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Tuesday, April 16, 2024

M.U.E.N - Grime 1 l Music Video l Novation Circuit Tracks

video upload by MUEN inc.

M.U.E.N - Subnautica l Music Video l Novation Circuit Tracks

video upload by MUEN inc.

Monday, April 15, 2024

Novation Circuit Tracks | Factory Sounds Demo

video upload by DJ Craig Dalzell / AudioLevel DJ Store

"The Novation Circuit tracks is an extremely powerful & portable Groovebox / Synth / Sequencer

All sounds are from factory content and recorded directly from the unit with no post processing"

Nerdsession No.25 - Dapayk & the Novation Circuit Tracks

video upload by Dapayk Music

Saturday, April 13, 2024

CircuitTracks ProVS MINI / Original / Jam

video upload by cocolobeat / ココロ

Novation Circuit Tracks
Behringer ProVS MINI

Melodic House
Progressive House
Techno Pop
Melodic Techno

Friday, April 12, 2024

OPERATION_1 - Novation Circuit Tracks Pack by Yuri Wong

video upload by Isotonik Studios

MACROS DEMO - OPERATION_1 - Novation Circuit Tracks Pack by Yuri Wong

video upload by Isotonik Studios

"The OP-1 has long been a device of creative inspiration, and now those sounds can be accessed directly on the Circuit Tracks, in a set of 128 patches emulating 8 of the OP-1’s iconic engines:

Cluster, Digital, DNA, Dr Wave, DSynth, String, FM, Phase & Pulse

The goal while creating OPERATION_1 was to get maximum musical expressiveness for the patches, with the original sounds as the starting point. Each Circuit sound was crafted to be as close to the OP-1 patch as musically possible. For movements or textures where the Circuit Tracks engine couldn’t emulate, effort was made to make it come as close as the Circuit engine would allow, yet still maintain the usefulness of the sound i.e. to make it as functional and creatively inspiring as possible for music creation.

Here’s what’s in OPERATION_1:

- 128 OP-1 Patches, Recreated by an OP-1 Connoisseur -

Immerse yourself in the distinctive sounds of the OP-1, accurately reproduced for your Circuit. Each patch is crafted and A/B-ed with the original OP-1 for maximum authenticity. You can now explore the spectrum of inspiring OP-1 sounds within the Circuit.

- 8 Macros for Limitless Tweakability -

Tweak and transform your sounds with 8 carefully programmed macros in every patch, allowing you to shape each sound to suit any creative vision. Every individual patch has it’s own unique response to the Macros, programmed specifically for that sound. Find your own unique sounds, spark ideas and break out of creative ruts.

- 64 Original Drum Sounds -

Inspired by the creative kits on the OP-1, these kicks, snares, hats and percussion are crafted with versatility in mind, covering basics and beyond.

- 16 Demo Projects -

Two projects demos per ‘engine’ for each of the eight engines, to showcase the versatility of the sounds and to inspire ideas for your own tracks.

Why Choose This Pack?

Crafted by a Specialist: Yuri Wong has created many popular tracks with the OP-1. The iconic stock sounds of the OP-1 have taken many months of work to be meticulously recreated for the Circuit.
Made for Exploration: Each of the 8 macros are customised for every patch, allowing for ‘tweak and listen’ sonic discovery — perfectly in-line with the ‘no-screen’ philosophy of the Circuit.
A Synth Upgrade: Transform your Circuit into a synth powerhouse, with sounds rivalling the best out there.
Experience the magic of OP-1 sounds on your Novation Circuit. Discover the joy of exploration and get your musical inspiration flowing.



video upload by MIXtof 786 Music

"Get ready to LIFT OFF with my new DAWLess Techno Track,
I created this one on my Novation Circuit Tracks, great gear to get musically creative in a flexible and movable way!
Beatz and greetz from Germany, your
MIXtof Music!
#techno #dawless #circuitrhythm"

Thursday, April 11, 2024

Retrowave with Novation Circuit Tracks

video upload by Dave Davidson

Wednesday, April 10, 2024

From Goa To Psytrance 2 - Novation Circuit Tracks Sound Pack Demo 04

video upload by A Force Truly Evil

Tuesday, April 09, 2024

DARKEST.... Novation Circuit Tracks

video upload by Morenook

Sunday, April 07, 2024

DEMO - From Goa To Psytrance 2 - Novation Circuit Tracks Pack by A Force Truly Evil

video upload by Isotonik Studios

"A collection of 128 velocity-sensitive patches (64 original new patches + 64 additional bonus variations) focus on Psytrance and Goatrance sounds.

Includes hypnotic basslines, evolving synths, Virus-inspired sharp FM leads, 303 acid lines, Psychedelic effects and much more…

32 Basses (also usable as leads)
32 Leads/Arps
32 Polys
16 Pads
16 Effects
This pack is complete with 64 Psytrance samples with synthetic kicks and snares combined with an extensive collection of percussion, effects and synths.

11 Kicks
13 Snares/claps
8 Hi-hats
16 Percussions
8 Effects/Voices
8 Bass/Synths

24 Additional samples of kicks, snares, basses and synths.
18 High quality sessions/projects covering a wide spectrum of Psychedelic Trance styles, Full On, Classic Goa, Nu Skool Goa and Dark Psy.
Sessions include several scenes.
Includes additional sessions with new reverb and delay settings.

All macros follow the parameters assigned on Circuit Tracks.

Macro 1: Fatness and wideness, mix of oscillator detuning, unison and chorus for a fattened sound with more stereo amplitude/FM amount.
Macro 2: Filter frequency modulation via LFO/LFO rate.
Macro 3: Amp envelope release/amp envelope decay.
Macro 4: Filter envelope depth (first half for negative modulation, and second half for positive).
Macro 5: Filter frequency.
Macro 6: Resonance.
Macro 7: Portamento.
Macro 8: Distortion.

PLEASE NOTE: From Goa To Psytrance 2 is only compatible with Circuit Tracks, only From Goa To Psytrance is compatible with Circuit Tracks and Original Circuit.


M.U.E.N - Opus 1 l Music Video l Novation Circuit Tracks

video upload by MUEN inc.

RobinHan | Circuit Track w/ Model Cycle Jam

video upload by Robin翰

"Novation Circuit Tracks w/ Elektron Model:Cycle

make up my mind to get a Novation Circuit Tracks,
using its midi track to control M:C is a very decent workflow."

Saturday, April 06, 2024

Ekzil - "Fantasy dream" : Circuit Track + Volcas sample / keys / bass

video upload by Geoffroy AULAGNER

"for 2024 I decided to challenge myself to release a new song every month 😃
I'm already a little late, so I should release 2 songs this month 😅

I decided once again to use my Volca samples. I think it's my first video with the 3 Volcas !

This last song has many parts. I would really appreciate if you tell me what your favorite part is, and which part would need to be reworked for the "mastered" version 😉

I resumed a music that I had composed on Ableton Live some time ago. I decided to take it again in dawless format 🎹
You can listen the original one here :

I hope you enjoy listening to it as much as I enjoy making it 🤩

Novation Circuit Tracks: Drums, pad, second melody
Volca Samples: second layer of drums / transitions
Volca Keys: Lead melody
Volca Bass: Bass
Korg NTS-1: reverb, chorus, build up with the noise oscillator

AIR ( novation Circuit Tracks only)

video upload by Morenook

CircuitTracks Streichfett J-6 / Original / Jam

video upload by cocolobeat / ココ

"Novation Circuit Tracks
Waldorf Streichfett
Roland AIRA Compaact J-6

Melodic House
Progressive House
Techno Pop
Melodic Techno

Friday, April 05, 2024

Novation Ultranova, Circuit Tracks in Boards Of Canada-like Ambient Jam

video upload by Blossom Bisquits

Wednesday, April 03, 2024

From Goa To Psytrance 2 - Novation Circuit Tracks Sound Pack Demo 03

video upload by A Force Truly Evil

See this post for details on the sound pack.

Tuesday, April 02, 2024

The Ultimate Novation Circuit Techno Set

video upload by Gabe Miller Music

"A full techno and trance set with a combination Novation Circuit Tracks and Rhythm setup. Jammed live in one take."

Monday, April 01, 2024

SynthFest 2024 Set for April 18 w/ Raffle

video upload by SynthFest France

"Thank you to all of the exhibitors at SynthFest 2024 who will receive a prize in this tombola for the annual deal for all the passions of synths and modules."

"► Billetterie:
► 20 lots / 2000 tickets / plus de 10000€ de lots
► 10€ le ticket
► Entièrement en ligne. Pas la peine d'être présent au SynthFest pour gagner un lot.
► Fermeture de la billetterie : 18 Avril 2024

Merci à tous les exposants du SynthFest 2024 qui font encore une fois de cette tombola le deal de l'année pour tout les passionnés de synthés et de modulaires.

1e prix - Expressive E Osmose
2e prix - Kodamo EssenceFM MKII
3e prix - Haken Audio Eagan Matrix Eurorack
4e prix - Kiviak Wofi
5e prix - Paire d’enceintes Nord Piano
6e prix - Korg Keystage 49
7e prix - Arturia MiniFreak
8e prix - 1010music Nanobox Tangerine Desktop
9e prix - Novation Circuit Tracks
10e prix - Projet Home Studio pack Mix / Mastering
11e prix - Hlabs EQ169 API 500 module
12e prix - Kaona Skippy Eurorack module
13e prix - Faselunare Vega Eurorack module
14e prix - BVR instruments TS1 Eurorack module
15e prix - This Is Not Rocket Science Ardabil
16e prix - Piano LED Plus 2024
17e prix - Fred's Lab Zekit Assembled
18e prix - Morphor Plectrum Eurorack module
19e prix - Joranologue Route 4 Eurorack module
20e prix - KR Home-Studion 1 an d'abonnement"

Thursday, March 28, 2024

70s Gen Dream - Novation Circuit Tracks Pack by Yves Big City

video upload by Isotonik Studios

Demo TWO - 70s Gen Dream - Novation Circuit Tracks Pack by Yves Big City


"A Journey Back to the Dawn of Electronic Music with 70s Gen Dream

The year is 1978. Young Yves, captivated by the sounds of Kraftwerk's "We Are the Robots," is transported to a sonic frontier. The robotic vocals, the pulsating rhythms, the sheer audacity of it all – it's unlike anything he's ever heard, yet it somehow feels like a glimpse into the future.

But amidst the revolutionary sounds, there's also a touch of romanticism, a characteristic melody of the 70s era, where exploration was boundless and imagination fueled creation. As a Frenchman, he can't help but be drawn to the ethereal beauty of Jean-Michel Jarre's "Oxygène," a track that defies explanation, existing in a realm beyond the ordinary.

Inspired by these sonic pioneers, he embarks on a months-long odyssey. His mission: to capture the essence of these vintage sounds and translate them into the modern language of the Novation Circuit Tracks. His vision? To grant every music maker the opportunity to touch the spirit of the 70s, to channel the unbridled creativity of that golden age.

But "70s Gen Dream" goes beyond simply providing the sounds. To spark your creative flame, the pack also features Generative & Experimental Patches.

This innovative feature introduces a unique twist

Ever-evolving soundscapes:These special patches are designed to generate new melodies every time you play them, transforming a basic pattern into a fresh and dynamic soundscape each time it's triggered. It's like rolling the dice for sonic inspiration, keeping your music constantly evolving and surprising.

Imagine crafting a simple bassline that morphs and twists with each key press, adding a layer of organic unpredictability and delightful sonic surprises to your tracks. ✨

Don't just replicate the past. Reimagine it.

Patch n Tweak
Switched On Make Synthesizer Evolution Vintage Synthesizers Creating Sound Fundlementals of Synthesizer Programming Kraftwerk

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