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Saturday, February 24, 2024

Impro #1 on Ernst Krenek's Buchla 100

video upload by JesterN

"These days I have the honour to play one of the earliest Buchla 100 synthesizer. Dating from 1967 (number 12 in the books) and owned by Austrian composer Ernst Krenek, this beautiful instrument is located in Krems an Donau, Austria. This is an excerpt of an impro working on gamelan repetitions that is going to be released on a future album. Thanks to the Ernst Krenek Institut / AIR Residency program.

Thanks to the Ernst Krenek Institute and AIR Residency.

more info:"

Impro #2 on Ernst Krenek's Buchla 100

video upload by JesterN

"Alberto Novello playing one of the first produced Buchla Synthesizers (number 12), series 100 purchased by the Austrian composer Ernst Krenek in 1967.

Thanks to Ernst Krenek Institut / AIR residency."

Anabrid Analog Thing Analog Computer

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via this auction

"Includes patch cables, USB power cable, rca to 1/8" cable, ribbon cable & original packaging."

This is a bit of an odd post. I spotted Anabrid's Analog Thing Analog Computer on Reverb and was curious what it was, as it has not been featured on the site before. Below you'll find some info from Anabrid along with a user video featuring some audio.

Explore THE ANALOG THING by anabrid

video upload by Anabrid Computing

Little Impro with THAT by Analog Thing

video upload by JesterN

"Playing THAT:: Bernd Ulmann's beautiful analog computer. This is Sprott SQM Model an example of a simple three-dimensional chaotic flow with a quadratic nonlinearity. The model consists of three coupled differential equations. Translating and solving equations through circuits is feels very organic. I was used to do this on paper, and had found it quite simplistic to approximate it digitally, just using brute force computer iterations."


THE ANALOG THING (THAT) is a high-quality, low-cost, open-source, and not-for-profit cutting-edge analog computer.

THAT allows modeling dynamic systems with great speed, parallelism, and energy efficiency. Its use is intuitively interactive, experimental, and visual. It bridges the gap between hands-on practice and mathematical theory, integrating naturally with design and engineering practices such as speculative trial-and-error exploration and the use of scale models.

Dynamic system modeling on THAT can serve a variety of valuable purposes. It may help understand what is (models of), or it may help bring about what should be (models for). It may be used to explain in educational settings, to imitate in gaming, to predict in the natural sciences, to control in engineering, or it may be pursued for the pure joy of it!


Analog computing is one of three major computational paradigms (analog, digital and quantum). As digital computing approaches the limit of Moore's Law, analog computing offers a strategy to diversify today's digital monoculture. Analog computing is:
ideally suited for dynamic systems modeling
ideally suited for neuromorphic AI applications
significantly more energy-efficient than digital computing
inherently safer than digital computing in the face of cyber threats

THE ANALOG THING is designed to allow an extensive range of analog computing applications with a small set of calculating elements.

Circuits that perform integration over time.

Circuits that add inputs continously.

Circuits that compare inputs to support conditional functions.

Interfaces that allow daisy-chaining mutiple THATs to create arbitrarily large programs.

Rotary knobs to provide user-defined inputs.

Circuits that multiply inputs continously.

A digital panel meter for precision measurements of values and timing.

An interface for controlling THAT digitally to develop analog-digital hybrid programs.


With THE ANALOG THING, you can model dynamic systems including:
market economies
the spread and control of diseases
population dynamics
chemical reactions
mechanical systems
a variety of mathematical attractors


As collateral learning benefits, THAT offers introductions to:

Inseparably linked with rates of change and the accumulation of quantities, analog computing offers a practical approach to differential and integral calculus.

With computing elements built around operational amplifiers, analog computing enables users to gain a hands-on understanding of analog circuits.

Applicable in adaptive control systems, analog computing offers a practical introduction to control engineering.

Tuesday, July 09, 2019

Celestial Harmonies (installation)

Celestial Harmonies (installation) from Alberto Novello on Vimeo.

"Audiovisual installation using sound to modulate the blue beam of a cathodic ray monitor.

programming and construction Alberto Novello a.k.a. JesterN

more info/booking:"

I asked Alberto what was creating the sound. He replied with the following:

"I use a BELA board ( to generate the sound. I sampled impros from my modular synth (this is the original video I made few years ago using only my modular [embed below] that I use in the installation).

For most parts I used a WMD PDO back then + lota of Ring Modulation and AM. I also use some low pass filters controlled by BELA through CV to generate the drones. I made a DIY amp to amplify BELA levels to modular, and a circuit to output all that through the speakers. The monitor is a modified vectrex, (a game console from the 80s). So it's partly digital party analog."

Celestial Harmonies (short movie) from jestern on Vimeo.

"Video recording of a modified Vectrex monitor excited by signals produced by a modular synthesizer.

Inspired by the orbits of planets and other celestial bodies.

Video recording of the performance in the Saint Francis church in Udine."

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Bit Beat Bot - 1 line code Synth

Published on Nov 22, 2017 TheJesterN

See the JesterN label directly below for more.

Monday, November 20, 2017

Bit Beat Bot - 1 line code synth

Published on Nov 20, 2017 TheJesterN

Note this is the first product from JesterN. Previous posts featured various performances from JesterN.

via Etsy

"Bit Beat Bot is a Expressive, Portable and Inexpensive sound engine.

It uses one line code formula to generate music/sounds that encompass: drone, noise, ever changing melodic patterns, rhythms, sweeps, video game scenarios etc.. All with the distinctive digital distortion sound. Game-boy like.

It has a power inlet, that can be powered via mini-usb cables (computer or phone charger).

And has 5 pots to control the sound generation:
-the code formula
-the pitch/speed
-parameter 1 of the formula (if included in the formula)
-parameter 2 of the formula (if included in the formula)
-parameter 3 of the formula (if included in the formula)

It is open software so you can put your favourites code formulas or experiment and customize your Bit Beat Bo with new code.

Ships as is, without cables or chargers."

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Solo In A Silo

Published on Oct 18, 2017 TheJesterN

"Modular Synthesizer Solo by Alberto Novello aka JesterN on August 2017 @OMI Arts Center, Ghent, NY, USA.

The solo aimed at exploring the space acoustics by making it resonate with pure tones on the whole range of audible spectrum and a vaste range of frequency material. No artificial reverbs were used or added. All sounds comes from the unedited live recording in the space.

Shot by Ross Willows."

Wednesday, May 03, 2017

Graphonics - Analog Video Experiments Generated Using the Signal of a Modular Synthesizer

Graphonics examples from jestern on Vimeo.

"Analog Video Experiments generated using the signal of a Modular Synthesizer.

What you hear is what you see."

Above: A general scan of possibilities

Below: Two "stories"


Published on Mar 6, 2017 TheJesterN

Storia del Cubo

Storia del Cubo from jestern on Vimeo.

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Modular In A Cave

Modular In A Cave from jestern on Vimeo.

"Live impro on a modular synthesizer in the cave of San Giovanni d'Antro, Italy by Alberto Novello"

And a few prior performances by JesterN:


Patch n Tweak
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