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Sunday, January 30, 2011

genoQs Machines GmbH Shuts it's Doors

via the genoQs news letter:

"Dear all,

With the recent publication of the closing of genoQs Machines GmbH by regular legal procedure, we are issuing a long overdue message to give you a realistic outlook for the future. We also want to contain the spread of inaccurate information about the circumstances, and share our view of things.

Please refer to the link below.

Thank you,


Wednesday, July 01, 2009

genoQs Machines Info - Sequencing Summer!

via the genoQs mailing list:

"Dear all,

we hope you all enjoy the summer!
Once again, we'd like to share with you some good news, interesting things and lots of ice cream on top!

1. Octopus - The Shell launching
2. Octopus - Lion Head launching
3. Nemo - Black Sea launching
4. Operating System v1.62


1. Octopus - The Shell
Announced at Musikmesse 2009 for July 1st, 2009, The Shell is ready for order on our web site or from your genoQs dealer.
The Shell combines industrial-strength materials, no-compromise engineering and the world's most sought after sequencer
in a road case, which by the way will also turn your studio into something similar to a time machine. You probably know what we mean.
Check out the picturebook and convince yourself:

2. Octopus - Lion Head
One day we asked our woodmaker to build a sequel for our successful and limited Octopus Legacy line. And wow - he did..
We were stunned by the looks of the massive pear wood mounting black anodized panels - Lion Head was born!
The classic Octopus form factor, with a fresh and natural color twist - available now!
See the new compiled picture book featuring the full Octopus line, to be found here:

3. Nemo Black Sea - Limited Edition (25)
Exactly one year ago we unleashed Nemo! To celebrate this success we thought there is no better time than now to announce the
limited edition Nemo Black Sea: Black casing, black painted panels, white painted lettering and blue/yellow/purple LEDs.
Available for order now, Nemo Black Sea is limited to 25 machines world wide! Secure yours on our order page now.
Once you've done that, you may check out the picturebook as well (spoil danger!)

4. Operating System v1.62 for Octopus and Nemo
New life is new soul - so we built some fresh bytes to go with the new hardware!
The operating system v1.62 injects new features and soul into the machines and comes pre-installed on all machines of the new series.
Of course, all operating machines out there will benefit as well - the OS update will be made available shortly in our service area.
To get the full picture of what is new and important in the new OS follow the link below:

Always yours,
Gabriel and Marcel"

Friday, September 15, 2017

New Community Edition v5.00 OS Update for the genoQs Octopus and Nemo Sequencers

Good news for genoQs owners. BTW, if you are not familiar with genoQs sequencers, see the genoQs label at the bottom of this post for more.

via the CE OS Team:

"Dear Cephalopods,

We are very pleased to announce the 2017 Community Edition OS v5.00 for both Octopus and Nemo sequencers!

This release offers bug fixes, stabilisation, performance tuning and essential features that never quite made it to production.

Throughout the process of improvement all components have been rigorously tested by our dedicated CE OS team.

Although, bug fixes, stability and QC are the core mandate of the CE OS project we are happy to announce a number of exciting new features:

Octopus CE OS v5.00
- Step chord enhancement that supports stacked octaves
- Cluster Page Hold
- Improved Record/Re-take
- Step Zoom & Step Polyphony available from Edit Performance modes

Nemo CE OS v5.00
- Step chord enhancement that supports stacked octaves
- Cluster Page Hold
- Improved Record/Re-take
- Step Zoom available from all Page modes
- Doubles the amount of Pages
- Doubles the amount of Tracks per Page
- Doubles the amount of Concurrent Pages
- Multiplies by 4 the amount of Concurrent Tracks
- Multiplies by 4 the amount of Steps (upped from 4,096 to a dizzying 16,384)
- Chase Light Follow for Track Chains
- Reset to First Page on Page Cluster Follow
- New Grid Modes

The contributors to this project share the dream inherited from GenoQs of the ultimate sequencer and we have not compromised in any way whatsoever in making sure that this release is in keeping with that dream.

We hope you upgrade and delight in ever-more happy days, sequencing with these astonishing instruments.
Please feel free to ping us any feedback or comments on genoQs_users forum!


CE OS Team

Download Octopus / Nemo OS and Documentation

The Software is provided 'as is,' with all faults, defects and errors, and without warranty of any kind."

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

genoQs Machines Turns 5

Happy Birthday genoQs!
via the genoQs newsletter:
"Dear all, almost 5 weeks ago we started the genoQs 5 years celebration 'season', most notably featuring a significant price discount on our product line*.

The response has been tremendous! We thank you for that and are more proud than ever of our machines and our history.

Looking forward, we will drive the delivery of the backlog, while at the same time continue with perseverence our work towards the next level.
Wishing you happy sequencing and a beautiful summer!
*PS: The offer will expire on Wednesday, 9th of June 2010, 23:59h CET
There is still some time left to hurry up and take advantage of it.

Marcel Achim and Gabriel Seher"

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Basic Demonstration 9 Super Steps / Hyper Steps

YouTube via DayflightTrok genoQs Octopus

"Short demonstration about the new important function for Live jamming or studio works.
Have fun, it´s sequencing time!"

Update: an image and some info on the genoQs Octopus from Analogue Haven:
Update via lars in the comments. The Octopus is at OS v1.6. See their site linked above for more info. The following pertains to features in OS v1.0 which are still relevant and interesting to me at least. Also, according to lars it should be "hyper steps" not "super steps."
"GenoQs have now released their amazing OS v1.0, which adds many new features to the Octopus sequencer. All new Octopus sequencers ship with v1.0, and older units can be updated by following the update procedure on GenoQ's Downloads page.

In the following, we use the following mark convention:
(***) for new features,
(**) for evolved functionality, and
(*) for minor changes.

Tracks in a Page may be chained according to any configuration desired by the user.

Tracks now retain the MIDI program change information as a track specific value.

Directions 6-16 are freely editable by the user, including re-trigger and randomize options.

A step may be delayed at playtime by a random amount of time in multiples of 1/192 of a note.

Up to 90 tracks are mapped to Matrix buttons and act as virtual track selectors allowing for direct track operation.

Notes may be recorded directly on pre-selected positions in a page, irrespective of timeline and chase-light position.

Changes to a scale may be set to affect the pitch values of the tracks in the page. Whenever the scale is modified, the track pitches are aligned to the new scale, modifying the harmonic structure of a page in a musical way.

Apart from recording MIDI data, MIDI IN ports can be used to control various functions of the machine via MIDI IN signals. This includes selecting grid sets and toggling grid pages via program change messages, or even creating and modifying scales on the Octopus - all at runtime of course.

Provide an internal wiring of tracks to the Octopus MIDI in. In this way, Octopus tracks may be used to leverage the capabilities of MIDI IN control, right on the Octopus.

Each relevant attribute map now has a map factor, which indicates the amount to which that map is applied to the current output.

Memory content may now be exported as MIDI system exclusive streams, providing a means to store machine state data outside of the Octopus.

Now pitch bend data can be recorded and worked with, similarly to any other MIDI controller data.

The FLT mutator has evolved to new semantics. It is now applied to two or more tracks to create a "stacked" version of that track selection into a single track.

Tracks can now take on an additional state with regard to the Effector. In addition to being unaffected, a sender, or a receiver, tracks may now be receiving senders.

In addition to programming CC maps, you can now have them learn by listening to MIDI IN input. Saves time and comes in handy.

Externally played notes can be passed through the Octopus and forced to the scale of the current page.

Octopus now features additional track speed multipliers. These include: 1.5 (for direct creation of triplets), as well as the following: 1/1.5, 1/8, 8, 1/16 and 16.

In addition to sending program change messages Octopus now also sends bank change messages.

Sequencer Specifications:

Sequence grid: 144 pages - popularly known as 'patterns'
Tracks per page: up to 10, with up to 16 steps each
Track resolution: up to 1/192 of a note

Elements: 258 pushbuttons, 21 endless encoders
Front panel: 630 x 270 mm

Concurrent play: up to 9 pages or chains thereof
Editing capabilities: full during play, seamless saving
Track play: polyphonic, shuffle, groove, roll

700 x 450 x 140 mm, 8 Kg"

Thursday, October 09, 2008

genoQs Machines: Oktoberfest - Launching OS v1.60

via the genoQs newsletter:

"Dear all,
many months of hard work were needed to bring you the latest and greatest OS to your machines.. And now, here it is: we proudly present OS v1.60 for Octopus and Nemo!

The new OS is a significant leap forward and it includes numerous new features, and workflow improvements. Too many to list here really, but all minutiously captured in the latest release notes document. Our main page links to all that information and more:

Remarkable about OS v1.60 are the significant contributions provided by our users, which include those in a "source code" way! Without those, the machines simply would not be, what they are now. Or, as soon as you update yours..

Happy Oktober everyone!
Marcel and Gabriel

Sunday, February 04, 2007

genoQs Octopus - First Encounter

This one sent my way via genoQs. ; ) Title link takes you to more videos of the Octupus titled First Encounter. Thank you genoQs! I'm feeling pretty flattered at the moment. Matrixsynth by genoQs!

Monday, October 16, 2023

genoQs Octopus & Nemo Sequencers Get an Update

via genoQs Machines


"Six years after the last major OS release a new OS version for both Octopus and Nemo is here: the CE (Community Edition) OS v5.30 is now available!

It is yet another milestone moment and one in which we would like to pass all credit and our deepest gratitude to the group of CE OS creators and testers!

The new 5.30 release introduces a significant number of new features, additional workflow enhancements and a number of bug fixes:

Features and Workflow improvements (not comprehensive):
- On-The-Measure operations for Mute, Solo and Record
- New Page Cluster operations (Move, Copy / Paste & Clear)
- Track-Across-Cluster operations for Mute and Solo
- Enhanced Grid-Track Mode
- Dynamic Step Performance features
- Step Selection enhancement
- Effector enhancement
- Track Rotate of Step Skip condition
- Step Event Track Toggles
- Keyboard Transpose

Bug Fixes:
- Chord stacking using a keyboard can loose notes when inverting the root
- Effector Note Pool computations incorrect when using multiple Feeders
- Hypertrack Step VEL values inverting when offsets take their values below zero
- Using x1.5 Track Speed within a Track Chain causes timing errors
- Restarting a paused Track with a Speed multiple of >1 will Play the Track at x1 speed.
- Skipped Steps & Hypersteps not displaying properly in Step Zoom
- When sequencer is stopped, not possible to set track multiplier to 1/1.5.

The new OS is available at For support questions regarding the installation please refer to"

Sunday, October 20, 2019

GenoQs Octopus sequencer – special NC edition #1

Note: Auction links are affiliate links for which the site may be compensated.

via this auction

"GenoQs Octopus – Unique MIDI sequencer concept. This is a special showcase unit at serial number #NC001.

The GenoQs Co. was dissolved some years ago, thus the Octopus & Nemo aren't in production anymore. Nevertheless, the former owners appear to provide continued support, such as repairs & OS updates.
Royal version of the GenoQs sequencer line, absolutely unique production number for Octopus 'NC' model: #NC001
Endlessly deep capabilities, yet once you've read the manual it's very intuitive.
Metal front & back panels have a smooth matt cream white varnish. Piano lacquer-treated black wooden framework. 2x MIDI in/out. 2 USB ports for updates & lamp. Engraved serial. 110-220V switchable internal power supply.
Exceptional condition. Technically perfect. Pristine front panel.
Original box."

Saturday, June 17, 2006

genoQs Octopus OS v0.92 released

I love it when manufacturers incorporate what users ask for. Hats off to genoQs.

"Dear all,

we are proudly announcing our first maintenance release for the Octopus OS, now available for download from our web site.

The new OS release incorporates some fixes, some changes, and some additions, all according to numerous discussions we have had with users since the initial launch.

We strongly advise all users to switch to the new version of the OS, not least since it is the foundation on which we will base our further efforts.

Along with the MIDI System Exclusive file comes an update version of the Navigation Guide and Storyboard document. The Navigation Guide contains a "What's new" section on pages 41/42 for the convenience of those familiar with the earlier version of the document.

Also, please note that you will lose your memory content in the process of upgrading to the new version.

Please use the follow link to go directly to the file download area.

Also, there is now a thread in the forum, intended to host discussions and comments related to the current release. You may use the following link to reach it.

Thanks all for your input, trust and patience.

Marcel + Gabriel

genoQs Machines

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Thoughts on the genoQs Octopus

In the comments of this post, eric f wrote some notes on the genoQs Octopus. I asked him if I could put them up as a separate post and he gave me the ok. Here they are. Enjoy: "I *adore* the Octopus. The interface looks intimidating and, if you read the manual, it sounds intimidating, too. Quite the contrary... in practice learning to read the LEDs is very simple. You very quickly learn what mode you're in from the distinctive LED patterns in the grid without referring to the circle (see the manual, though it doesn't really do the idea justice).

Ease of use: The Octopus is easily the most intuitive sequencer I've used, hardware or software, for building great patterns once you have it set up (MIDI channel-wise and in terms of base track pitch). In terms of building a monophonic, single track melody, it's not as straightforward as the P3, but moving into multitracking, it more than makes up for this.

What it does best: I intuited this from the manual and am thrilled with the results, having bought it without using one before... You have ten tracks on a page, each assignable to its own MIDI channel (or the same MIDI channel as another track). Let's say you have four monophonic instruments each on its own channel and the current page is dedicated to a single chord structure within a single musical bar. I can assign four tracks to one channel (with a different base pitch for each), two to another, two to another, and one to the last track. Now I can arpeggiate the notes on each instrument among the base pitches (adding chromatic alterations per step on a track, where required) and explore the various inversions of the vertical harmony over the time of the bar.

This is amazing. On almost any other sequencer, you have to leave one track, go to another, remember from memory what notes were where, and then compose the harmony.

In other words, you can use the Octopus for polyphonic and multi-timbral arrangements in a visual and immediately interactive fashion, something I've never really seen before. The results have been very insteresting and once I get my MOTM-650's power supply and Bridechamber cabinet, this plus my modular will be very interesting indeed.

Once the aforementioned module and cabinet arrive, I'll send Matrixsynth some serious synthporn.

The caveats I'll add are that the Octopus does three things poorly (in my estimation). First: If I want to quickly put together a melodic line in one voice, know the notes I want, the P3 just cannot be beat. Second: The P3 is the *master* of evolving sequences and unpredictability. This is a tricky thing (parameters must be carefully pre-programmed and possibly filtered by a MidiSolutions-type box) in a harmonically complex environment, but is great for longform pieces (eg, live ambient, which I haven't actually done). Third: The Notron separates CCs from the clock step better than the Octopus and as such is better (I've heard) at being used as an independent voice modulator for a well-CC-mapped VST. But I use all analog/hybrid equipment, so it's not such a concern.

Ok, long, verbose post. I set up an email address if anyone is curious in asking Octopus-related questions: eulersid (dash) octopus (at) yahoo (dot) com. I'm not a shill for genoQs or Analogue Haven or anyone else. It's a fascinating piece of kit with relatively little first-hand info out there and the folks who run their forum are bad about approving memberships. I'm also interested in tips and thoughts on it as well.

eric f"

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Genoqs Octopus Limited Edition Diva

via this auction

"This is a new, one of a kind Genoqs Octopus. It is a custom made hybrid of the Limited Edition Diva and the standard Lionhead... As you may know, there were five limited edition Diva models released made from solid stone. The model here has the faceplate and gold buttons from the Diva set in a Lionhead frame. As a nice touch, the guys at Genoqs labelled this Diva number 6. This is a one of a kind unit, there are no more like this anywhere on earth."

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Buchla 200e , 100 and Genoqs Octopus

Buchla 200e , 100 and Genoqs Octopus from Joe Pascarell on Vimeo.
"The awesome Genoqs Octopus sequencer controlling the even more awesome Buchla 200e and 100 modular synth. Sorry about the crappy audio .... i'll upload more after i figure out how to make the audio better. I couldn't resist putting this up."

It's definitely a Buchla day...

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Genoqs Octopus One of a Kind "Divahead"

via this auction

"This is a new, one of a kind Genoqs Octopus. It is a custom made hybrid of the Limited Edition Diva and the standard Lionhead. As you may know, there were five limited edition Diva models released made from solid stone. The model here has the faceplate and gold buttons from the Diva set in a Lionhead frame. As a nice touch, the guys at Genoqs labelled this Diva number 6. This is a one of a kind unit, there are no more like this anywhere on earth. It has only been plugged in to test the power up and has sat in its box for nine months until now. IT HAS NEVER BEEN USED."

This one in via Cikira.

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

genoQs Machines - Launching NEMO!

"Stuttgart, July 1st, 2008

Dear all,
back in March at the Musikmesse 2008 we have presented Nemo, the portable sequencing machine
that delighted many hearts and souls with its unconventional appearance, form factor, and power!

We take big pride in what Nemo has finally become over the past few months, and we hope you will too!
Today, on the 1st of July 2008, we are excited to share with you the great news:

Nemo is here!
Enjoy with us the material now available on our site ( describing the new machine:
- the storyboard provides an introduction to the operating model of Nemo.
- the manual describes all features in great detail, while
- the picturebook is a collection of Nemo poses over the last few weeks.

We are much looking forward to your comments, questions and feedback!
Nemo is available for order now, with delivery of pre-ordered and reserved machines starting Moday, July 7th.

Once again, our sincere thank you for the years of commitment, support and dialogue, which is probably the single most important driver that led us to this accomplishment!

Marcel Achim and Gabriel Seher

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Genoqs Octopus Sequencer - Quick Tip

Genoqs Octopus Sequencer - Quick Tip

Add to My Profile | More Videos
Realize this demo is to show just a little bit of what the Genoqs can be used for. It is not to be viewed as a piece of music. Realize what it is doing and think of the potential when using it to trigger your synths. via the comments of this post.

Friday, January 11, 2008

genoQs Octopus Original Book

click here for a 15M pdf book on the genoQs Octopus Original. You will find an overview of the genoQs Octopus as well as some stunning images.

Note the reference to Octopus Original now that the BlackSea Octopus has been announced. The two are identical under the hood.

Note: this was formerly posted as Octopus Legacy and updated to Octopus Original.

Monday, April 26, 2010

5 years genoQs Machines - Octopus DIVA

via genoQs

"It has been five short years since the launch of the magnificent Octopus and the start of genoQs Machines. What a story - and what better time to set another mark in the ground with an extraordinary machine: Octopus "Diva" -> PB_Octopus_Diva.pdf [mirror]

Limited to only five machines to be built, Diva features a massive slate frame, gold plated button groups,
and a brushed aluminum front panel. Diva represents a true monument of hardware sequencing and is probably the only electronic instrument built with stone and gold!

Furthermore, in celebration of our story of the five past years, and for a very limited period of time, we will grant a discount of 500EUR on orders of Nemo or Octopus (not applicable to Diva) received on 5.05.2010 and for the five weeks to follow.

Happy sequencing!"

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

BEAUTIFUL Genoqs Octopus Sequencer

Note: Auction links are affiliate links for which the site may be compensated.

via this auction

"FLAWLESS GENOQS OCTOPUS. This thing still looks BRAND NEW. The mother of ALL MIDI sequencers, if you're looking, then I am sure you know what this is..."

If not, see the genoQs channel label at the bottom of this post for more.

Friday, November 09, 2007

Admin: Note on YouTube Videos

It looks like YouTube changed their embedded player behavior again. Playlists no longer show the number of videos in the little movie reel looking clips on the right of the player. It just goes from one video to the next. With that, be sure not to miss any with multiple videos like the genoQs set I put up earlier as well as the ARP Avatar set. If you missed the other videos in the sets thinking they were just a repeat of the first video, go check them out. The genoQs has three vids with the third being an instructional video of what happened in the second. It is a really good video that shows you a bit of the interface on the genoQs. The other Avatar vids showcase a wider range of sounds as well as the Roland Space Echo. All good stuff.

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