel.
Panel folds down.
LED color knob and colors can be saved per patch.
Four VCO at 8 voice polyphony for 32 analog oscillators.
Seven filters.
Many modulations per OSC, filter, etc.
New innovative functions - unique oscillator with four points modulation on OSC1, metallic oscillator that makes digital sounds, but is fully analog.
Schmidt made the MAM MB-33 - again, see this link for some history.
Schmidt started eight years ago on this synth. He spent six full years focused on it.

Update 4/8: some audio at the end. via D in the comments.

Musikmesse 2011 EMC Schmidt Synthesizer

YouTube Uploaded by MusicStoreTV on Apr 7, 2011

"MSTV auf der Musikmesse Frankfurt 2011 auf dem Stand bei EMC!

Schmidt Synthesizer

Prototyp des 8 stimmigen Analog-Monster Schmidt."

Update 4/8 5:19 PST:

Schmidt Synthesizer (Musikmesse 2011)

Uploaded by Moogulator on Apr 8, 2011
Video pan of the interface.
"8 Voice Schmidt Analog Synthesizer @ Musikmesse by synth database / blog"

Update 4/13: via D in the comments:

Schmidt Eightvoice Polyphonic Synthesizer video demo [Musikmesse 2011]

YouTube Uploaded by audiofanzinetv on Apr 13, 2011

Monday, May 12, 2008

History of Braintec / Touched By Sound / MAM

click cykong posted the following history of Braintec, Touched By Sound and MAM taken from the AH archives. As it originally came from the archives I decided to post it in full here as well. Be sure to check out ckong for more images and more synth content in general.

The following was posted on AH in October 2000 by Michael from Touched by Sound:

"I don't really like talking too much about the 'old' days, but also I think some things should be pointed out right, what is said about MAM and TBS.

In 1993 TBS met Stefan Schmidt. I had the idea of making a rackmount TB-303 clone and a nice rack vocoder. My partner (who had the money) founded a company called Braintec that year.

Braintec developed and manufactured the Transistorbass-3, which was a very good clone plus a lot more features. TBS distributed this product, and approx. 400 pieces were made.

I split up with my partner and so did Stefan.

20 miles from here there was a small company called MAM (Music And More) which was making little rack mixers and amps and gadgets like that. Not very well known, but cheap stuff and useful. We put Stefan together with them and they started designing a lot of products with some of our ideas and co-designs. First of all: they made a cheap version of the Transistorbass3, which was of course the MAM MB33 bass synthesizer. Then the VF11 vocoder and so on.

That year I said I would like to do distribution worldwide for the product.

Because of TBS being a retailer and shops probably would not buy from an opponent - we finally decided to call it Music And More distribution, first as a subdivision of TBS, a year later, as independent limited company. We sold more than 5000 MB33 and more than 2000 VF11 worldwide. Not bad, for a small company!

Last year my partner and one of the owners of MAM (manufacturer) didn't get on anymore so they just stopped supplying us. They had big problems with financing the production and lack of quality. Stefan was tied up for 1 year developing the SQ16 sequencer and the market was longing for new products from MAM.

We found a small company near us manufacturing tube-preamps and similar stuff. They were also analog freaks and had an much better quality production. I started designing many products with them and we badged them as MAM. At that time we mad the first run of DRM1's. I think 100 pieces came onto the market as MAM, before we split up.

We redesigned and improved the DRM1 a little and now we make it as TBS. We are currently working on the Mephisto and a Midi-Theremin. I hope I didn=B4t bore you with this excursion. Please feel free to contact me anytime should you require more information.

Best Regards

the PC of

Friday, February 22, 2008

Braintec Transistorbass 3 Analog Synthesizer

images via this auction
"This machine emulates everyone's favorite silver box admirably, but it also has many other facilities to way beyond into new sonic territories. It adds a second sawtooth oscillator that can be synced to VCO 1 and modulated by the envelope or LFO. That's right, I said LFO because this unit has two of them that are hidden but accessed easily via program change. Just when you think you have the ultimate funky bassline, you can modulate the filter by a midi syced LFO to take it to the next level. Also featured are a filter input and CV/Gate out to control your older, MIDI-less equipment. All in all, a unique sounding machine that will be at home in any acid studio setup. Supposedly, there were only 400 units made so it might be considered to be quite collectible if you care about those things."

Patch n Tweak
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