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Tuesday, April 16, 2024


video upload by OktaVision

"Our second video clip from our new album, out now on every major platform"

Additional details via supporting member - Oktavision:

"We've just uploaded our second video clip 'Findings' from our freshly released EP.
The vocal melody was inspired while listening to Tangerine Dream's Stratosfear. Then I started building the intro with my MS 20 sequenced by an SQ1. Added drums from my drumbrute but the final buildup came into existence after adding a acidic bassline from my TB303. The soprano the final section is a sample from Maria Callas opera drenched in reverb ."

Friday, March 01, 2024

Pray to the Holy Ghost by OktaVision

Ode to acid video upload by OktaVision

"Our opening track from our new album 'Pray to the Holy Ghost' now on every major streaming platform."

"The intro bassline came after noodling with volca keys sequenced by my old and trustworthy mc505. I programmed a basic beat. It wasn't going anywhere in the beginning but instantly things started to take shape and I grasped my minilogue to play the main riff progression layered with a pad from my virus TI. Then I started singing the chorus and the main body of the track was almost ready . This song almost wrote itself from an initial moment of machine frustration . That's why we never give up when things don't go well."

"Join us for a listening party tomorrow March 2 @ 7pm"

RSVP on Bandcamp

Friday, June 23, 2023

Oktavision - How soon is now (The Smiths cover)

video upload by OktaVision

"Here's a favorite cover from our first LP with footage from Manchester and much more, you've got to spot some trivia in the script (for the avid Smithsheads out there)"

Note this is a supporting member post.

"The song was build in a patch I've made on the Virus TI, it's a bassline based on a wavetable which index is heavily modulated by the velocity of the virus arp, there are many modular patches running in the background as well, creating a somewhat wall of sound doubled with guitars and bass for impact and tonality."

Sunday, March 26, 2023

OKTAVISION - Pray to the holy ghost

video upload by Okta Vision

New from supporting member Okta Vision.

"It's almost purely MS20 ,paired with sequences generated by maths and Tip Top Z8000 sequencer , there's also a little arturia Fairlight sequence after the first bridge."

"The first track from the forthcoming new OKTAVISION LP is framed with excerpts of Chris Marker's Documentary Sans Soleil .


Were serving the rich and were praying to the holy ghost
We struggle for life and we strive to produce the most.
We’re saving the flame beacuse we are to blame and we’re saying the least cause we fear of getting lost.

The vision of power is a game of a sheer belief
To conquer the lives of others lost in the mist
No shame , no remorse , divide what you need most and leave it for later in order to save you cost.

Missing what we need while we fight and consuming, never like before. grow a higher breed , it can save your misfortune if you ask for more.

We shouldn't have gotten the need for expensive thoughts, desire and hunger are not for the needy most
We’re shouting on impulse we’re screaming for need we’re taught just one lesson, this way we’ll be always lost.

The spirit of our angst derives from their nasty thoughts. Demanding and pressing for power in their tied knots. They're calling police but we have nothing to miss , a small opportunity here for a future loss."

Thursday, February 16, 2023

Oktavision - American angel Live @ 8ball 18 September 2022

video upload by Okta Vision

The above is a live performance in via new supporting member Athanasios Apostolidis. The following is what he had to say:

"I have a synth band called Oktavision and we perform live with plenty of gear, Theremins , nord lead 2x ,DSI evolver desktop, Vermona mono lancet, Korg Minilogue, a Beatstep pro for sequencing duties paired with a laptop which i use to send program change to all of the gear for every song change. We have a live drummer and we occasionally play electric guitar but we are a 100% live synth band."

video description:

Live @8ball Thessaloniki supporting Boomstate.
Drums - Vocals : Psi
Synths - Theremin : Duru Duru
Synths Drum Machine - Vocals : Thana.sys
Sound engineer : Dennis Konstandinidis
Camera : John Carabelas


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