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Monday, February 12, 2024

Teenage Engineering EP-133 K.O.II Midi Looper

video upload by Perplex On

"This jam tries to utilize the #ep133 as a midi looper, punching in midi notes live into it and sending them to the iPad playing #klevgrand #speldosa. I realized that a few punch-in fx on the EP-133 do midi related stuff which is great for adding a bit of spice to the loops in real-time. Other convenient thing is that the iPad also powers the EP-133 in addition to having midi over the same cable. Thanks to my little wooden birdie friends for the support."

Saturday, February 10, 2024

Teenage Engineering EP-133 K.O.II Looping Exploration

video upload by Perplex On

"Played around with the Loop feature on the #ep133. Supported by drums coming from the #PO32Tonic. While it‘s pretty cool to get interesting loops and textures with the Loop function, it’s not very easy to perform live with it as the controls are pretty vague. Also it’s a bit annoying that you get kicked out of loop mode when pressing fx or when adding punch-in fx, it would be way cooler if these could be combined (and maybe even resampled). Hoping for updates that would make this feature even better."

Friday, February 09, 2024

Teenage Engineering EP-133 K.O.II Ambient Calmness

video upload by Perplex On

"Guess i needed a break after the recent glitchy jam, so here are just a few calm ambient chords dialed in. Using a factory sample + onboard reverb (plus an extra pinch of #rymdigare reverb on the recording iPad). Hope you enjoy."

Wednesday, February 07, 2024

Teenage Engineering EP-133 K.O.II Glitch Drone Live Jam

video upload by Perplex On

"Having fun with the live pattern switching feature here in order to cycle through various different glitchy patterns. Background drone coming from #norns #dronecaster."

Tuesday, February 06, 2024

Teenage Engineering EP-133 K.O.II + PO32 Tonic Ambient Electro Jam

video upload by Perplex On

"Here the EP-133 meets his little buddy PO32 Tonic for jamming out. All drums coming from the K.O.II while the pad sounds are coming from live jamming with the PO32 (spiced up with a lot of reverb obviously, here going into #cascadeapp and #rymdigare and a touch of guitar amp feeling with #ChowDSPBYOD). Enjoy!"

Monday, February 05, 2024

Teenage Engineering EP-133 P.O.II First Jam

video upload by Perplex On

"Couldn’t resist to give the #ep133KOII a chance. This is my very first jam and i‘m sure i still have a lot to learn on this machine. Everything here comes from the machine with onboard samples. My first impression:
Plus: Very immediate, great haptics, love the design, great onboard samples
Minus: No punch-in fx recording (which was present on all orignal PO‘s), No individual step lengths (only length of total bars afaik, so no polyrhythmic adventures).
Oh and btw if you wonder why the fader looks weird: They added this piece of plastic around it in order to avoid transport damage but it is sooooo tight i couldn’t even get it off. 😕"

Thursday, February 01, 2024

JAMUARY 2024: Playdate Generative Ambient Adventures

video upload by Perplex On

"First ambient adventure using generative modules in #modularplay on #playdate. Supported by #hologrammicrocosm."

Friday, January 26, 2024

JAMUARY 2024: PO32 + Chantlings App For Choral Textures

video upload by Perplex On

"How about some ambient choir-esque tones? Here #po32 loaded with some dynamic tones via #microtonic in combination with the lovely #chantlings app, going into #cascade reverb for extra lushness."

Wednesday, January 24, 2024

JAMUARY 2024: AFXStation Style Sequencing On iOS

video upload by Perplex On

"I tried to replicate the #afxmode found on the #afxstation and #bassstation2 but on iOS. Therefore i created a simple #mozaicscript that translates each incoming note to a program change value while maintaining a basic C regardless of the pressed note. This way i can trigger different patches by pressing notes on the keyboard. Here demonstrated with #zeeonsynth and #riffer to create random sequences on the fly. With a little basic drum support from #hammerhead.

You can get the script here:"

Thursday, January 18, 2024

JAMUARY 2024: Syntakt + Roli Lightpad Block

video upload by Perplex On

"Combining unusual suspects today, the #syntakt and the #lightpadblock loaded with the lovely #pentagome script. With the help of a little midi app called #polythemus running on a nearby iPad, i‘m distributing all incoming notes from the lightpadblock over the first 8 channels of the Syntakt in a round robin fashion. Also added an additional #mozaicscript for all passing notes adding random velocity and mapped a few parameters on the Syntakt to be velocity dependent."

Tuesday, January 16, 2024

JAMUARY 2024: Xynthesizr + Roland Aira Compact S-1

video upload by Perplex On

"Revisited good old #xynthesizr today, sequencing the #rolands1. I still love this sequencer for its randomization features, especially for creating ever-changing hypnotic sequences."

Saturday, August 12, 2023

Nanoloop FM + Playdate Glitch Visuals

video upload by Perplex On

"Receiving my #Playdate recently reminded me of another fun device that has been greatly neglected by me unfortunately, the #NanoloopFM. So i thought i could take the chance to bring all these clicky buttons together 😉 All sounds here are coming from the Nanoloop (spiced up with #Artifacts app @numericalaudio4903 ). It’s plugged into the Playdate via TRRS which runs an early version of an upcoming playdate app @humbletune that creates awesome interactive and audioreactive lofi visuals! I’m switching here through different scenes and add live glitch fx on the fly. So much fun! Here also projected from above using playdate’s mirror companion app."

Sunday, August 06, 2023


video upload by Perplex On

"Playdate is meeting some new friends, here the PO32 Tonic which brings in some glitchy drums. All pads are coming from the Playdate, running Granular app (link below), spiced up with a pinch of Reverb (Phonolyth Velvet Machine)
This and more cool Playdate apps by the dev:"

Thursday, August 03, 2023

PLAYDATE Granular Explorations On A Rainy Day

video upload by Perplex On

"I've recently finally received my playdate after more than 2 years of waiting. Besides the nice retro games, there are also a few audiovisual apps already out there, which makes the device way more exciting. First stop here is an app called Granular by Orllewin, inspired by an old Reaktor instrument called Travelizer. It is an experimental granular sampler which splits a sample (recorded via its internal mic, via external mic with trrs splitter on the headphone jack or in this case, an imported custom sample) into 5 tracks with various granular controls and separate fx.

This and more cool apps by the dev:"

"Granular is an experimental 'grain sampler' for Playdate that plays subsamples from a recorded parent sample, it's inspired by the old Reaktor 'Travelizer' instrument. Granular includes various modifiable parameters and effects to change the sound which produces beautiful glitchy ambience that can be used on its own or as a background for other instruments.

You really need headphones or to connect to a speaker - this will not sound good through the Playdate's tiny built-in speaker.

You don't have rigid control over the playback, most options not related to effects/filters increase or decrease the probability of something happening, either a change in playback rate, or how regular the samples are triggered, it's all fairly random.

Generally 'A' selects and navigates, 'B' closes and pops the stack back to the previous location, everything should be intuitive with a little exploration. Granular operates on probabilities; when you select 'jump' or 'rev.' (reverse) or other parameters you're telling the underlying engine to allow the possibility of that happening each cycle."

Sunday, June 11, 2023

Minimal Music With Beatscholar On iPad

video upload by Perplex On

"A quick exploration in Minimal Music, using #Beatscholar app on the iPad @Modalics Here sequencing #purepiano, #freevibe and #housemarkI. Additional chords sprinkled onto it with #chordjam. Visuals made with #visualsynthesizer @ImaginandoPt"

Monday, June 05, 2023

Ambient Textures In the Park With Microfreak 5.0

video upload by Perplex On

"The recent update for the Microfreak added sample playback and granular machines, perfect for creating interesting sonic textures. A great opportunity to dust off mine, load some custom samples and play with them in the park. What you hear is just the Microfreak and added reverb (Rymdigare). Enjoy."

Thursday, May 11, 2023

Minimalist Piano Piece For iPad And Launchpad

video upload by Perplex On

"A Steve Reich inspired minimalist jam, using a Launchpad Mini to play various sequences on the iPad. Apps in use are #Chordjam in arp mode, sequencing #purepiano, #pureupright and #venustheory #isometra for #decentsampler. A custom script in #mozaicapp makes it possible to cycle through different midi channels on the #Launchpad which each sends midi to a different instance of Chordjam.

Projected midi reactive visuals made with #visualsynthesizer."

Saturday, April 22, 2023

Humbletune ELSA Sampler

video upload by Perplex On

"I had the huge honor to create a promo video for the updated version of elsa sampler app @humbletune . Enjoy the show!"

Monday, March 13, 2023


video upload by Perplex On

"First run with the #microcosm for glitching the drums coming from #drumcomputer. Background pad coming from the wonderful #isometra plug-in for decentsampler. The microcosm is controlled by a few LFO sending various midi cc values to control parameters like mix/activity/timing on the microcosm on top of live tweaking its knobs. Besides, random midi program changes switch between the different glitch presets on the microcosm."

Friday, March 03, 2023

Perplex On Spherical DIY Midi Controller

video upload by Perplex On

"Combining my spherical diy controller for creating both sound and visuals. Panning and tilting movement is sending midi cc values over BLE to the iPad and controlling parameters in #frms granular synth as well as #visualsynthesizer at the same time"

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