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Monday, October 30, 2023

7/9/23 ElectroComp EML 200 (x2) + STG MooSonics + + Synthetic Sound Labs + LWSS CGS

video upload by Cfpp0

"Not sure why this video is framed like this. Most of what I am doing is happening out of frame, up at the top left, on the STG MooSonics Vanilla filter, mixer, and vca envelope modules. And probably quite a few clues to remembering this patch lie out of frame to the right of the EML 200s. This was shot before the SSL 1660, so my guess is that the LWSS CGS01 sub oscillator module is producing the little sequence—fed envelopes from the EML or LFO from"

Friday, August 11, 2023

8/9/23 SSL 1660 (D c8 to B12/B14) & 1310 + .com Q123 (440Hz) & Q124 + LWSS CGS35 + Moo Vanilla Env

video upload by Cfpp0

"Altering the D slider on The Matrix to get different variations: starting at c8 then B12/B14\B12 …
The Matrix to Vanilla Envelope VCA to Low pass in on CGS35. The soft drone towards the end is when Q123 Standards drops a 440Hz A note into the CGS35 band pass in. Flipping the switch to negative on Standards accentuates the tone and the Matrix CV out wavers it all."

Monday, July 31, 2023

7/31/23 Metasonix RK8 Filterwall + SSL 1660 + MooSonics Vanilla VCA/Envelope + PCM 70 (gated plate)

video upload by Cfpp0

"A maiden voyage into the latest glory hole from Metasonix."

via Metasonix

"The RK8 contains six bandpass filters, which use vacuum tubes. They are simple 'twin T' designs. Each filter is about one octave lower in range than the one to the left—treble on the left, bass on the right.

Each filter may be manually swept with its own separate tuning knob, over approximately one and one-half octaves. Or ALL the filters may be swept together, using either the 'MANUAL TUNE' knob, or the CV input, which overrides the knob when a patch cable is inserted. Although it is capable of some conventional swept-filter effects, the RK8 is more useful as a complex equalization system or for unique special effects.

Resonance is separately adjustable for each filter. Usually the treble filters will resonate strongly and oscillate under some settings. The bass filters might not. It’s a strange monster.

Inputs and outputs are compatible with all Eurorack and other modular synthesizer equipment. The output peak voltage is limited to the supply rails and can’t damage other modules.

Don’t assume you know what you are getting here—the RK8 is unlike anything else ever marketed. Also don’t expect it to track VCOs. Its voltage-to-frequency curve is 'more or less' hertz-per-volt but can’t really be guaranteed. The six vactrols in each RK8 were hand-matched, but can’t be expected to remain matched, or to track together perfectly.

Again, everything about the RK8 is abnormal. It is not perfectly 'clean' and perfectly 'distortionless', and it cannot be made so. Because it uses vacuum tubes.

It is something you have NEVER seen before. It can NOT be compared to any other product, ever made, PERIOD. Do not walk into this with 'preconceptions'.

Specs: 32HP width Eurorack module, with circuits protruding about 1.5″ or 38mm behind panel. The RK8 uses six 5702 subminiature pentodes, all Raytheon US military surplus from the 1980s. Power supply required is about 600 mA after warmup and 1.4 amps when started cold from +12v, and 10 mA from -12v. Low-cost power supplies are NOT recommended. A spare tube is included, although soldering equipment is needed to replace any of the tubes. They are run very conservatively and will last many, many years."

Metasonix RK8 Filterwall Demonstration 1 SD 480p

video upload by Endmusik Records

"Metasonix RK8 Filterwall prototype demo - video 1.

Modules used: Hexinverter Mutant BD9, Mutant Snare, WMD Crater and Kraken, Moog DFAM, and some live percussion samples from the 1010 music Bitbox.

This is an un-edited 13 minute session of experimentation with direct audio recording to showcase the tonality of the prototype as it processes these sounds. When audio stops and comes back in that is me bringing up a separate mixer channel of the raw audio unfiltered as a comparison, which is then muted out and the RK8 direct channel is brought back in."

Metasonix RK8

video upload by The Mephitif

"Some examples of the Metasonix RK8 Filterwall. First clip is of the Industrial Music Electronics Hertz Donut MK3 running through the Filterwall. Second clip is the Filterwall acting as a sine bank. Third clip is some bad drumbeat being processed through the Filterwall."

Monday, July 24, 2023

MooSonics Vanilla Synthesizer First Encounter - Cory Flanigan vs Juggable Offense

video upload by suitandtieguy

"My good friend Cory Flanigan, a drummer who plays drums and electronics simultaneously, came over a few days after I finished the first properly and fully functional MooSonics Vanilla Synthesizer, a new basic American format modular synthesiser based on and restricted to the functions and timbre of 1970s Oberheim instruments, specifically the Two Voice, which Tom said was his favourite of everything he made. There is also an LFO module derived from the MS-20 and a control bus module that allows you to address all pitch and gate modules in the system from only one place, instead of having a dumb mess of cables and multiples. The Moog modular synthesisers worked this way, and I think it's the way things should be.

I got it set up and put it through a couple of IK Multimedia pedals, the X-Time and X-Space, because I can't stand listening to naked instruments. It was also nice to spend more time with the pedals, some of the tweaks are Cory and some are me poking around them.

Controlling the synth is a 2 octave MIDI controller with an internal arpeggiator driving a Roland SBX-1 as a MIDI-to-CV converter.

He played with it for a half hour and I decided to hit the record button, he finished at literally 4:20 AM, about an hour and a half later.

I wanted to post the audio because I thought listening to someone who was not a "modular synthesist" but did actually know synthesisers (Cory spent years making sounds with the Korg Wavestation and Radias, Currently has TWO Wavestates) would do with a thing upon first meeting it.

I didn't edit this except for fades at the beginning and end. I just wanted to present it as something you could listen to, in whole or part, as a reference for what my new instrument sounds like.

Bubba Ayoub AKA Juggable Offense made 90 minutes of video art while listening to it so I could merge them and put it on U-Toob. It beats paying Soundcloud nine bucks a month but you will have to skip through some text-to-speech ads for total snake oil products (YouTube is fine with misinformation if you pay them enough money, it seems.)

It would be cool to do this with more people, putting a new instrument in front of them and seeing what they do with it as a first encounter with new technology.

I know what this thing is supposed to do and what it should sound like from my own perspective, but I'm more interested in hearing what other people do with it.

Also leave a comment if you would be interested in a livestream where I just play with this thing and have the oscilloscope handy to answer questions or make certain kinds of patches."

See the MooSonics label below for more.

Monday, July 17, 2023

7/7/23 Electrocomp EML 200 + 5U system + camera problem

video upload by Cfpp0

"Two EML 200s, supported by some 5U modules: SSL 1600 and 1310; MooSonics Vanilla Mixer, Filter, and Envelope; LWSS CGS01 and CGS35. Recreate this patch at Christmas."

Friday, March 17, 2023

New STG Soundlabs modules for St Patrick's Day!

via STG Soundlabs

The first is the new thing: the MooSonics Vanilla Envelope. It is a 1MU envelope generator and VCA based on a certain 1970s cream-coloured synthesiser. I have also settled on the knobs I'm going to use for this product line, kind of an MXR style. I think this looks better for these modules than the aluminum inlay knobs I use for the aluminum panel modules.

Saturday, September 17, 2022

Knobcon 22: STG Soundlabs muSonics and MooSonics and 902 VCA

video upload by sonicstate

"STG Soundlabs make 5U modular amongst other things, they are also behind the Knobcon event itself.
We spoke to Moot Booxle about the the muSonics modules - starting with a VCA based on the Moog 902, and also the MooSonics - which is a budget more DIY range with PCB panels available as DIY kits first, then prebuilt later."

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