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Wednesday, October 19, 2022

M8 - DW01 Synthdrums Pack

video upload by Dirtywave

"DW01 Synthdrums instrument preset pack for the Dirtywave M8 Tracker. Featuring over 30 drums created exclusively using the built-in synthesis engines. The pack also includes 2 demo song files including the one featured here. You can purchase the pack at as a digital download and transfer to your SD card into the Instruments/Packs folder. Requires M8 hardware or headless firmware 2.7.8 for proper playback which you can find here:"

Saturday, October 01, 2022

Dirtywave M8 Portable Tracker Sequencer / Synthesizer w/ Original Box & Case

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via SYNTH CITY Reverb

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"In amazing condition, could pass for new! Includes original carrying case and accessories.

M8 is a portable tracker sequencer and synthesizer M8 is powered by the Teensy micro-controller and inspired with love from the renowned Gameboy tracker Little Sound DJ.

Featuring 8 tracks of freely assignable instruments capable of a wide range of sounds including waveform synthesis, FM, virtual analog, sample playback, and MIDI output."

Monday, September 26, 2022


video upload by Bastl Instruments

"Another Patch tip for your audio effecting needs is called AUTOWAH. Thank to build in envelope follower you can automate different functions on your SPII with the incoming audio."

Thursday, September 08, 2022

Video game mood music with Dirtywave M8 Tracker

video upload by Jay Hosking

"A full performance on the Dirtywave M8 Tracker, using its synths, sampler, sequencer, and effects.

At the end of August, I went on a trip, my first proper holiday in about ten years. I brought two small pieces of gear with me but used only one: the M8. I had expected to find the M8 too static or non-performative to be enjoyable, but I was drawn in by its fantastic sounding synthesizer designs, sampler with lots of editing and control, lush effects (reverb, delay, chorus), and workflow that led to new ideas. The M8 fits well in the hands, feels good to use, and has a great battery life. It's the perfect portable idea machine for me at the moment, easy enough to stash on any outing, and powerful enough that its sounds are inspiring.

This video isn't a 'jam' by any means, simply me pressing play and letting the M8 go. This is the M8's biggest drawback, in my opinion: it isn't conducive for live, dynamic performance. But that said, I imagine that I'll be using the M8 to create stems—it has a stem export feature—and then loading the stems into something more performative, like the Octatrack. It's a great little idea machine and gives me fodder for jams later.

If you're looking for a portable device for coming up with musical ideas, the M8 might be a good choice.

Thanks for listening.

The recording has EQ, compression, and limiting on the master."

Saturday, August 27, 2022

Omx-27 now has a Grids mode

video upload by Avrilcadabra

"The little OMX-27 midi keyboard now has a port of Mutable instrument Grids.

The OMX-27 is a diy mechanical midi keyboard (sometimes you can request to have one prebuilt)

It's a chip shortage, so might be in stock, might not"

Additional Dirtywave Omx-27 demos.

Monday, August 22, 2022

M8 Tutorial, Amen Break, Arp, Venetian 7/8, Triplets, Timestretch, Sidechain

video upload by Digiphex Electronics

00:00 - 04:29 Intro
04:30 - 04:45 Headless M8
04:46 - 05:11 Navigation
05:12 - 06:53 Make Kaini Ind
06:54 - 07:21 Diagram
07:22: - 08:25 Make Kaini Ind
08:26 - 09:42 Kaini Patch
09:43 - 10:27 FX and Mixer
10:28 - 11:56 Kaini Patch
11:57 - 13:07 Cut Copy Paste Nudge
13:08 - 13:56 Kaini Note Entry
13:57 - 14:59 Portamento
15:00 - 16:49 Song Structure
16:50 - 17:08 Sampler
17:09 - 17:47 AFX Bocephalus
17:48 - 19:23 Timestretch
19:24 - 19:47 Tapestop Start
19:48 - 22:32 Amen Chopping
22:33 - 26:25 Bongos
26:26 - 26:58 Chance Ratchet
26:59 - 27:40 Venetian 7/8 Time
27:41 - 31:09 Groove Triplets
31:10 - 32:13 Arpeggio
32:14 - 33:15 Scale
33:16 - 34:37 Sidechain
34:38 - 35:24 Outro

Saturday, August 20, 2022

Shimmer-like reverb on a Yamaha QY70 (following @Avrilcadabra 's recipe), plus update on LMN-3

video upload by Floyd Steinberg

"A few days ago, @Avrilcadabra posted a rather ingenious video showing how to "fake" a shimmer reverb on the Dirtywave M8. You should watch it, it's short and to-the-point and it really deserves more views: [below]
In this video, I'm testing if the same ideas work on a Yamaha QY70 as well.
No table of contents today, but there's a demo at 4:36, and a short update on the LMN3 video at 6:00"

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How to make lush Shimmer reverb on M8

video upload by Avrilcadabra

"If there's a will there's a way.

#m8tracker #dirtywave

Sorry this video is fast, I tried to make it slow, but not slow enough, I zoom around the M8 so quick from using it so much. , so I'll explain here.

If you have the current firmware you can quickly render any bit of a song.
Hold shift and option to select what you want to render then press Edit 3 times, select OK to render, M8 will auto load a sampler instrument and add the render (how neat)

My pattern was 4 phrases long, so I make a new chain on the song screen, add new phrase, in that phrase add a c-4 note, it will be the new rendered sample.

then I add three empty FE phrases to the chain, to pad it out, so the sample plays uninterrupted for 4 phrases long.

Next we apply the time stretch method to our instrument, set LENGTH to 00, PLAY to FWD LOOP, set LFO to LOOPST, set OSC to Ramp UP, TRG to RETRIG,and finally FRQ to whatever length your sample is, mine was 4 phrases so I select 40 (help text says this is 4 phrases), if your pattern you rendered was 1 phrase long, then set FRQ to 10 for example,

Tweak LENGTH till it sounds less crap, between 2-4 usually.

Now adjust your C-4 to be C-5, shimmers are pitch shifted reverb an octave higher than the original sound. Because we have applied the time stretch technique our render will still be in time an octave higher. (if you want to make submarine reverb set it to C-3, or add another chain on song screen and have submarine and shimmer together!?) Now turn the DRY to 00 on the render, turn the reverb to A0, now we will only hear the octave up reverb tail, now to delay the reverb tail we use the FX command DEL02, to delay the render by 2 ticks. Now it will sound pretty good.

The final step is to add reverb on your original pattern, it will then blend into the octave up render reverb to create a full sounding Shimmer. I own a strymon reverb pedal, so I've made this to sound as close to that as I can."

Tuesday, July 26, 2022

A more spooky Super Mario 64 w/ dirtywave m8 (chiptune?)

video upload by Chris Hunt

"Playing in a grid is tough for me, but I'm having a blast learning the Dirtywave M8 workflow. It's really, really fun once the muscle memory starts kicking in. All music (synths) and FX (reverb) are from the M8 and recorded via USB. The 'strings' are FM, the drums Macrosythn, and the melodies a nice chiptune-y square wave.

00:00 FYI Mario - the house is haunted
00:12 killer piano
00:20 killer chairs
00:46 killer ghosts
01:20 killer eyeball
01:40 killer books
02:00 Here We Go!"

Saturday, July 23, 2022

M8 on the treadmill (5 minutes w/ Dirtywave Tracker)

video upload by Chris Hunt

"You are walking... on a treadmill... and all you want to do is get off the thing...
FIVE... more... minutes.

00:00 Select your speed
00:21 The first step
00:46 NINE
01:23 Re-tie your shoes
01:53 Second set, here we go
02:09 Walker's high
02:20 NINE
02:46 Sweat in your eyeballs
03:25 Ok, just a few more steps folks
03:54 NINE
04:08 Bonus minute, it's pizza night
04:48 Thank god, shower time

All tracks are different lengths. Some are in 6/8 and some 4/4. Everything just keeps looping in an unpredictable way (to me). You call it a polyrhythm, I call it a never-ending walk on the treadmill."

Wednesday, July 13, 2022

Turn your Dirtywave M8 into a broken Walkman

video upload by Avrilcadabra

"Free tape effect instruments for the Dirty wave M8"

Saturday, July 09, 2022

M8 Tracker Discord Meetup & version 2.7

video upload by Dirtywave

Timestamps: (Credit: Simon Wollwage)
0:00:00 Start
0:00:30 Quick Preorder update
0:02:17 New 2.7 firmware
0:02:49 Timestamp and tick amount in song view
0:04:30 Selection Render
0:08:34 Song snapshot & reload
0:11:50 New FM synth operator shapes (CLK, NLP, NBP, NHP)
0:19:25 New helptexts
0:20:55 New midi mappable parameters
0:22:10 Internal Midi Instruments
0:37:10 Ideas for 3.0 firmware
0:40:30 Ideas for next hardware iteration
0:49:50 Song #1 - Bass Control (@Coops)
0:53:25 Song #2 - First Step (@Eridon)
0:58:50 Song #3 - Diamond Eyes (@Graz)
1:04:00 Song #4 - El Soul (@Old School Buzzer)
1:07:40 Song #5 - Jemmons (@Ab Ea Parte)
1:12:40 Song #6 - Rainy Temple (@Maru303)
1:14:40 Song #7 - Slow Burn (@Mikey303)
1:19:45 Song #8 - Evermore (@ModalModule)
1:25:45 Song #9 - Highway 5 (@Disposable Planet)
1:32:00 Song #10 - Go! (@The_Ejm3)
1:36:10 Song #11 - Quar (@Wangus)
1:41:30 Song #12 - Dog Gone Blumx (@Ineffable Twaddle)
1:45:15 Song #13 - Plstkftprsms - Plastic Foot Prisms (@Glooms)
1:47:45 Song #14 - Layrz (@Drifrs)
1:50:30 Outro

Monday, June 27, 2022

Omx-27 Midi Controller gets M8 Mode

video upload by Avrilcadabra

"The Omx-27 now has a dedicated M8 mode for the Dirtywave M8.

The OMX-27 is a cool open source midi controller that pairs really well with the M8 and now even more so.

Make sure your M8 has firmware 2.7.1 or higher.

I have not tested with headless version of M8, but everything but the oscilloscope mode should work (it is a hardware m8 only feature)"

Sunday, June 12, 2022


video upload by thenoiztemple

venue: Emmit's Place
Noiz circuit:
DirtyWave M8
Hologram Electronics microCOSM
1010Music BlueBox - Master MIDI clock for the entire circuit
FaderFox PC12 - controlling all the levels and FX of the BlueBox, M8 and Polyend TRACKER
for more noiz:

Monday, June 06, 2022

Dirtywave M8 new Snapshots and Midi mutes 2.7.0 beta 3

video upload by Avrilcadabra

"Lets check out some of the big features in coming in M8 2.7 firmware.

I've been testing beta for a bit and it's stable enough to show now.

2.7.0 will bring a lot of improvement and fixes but the three big things are Snapshot mode, load and save snapshots of the song state instantly from the mixer screen.

Because the M8 disk streams and Trash80 wizardry it can pretty much instantly save the song to to a temp file and recall it without interrupting playback.

This is similar to a feature on Elektron devices in which they snapshot the pattern into Ram.

The other big feature is the often requested ability to Mute and Solo tracks by sending a midi note. In the case of the omx-27 keyboard Mutes start at C-0

Also a new FM oscillator shape, the M8 FM synth doesn't just do Sines, and not it has a CLICK to help with making FM percussion.

Find my content entertaining or helpful? you can make my day by buying one of my songs at"

Monday, May 23, 2022

Making a First Full Song on the Dirtywave M8

video upload by Gabe Miller Music

"I show the making of a synthwave song on the Dirtywave M8, with an emphasis on sound design and tips for making a full track.

00:00 Intro
01:13 Synth arpeggio
02:32 Bass
04:43 Kick and snare
05:05 Hi-hat and clap
05:38 Lead
07:19 Chords
08:27 Tips for building full songs
12:56 Outro

Get my $5 sample pack:
Get my $3.50 MicroFreak patch pack:"

Friday, May 13, 2022

Superbooth 22: Dirtywave - M8 Portable Tracker

video upload by sonicstate

"Tim from Dirtywave introduced the M8 Tracker telling us it was influenced by a Gameboy tracker called Little Sound DJ, and the pocket-sized beauty definitely appeals to the playful.

The M8 has 8 tracks, audio input and output, midi in and out, FM synthesis, stereo sampling that streams directly from SD card, a super sharp touch-screen, and built in effects. Surely that can't all fit into one pocket?

Dirtywave M8 Tracker available to preorder now. Shipping in July.

Price: 550 USD"

Sunday, May 08, 2022

M8 Tracker Version 2.6

video upload by Dirtywave

Timestamps: (Credit: Simon Wollwage)
0:00:00 Start
0:00:24 New Macrosynth models (Fluted, Digital Mod, Morse Noise)
0:03:39 New way of selecting samples ranges
0:06:09 Delay single shot mode (pre-delay trick)
0:08:19 Pre-order updates
0:09:19 Superbooth
0:09:54 Weekly Beats songs and tricks
0:10:44 Song #1 - Given Tides (@Trash80)
0:13:19 Song #1 - Walkthrough
0:16:14 Song #2 - Given Tides (@Trash80)
0:18:54 Song #2 - Walkthrough
0:20:59 Song #3 - Displaced (@Trash80)
0:24:04 Song #3 - Walkthrough
0:26:24 Song #4 - ??? (@Trash80)
0:26:44 Song #5 - ??? (@Trash80)
0:27:34 Song #6 - Back Home (@Trash80 & @Azuria Sky)
0:31:14 Song #7 - Galaxy (@AvrilCadabra)
0:32:39 Song #8 - Dystopiatown (@DisposablePlanet)
0:37:16 Song #9 - P_S Final!!! (@Kabar)
0:40:49 Song #10 - MUXSLZ (@KrangBae)
0:43:57 Song #11 - C WillDie (@LaserDogRob)
0:51:54 Song #12 - Pleiades (@Mikey303)
0:57:26 Song #13 - Horde (@TheBrackett)
1:02:36 Song #14 - Every Night (@Graz)

Sunday, April 24, 2022

Dirtywave M8 Portable Tracker Sequencer / Synthesizer

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via this auction

• M8
• Micro-SD card
• Micro-SD adapter
• Original box and packing
• 2 x Stickers
• Charging cable
• MIDI DIN to 3.5mm adapter
• Instruction card
• Cloth bag
• Soft case

Monday, March 21, 2022

Out of Order ( M8 & C64 & OMX-27 )

video upload by Avrilcadabra

"Some sounds from the past with help from the future.

This track, I wanted to make my own breakbeat from scratch and resample it, stretch it etc to make it sound old and brutal. I also sampled some pinball sounds, slowed down pinball flippers etc, lot of sample manipulation going on with the M8. The weird arps and stuff are mostly from the M8, couple from the c64. I sampled the c64 into the m8.

Hope you enjoy the artistic flair of the video for some old school aesthetic.

Gear used.
Dirtywave M8
Commodore 64c with a 6581r4ar sid chip.
Kerberos midi cart
Cynthcart c64 software.
Sony 9045qm PVM

Find my content entertaining or helpful? you can make my day by buying one of my songs at"

Sunday, March 06, 2022

Sound design tutorial on a DIY Dirtywave M8 FM synthesizer

video upload by Floyd Steinberg

"Here's me creating and explaining some patches on the FM synthesizer built into the Dirtywave M8 tracker. This is my DIY setup using a Raspberry PI 3B and a Teensy 4.1.

00:00 hello
00:25 Raspberry PI setup
01:22 FM synthesis basics (recap, see [this post] for details)
02:50 detuned saw wave filter sweep patch
04:58 80s FM piano patch
07:35 choir pad
10:01 short demo
11:05 opinion, ideas
11:57 conclusion"

Patch n Tweak
Switched On Make Synthesizer Evolution Vintage Synthesizers Creating Sound Fundlementals of Synthesizer Programming Kraftwerk

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