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Sunday, May 07, 2023

The TITAN Synth Built From A Magazine Subscription In 1973 - Wireless World

video upload by

"The WIRELESS WORLD Electronic Sound Synthesizer Built By John if you'd like to see more videos on this project/livestreams and more
support here :-"

You might recognize the TITAN from this previous post: VINTAGE ANALOGUE SYNTHESIZER....Wireless World 1973

Sunday, April 09, 2023

Williams Synthesiser?

video upload by matrixsynth via Andrew

Update: video above added along with new pics below, via Andrew.

"Explored the internals and it doesn't appear to be a Maplin kit, but looks like a DIY/Handmade."

Andrew went on to mention "It looks like a Dewtron DIY system. The controls are similar to that of the Apollo." [see this post]

This one is in via Andrew.

Note the WilliamSynthsizer on the top right, the 7 x 10 patchpay on the lower right, the massive 12 x 19 patchbay on the left, and the keyboard controller. I thought it might be a Maplin. If so, some massive custom work went into it. It could also be ralated to this synth from 1973's Wireless World magazine. There was also a custom white 5600s which has a larger patchbay compared to the standard square found on most Maplins. Note the one on this Williams Synthesiser is much larger. I could not find a matching keyboard controller.

Andrew plans to open it up and take a look at the inside. He also plans to take more pics. I'll put up a new post when they come in. Until then, if you know what this is, or have any guesses, let us know!

Friday, July 27, 2018

Dewtron Mister Bassman Synth Bass Pedalboard

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via this auction

"The Dewtrons were only available for a short time in the UK and came either as a DIY kit or you could order them pre-assembled. Famous users of these Bass Pedals are Chris Squire and Mike Rutherford from GENESIS. There are the pedals that creates the thunder in Cinema Show.

Extremely rare bit of kit to have in your collection."

Sunday, May 27, 2018

How to tame a Ring Modulator: the Moog MF-102

Published on Oct 26, 2015 murderousmaths

"Meet the strangest effect in music - the Ring Modulator! What exactly does it do, and what can you do with it? Space sounds, ghostly bells, dalek voices and musical chaos! Featuring the Moog MF-102, the ARP Odyssey, the Korg MS 20 and the old Dewtron RM2 modules"

Check out more tutorial videos by murderousmaths here.

Friday, December 27, 2013

Video Introduction of the New MacBeth Elements 1

Published on Dec 27, 2013 macbethsynthesizers·100 videos

"During a break from the Nexus synth that is coming......I played with ideas of doing a Brit Look/Japanese sounding synth. Here it is- Element One- the first of 5 Elements! All 3U, 84 HP!
Not shown on this vid- MC1469 Ring Modulator......or the VCO2 Crossmod.........or other stuff! Another video to follow!"

Follow-up to this recent post. Also see Ken MacBeth Elements....? from Dec 16.

Update: you can find some pics and details on the Dewtron synth Ken mentions in this post.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Early 1970's Dewtron Mister Bassman Bass Pedal Synth

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via this auction

Pics of the inside below.

"1970's Dewtron Mister Bassman synth pedal in excellent working condition. Made famous by Yes, Pink Floyd, & Genesis in the early 70's these bass synth pedals seldom come up for auction. This one is relatively clean for it's age & seems to function close to properly. It has a big lush synth bass sound, very deep & round. The pedals play up and down the chromatic scale in both octave settings. Yellow pedals three & four from the left play the same note, not sure if that's the design of something that needs to be fixed. The sustain causes some interesting things to happen with pitch. With the sustain button engaged the pitch's rise up- a cool effect, but not what I believe the unit supposed to do. You'll notice that the batteries have been replaced with a couple of power adaptors & a newer power cable. The Sustain & Octave buttons are long gone but still engage properly. Other than that everything appears stock. I'm told this one may have belonged to Mike Rutherford but unfortunately have no way of confirming this. Really wonderful synth bass pedal, lots of fun for creating & arranging!.."

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Dewtron Mister Bassman : Rare 1970's Bass Synth

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via this auction

"This auction is for a Dewtron Mister Bassman as used by Mike Rutherford in Genesis. I've had this beast for donkeys years and used to use it in solo shows. I've tested it today by changing the 2 x 9volt batteries and all but one of the notes is working. The note not working is the low C sharp. I am not very techy so I haven't fiddled or unscrewed it so there is good chance it can be got going as I suspect it is just the spring mechanism that has ceased and not the synth pot that has broken. Testing this on a bass amp I was reminded of the crazy sounds this beast can make. The octave button really takes the sound down and the tuner function can be used to create great effects by using the sustain function..." Pic of the inside below.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

DEWTRON Apollo vintage analog modular synth

via this auction

"Maybe it's an Apollo, I'm not sure by the descriptions. It was a DIY project from some ready-made modules of Dewtron at the ver early 70's. It was commonly known as an affordable alternative of the EMS synths as: VCS-3, AKS, and Synthi-A. This one was bought from the first owner, the one who built it in his youth. I'm sorry but I can't even start the process of renewing the instrument due to my duties and the lack of time. The machine needs reparation and I can't tell you much more. There's a huge stack of tech-description of each circuits as oscillators, noise generator, ring modulator, LFO, and specs and many original Dewtron product description booklets come with the machine. At least 100 pages. I can't test it, so take it as is. Wonderful mirror-cap potis and vernier dial knobs like on the EMS synths. Later I can offer you a very nice pin-matrix module."


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