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Monday, September 25, 2023

Hydrasynth - Building Tips for Custom Wavetables & Patch Design

video upload by MajorOSC

"Orders for Hydrasynth patch banks:"

Friday, December 09, 2022

Arturia Minifreak demo - FreqStyle Patch Bank Early Preview by MajorOSC

video upload by Aperture Sound Lab / MajorOSC

"Some early footage playing a few of the presets in development for the Minifreak. The minifreak shows a wild range of sound capabilities.
The final patch bank should be completed by next month.

If you own other hardware synth, check out

Monday, August 01, 2022

MajorOSC presets: Outa'Time Patch Collection for U-he DIVA

video upload by Aperture Sound Lab

"(All audio content (except drums) created with presets from Outa'Time - Available Early August exclusively via
Look forward to patch banks for your favorite vst plugins in the later half of 2022 and beyond."

Sunday, March 20, 2022

New Aperture Sound Lab Synthesizer Patches & Demos

Dave Smith Ob-6 Demo I No Talking + Custom Presets video upload by Alphacode Synth Demos & Patches

Note: the OB-6 soundbank demoed above will be available on the new site within the next day or so.


"We have just released new patch banks for The Sequential OB6 and Modal 008 (demo posted earlier today).
The site has been a great collaboration as it is bringing happy customers back to discover one another's brands. AlphaCodeSynth's contribution to the OB6 is sure to please owners wanting a wider range of good sounding presets. MajorOSC's expressive analog plucks, bass, and pads for 008 should also be a welcome surprise to the small group of 008 owners, as there's been almost no new presets for the synth since production ceased several years ago."

See for all they have to offer.

Tuesday, September 21, 2021

IGNITION 3 Early Progress / Playtesting

video upload by Major OSC

"noodling around on a few of the presets, some of which are in fully realized form, while others need work. playing em for a good length of time, especially with a backbeat, is always a good indicator of where they're at, how they feel to play, how they sound in a mix etc. Figured I'd post a few of these periodically. will be converting to a new brand identity in the coming weeks. Aperture Sound Lab, a join venture between MajorOSC and AlphaCodeSynth, will serve as the new platform for all preset banks to be release on. All MajorOSC preset banks will continue to be made available once the new site is up, and all banks will be labeled and credited as such. Aperture Sound Lab marks a new beginning for both MajorOSC and AlphaCodeSynth, allowing both to combine their sound design talents at various points, while retaining full control of the individual sound design brands and styles."

Wednesday, April 14, 2021

WatchBay Vocal Mix'

video by Major OSC

An all Roland Jupiter-X cover of the Bay Watch theme with "The Hoff" from supporting member, Major OSC.

Saturday, October 31, 2020

Dual Ignition Patch Banks Combo On Sale for a Limited Time at

Major OSC

available at
Weekly tutorials available at

"James High, AKA MajorOSC, has been busy the past few months, designing many of the presets you may have recently heard in the new Modal Electronics Cobalt8 videos. He was also hired by Modal to do music for all of their Cobalt launch videos. But he wasn't quite finished...

Side Story:

After handing over the Masters of the 30-second Cobalt demo songs he had finished in the days prior to launch, MajorOSC teamed up with fellow Cobalt sound designer AlphaCodeSynth to work on an extended mix of the official demo song. AlphaCode used his own presets from Cobalt8 and produced an outstanding extended mix. You can have a listen here.

MajorOSC plans to continue releasing commercial patch banks, while also designing factory presets for several other company's upcoming synthesizers, both hardware and software. No further details at this time.

It's very likely you'll be hearing early patch previews on MajorOSC's new patreon page. His tutorials on Hydrasynth have been deep. His studio tips come from over a decade of production on Ableton, Logic and now, exclusively on Bitwig. Other synths he plans to feature in tutorials are the Novation Summit, and the Modal Cobalt8.

MajorOSC hit hard times last month with a series of setbacks related to the impact of the pandemic. He is doing everything possible to keep things running smoothly in the meantime. Head over to to gain access to the great tutorials, and keep the wheels in motion for this ambitious sound designer by becoming a patron.

Monday, October 26, 2020

Hydrasynth Pad Tutorial Part 1: Basics + Reverb (New Owners This one's for YOU)

Major OSC

"Part 1 of 2 on pad creation. This will encompass several things already mentioned in prior tutorials, except it will apply directly to pad creation. This is a great starting point if you're new to Hydrasynth. Those of you who are already familiar with Hydra might like a few of the small tips as well, because just a few changes to anyone's established "norm" can make a big difference. In other words, work outside of your comfort zone and you'll be surprised by how much you benefit from the roadblocks and challenges you'll inevitably encounter along the way. Part 2 will be a MUCH longer video and will go much deeper covering a wider array of styles. It will be exclusive to patreon members so if you're interested, don't miss out. Link up top.

The last 5 minutes of the video, I give you an update on what's been going on with MajorOSC, the studio, synths, etc. Spoiler alert. The Super 6 is no longer here. You'll be surprised to see what took it's place."

Tuesday, October 06, 2020

MajorOSC Unlimited - Hydrasynth - Section 2 - LFOs

Major OSC

All about LFO's. Plenty of useful info here. Some specific to Hydrasynth, and some that is universally applicable. There's ALOT of content here. Grab a drink. Fire up your Hydra. Class in Session.
- Those of you who notice the Level of LFO 2 - and kudos to you if you caught it! At 48:42 I catch the mistake and explain how it happened / how it was easily overlooked. Then I explain the relationship between the fixed AMP routing to LFO 2, The assignment from LFO 5 to LFO2's level, and how this will affect the feel and dynamics of the sequence. Glad it happened, because I think it elaborated on details that wouldn't have otherwise been covered.

Patch Banks available at
For access to more videos like this one, please become a patreon subscriber!

Thursday, October 01, 2020

Super 64 Patch Bank - UDO Super 6 Full Preview

Major OSC

"Available at

check out MajorOSC on patreon and become a supporter.

MajorOSC presents: SUPER 64 for the UDO Super 6. A collection of 64 slick new patches for this incredible hybrid polysynth. This will install directly into User Banks A-H. 64 presets in total. Plus, 14 Custom Waveforms. Adding them is optional and it will not negatively affect the presets. - As an added precaution, the presets were also tested with stock waveforms, and will perform perfectly fine with either one.

Banks / Styles
A - Showcase Presets - Pads, Plucks, Keys, Leads
B - Brass & Pads
C - Bold Leads
D - Bass
E - Pads and Keys
F - Mono and Rhythmic
G - FM, Wavetable Oddities, and World Instruments
H - Overflow"

Monday, September 21, 2020

MajorOSC Studio Sessions Episode 1

Major OSC

"The first of many tutorials. Feel free to skip around but as always I'd recommend a full playthough.
Look for even more of these tutorials going even further in depth at my new Patreon page

Episode 1 -
0:00 Brief Intro
Past Experience, Beatport, Labels, & US Navy - 00:30
Using Limiters - 02:56
Mixdown as You Go - 04:56
Working with Hydrasynth - 07:04
2-layer Bass with Dune and Serum - 12:20
Remix Tips - 16:44 +
Patreon Info"

Friday, September 18, 2020

MajorOSC Unlimited Series - Synth101 Episode 1: Envelopes

Major OSC


MajorOSC in now on Patreon! MajorOSC Unlimited gives you exclusive access to 1 hour+ weekly in-depth tutorials, multiple quick tips videos, free weekly presets for major hardware synths and vst's, and free custom samples! How does 1$ a week sound?"

Sunday, September 13, 2020

Free Sequential Pro 3 Patch Bank - 3forAll by MajorOSC

Major OSC

"Free download at
3ForAll is a collection of 50 presets for the Sequential Pro 3, made of 3 primary patch types; Bass, Leads, and Sequences. Thanks to the powerful sequencer and multiple filters to choose from, MajorOSC put together a great collection of stylish bass, sequence, and lead presets, designed to inspire you, and exploit the powerful modulation capabilities of the pro 3. Due to MajorOSC's upcoming fall Schedule, a full bank wasn't looking like it was feasible. So while this bank only contains around half the count of a standard patch bank, it's free!! Sounds Good? Enjoy!"

Friday, September 04, 2020

Super Synth Battle Bass Battle Extreme Edition !!!

Major OSC

"This is a segment within the 2 hour video special comparing the Novation Summit and UDO Super 6. The original intention was simply to make a feel-good jam session track to demonstrate how they can sound in production. In this example they switch off on bass duty and show off their strengths in their own additional layers. When I thought about a fun way to help visualize the new layers of each synth being added, I remembered some old music games from college, among many others. The result is this spectacle of retro-arcade visuals over feel-good synth riffs and melodies. Enjoy! Also be sure to check out the full video!

MajorOSC - Definitive Presets for Hardware Synthesizers and VST"


UDO Super6 VS Novation Summit 2 Hour Special Presentation

"What do two FPGA-based Hybrid polysynths have in common? A few important things, but not as much as you'd think. Fortunately the similarities they share are some of the most important things to consider when buying something in this price range. They both sound incredibly good - possibly even the best I've ever heard. They're both similar in price. Yet on paper, the specs appear to be stacked more to one side. This video will show you that specs don't matter when considering the end result; Music. In the end, they're both winners. In fact it was my intention to make the choice even harder if you're considering either of these.

The Summit and Super6 will be put through their paces with real world applications; Productions. Performance. No Science. There's no Oscilloscope, no measurements. Your understanding at the end of this will not come from clinical observation. It will come from listening. They sound different. Amazing, and different. For everyday stuff like leads and bass, they can sound similar for sure. But when you dive deep and exploit their strengths, this is where they will blow your mind. I hope to show you a little bit of both. Which of these fits your style, your taste? If both, start saving. They're worth it. In fact I think they might be the best sounding polysynths to come out in decades.

Leave a comment and share your thoughts. Keep it positive and speak from experience, and not from speculation."

Thursday, August 27, 2020

UDO Super 6 Deadmau5 Cover - SuperJaded

Major OSC

"24 hours with the Super 6 and I can already tell this is something special.

This is a cover of an old Deadmau5 classic, Jaded. - The B-side of his Faxing Berlin EP. Just a few layers with binaural mode turned up. the scattered leads show off a few other waveforms as well, with and without super stack enabled. Enjoy! Like, share, and subscribe! We're just getting started here."

Friday, August 21, 2020

Sequential Pro 3 Full Wavetable Tour and First Impressions - This thing is a Monster

Major OSC

"1 week in, figured its time to talk about it. I cycle through all the wavetables, and put the sequencer to good use; Bass, and more Bass. Plus some Bass.

- Caution. - very light profanity (2 occasions). I include this warning out of respect for viewers that may have kids (I often do) within earshot."

Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Argon8 Mercury Patch Collection by MajorOSC Now Available

Major OSC

"Available to purchase at

Mercury is a bold and unique new collection of presets by MajorOSC; A deep dive into progressive house, trance, and ambient downtempo. This is just a brief taste of the kind of atmosphere and vibe you'll be able to extract from this awesome patch collection. Mercury's focus is to provide you with incredible sounds and textures from one of the newest digital synths on the market, the Argon8.

Highlights / Features

Spacious and swirling pads and soundscapes, - not your everyday affair

Punchy bass presets with tons of style and attitude

Moody brass leads

Highly polished progressive trance / house plucks, akin to Deadmau5, Pryda, and many others.

Unique Wavetable Rhythms modulated through LFO's and Envelopes.

Tons of modulation routings to expressive parameters like Aftertouch and mod wheel.

Head over to"

Wednesday, August 12, 2020

MajorOSC - Mercury for Argon8 - Arriving September

Major OSC

"Mercury is a full patch bank in development for the Argon8, containing some of the most expressive and original sounding presets ever heard from MajorOSC.

By a happy mistake, the Big Sky reverb return track was left on enabled in OBS on the first recording. But it wouldn't be right not to share the results!

The re-record without the Big Sky reverb begins at around 11:30"

Monday, August 10, 2020

MajorOSC ASM Hydrasynth Ignition 2 Patch Bank Full Tour W/ Commentary

Major OSC

"Welcome to a lengthy tour of Ignition, from Patch 1, through 128. There's alot of stuff to show you. I briefly touch upon the various improvements to the firmware and explain the the difference between Ignition 1 sand 2.

Thursday, August 06, 2020

Ignition 2 for Hydrasynth is HERE

Major OSC

"Live and ready to party.

Front page.

Ignition 2 has been designed to launch alongside the new firmware released for the Hydrasynth. That means you'll have an entire patch bank to load into your Hydrasynth that already takes full advantage of all the new features.

Expect wild new sequences, thanks to the stepped LFO's to go to to 64 steps. Expect evolving and sophisticated pads and soundscapes that can shift and transform like you've never heard before, thanks to the new Envelope trigger selectors. And get ready to rock! There's a new distortion effect added and it is absolutely sick."

See this post for details on the Hydrasynth 1.5 update.

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