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Wednesday, May 22, 2024


video upload by Superbooth Berlin

"Supercritical presents their new 6 voice analog synthesizer - Redshift 6 Variable Character Synthesizer. From vintage to modern, from past to future. Budget travels in space and time!"

Thursday, May 16, 2024

Supercritical Synthesizers Redshift 6: SUPERBOOTH 24

video upload by Bonedo Synthesizers

"Thanks to our sponsors: Kurzweil, PWM and ESI."

Tuesday, May 14, 2024

Supercritical's YouTube Thing Episode #3 - "Redshift(s) assemble!"

video upload by Supercritical Synthesizers

"Welcome to the grass roots level of the development story of our newest product Redshift 6! We thought you'd be interested to see a more detailed look inside the process. We try to keep it raw and honest. We'll try to make these once in a while.

Short episode this time. But major progress this time. See for yourself and come check it out in person at Superbooth 2024.

The Supercritical Redshift 6 will be available in summer 2024 with an MSRP of 1259€
Preorders open now at"

Thursday, April 25, 2024

Supercritical's YouTube Thing Episode #2 - "Engine Swap"

video upload by Supercritical Synthesizers

Supercritical's YouTube Thing Episode series

"Welcome to the grass roots level of the development story of our newest product Redshift 6! We thought you'd be interested to see a more detailed look inside the process. We try to keep it raw and honest. We'll try to make these once in a while.

Today we're getting our hands dirty with engines. No big blocks and hemi engines this time, we're doing oscillators and filters. We developed a way to handle these in the Redshift 6 synthesizer.

The Supercritical Redshift 6 will be available in summer 2024 with an MSRP of 1259€
Preorders open now at"

Wednesday, March 27, 2024

Supercritical's YouTube Thing Episode #1 - "The Origin"

video upload by Supercritical Synthesizers

"Welcome to the grass roots level of the development story of our newest product Redshift 6! We thought you'd be interested to see a more detailed look inside the process. We try to keep it raw and honest. We'll try to make these once in a while.

In this episode, Timo tells us a bit of the history how the first working prototype came about. You'll also see where and how we work. We'll cover a bit of the next steps too.

The Supercritical Redshift 6 will be available in summer 2024 with an MSRP of 1259€
Preorders open now at"

Wednesday, January 24, 2024

Introducing Supercritical Redshift 6 - Six voice analog Variable Character Synthesizer

video upload by Supercritical Synthesizers

"Supermassively dense analog oscillator combined with a chameleon analog filter with versatile gain staging. Now sixfold.

Redshift 6 combines technology from the company’s previous products, the Demon Core Oscillator and the Neutron Flux Filter. Each of the six voices features a DCO with analog waveforms generated under digital control. The filter core is an analog 4-pole state variable filter also digitally controlled to act like almost any classic vintage synthesizer filter and more. In addition to the oscillators and filters, Redshift 6 has all the features expected of a modern synth - plenty of modulators, flexible voice routing, multitimbrality, MPE, and DSP effects.

Redshift 6’s idea is something that is wrapped in the moniker “Variable Character Synthesizer”. Each voice’s analog path regarding tuning, gain staging, filter, and more is under strict digital control. Redshift 6 has as lush and warm sweet spot inspired by the analog polysynth tradition, but it can also cover the full range from almost digitally sterile and clean to distorted misbehavior and beyond. No modeling here - it’s all analog until the bypassable stereo DSP effects processor.

The oscillator, already road-tested in the Demon Core Oscillator eurorack module, is featured in each of the six voices. The oscillator has multiple tricks up its sleeve, each one wrapped as an Engine for the user to choose between. Traditional twin oscillator engines, supersaw engines, flanging phase sync engines, and transistor organ engines are all powerful modes in user-friendly ways that are easily controllable and modulatable.

Redshift 6’s six voices can be configured in plenty of ways. Choose between true six-voice polyphony, classic vintage poly dual layer mode with 3+3 voices, six individual voices each with their own patch and physical output, or any combination of the above. Each of the six voices can also operate as a paraphonic voice with up to 16 note paraphony. Additionally, multiple filters can be chained by routing audio from one voice to another.

The form factor of Redshift 6 is a modern, compact desktop device with a 2.7-inch color screen. Menu diving is reduced to a minimum, with quick navigation via the shortcut button grid. A selection of familiar synth controls are featured on the front panel. A macro mode is included with six user-assignable controls. The back panel features main audio outputs with a DSP effects processor and four auxiliary voice outputs.

One of the major design principles of Redshift 6 is to have a versatile and capable analog platform and a flexible UI for new Engines, easily updateable via software updates.

Supercritical Redshift 6 Desktop synthesizer module - Technical specifications
● Six voices each featuring:
● Full analog signal chain
● Digitally controlled analog Supercritical Demon Core Oscillator
● Analog four pole Variable Character Filter
● Flexible gain staging with an analog boost circuit
● Physical audio output per voice (2 main outputs and 4 aux outputs)
● Optional voice chaining
● Bypassable digital effects in main outputs 1-2
● 2.7" TFT IPS color screen with a bank of 8 endless clickable potentiometers and quick navigation via button grid
● Quick powerful controls for oscillators and filters.
● Six user-assignable macro controls
● Six parts multitimbral
● Modern MIDI implementation with USB-B connection and DIN IN/OUT
● 12V power supply
● Physical dimensions: 378 mm x 254 mm x 63 mm

The Supercritical Redshift 6 will be available in summer 2024 with an MSRP of 1259€" Preorders starting now at

Click the pics for the full size shots.

Friday, December 08, 2023

supercritical synthesizers demon core oscillator and expander demo

video upload by impurfekt

"black wood dreamscape available now:

full review in progress

patch exploration (dry) 0:08
patch exploration (wet) 13:49

patch notes:
supercritical synthesizers demon core oscillator and expander thru emw vcf-s100 thru one or more of the following: valhalla delay, valhalla shimmer, valhalla vintageverb or tal-chorus-lx

sequencing/tracking/mixing - logic

featured equipment was purchased out of pocket for music production purposes"

Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Supercritical Synthesizers 16 Voice DEMON CORE OSCILLATOR sweep & unison test

video uploads by Plugman

Tuesday, August 24, 2021

Supercritical Synthesizers Neutron Flux Filter | The one filter to rule them all

video upload by The Modular Clubhouse

"An extensive demo of the Supercritical Synthesizers Neutron Flux Filter

00:00 Intro
01:39 Overview
08:22 Fat
10:32 Crisp
12:07 Liquid
13:29 Sour
15:11 Mean
17:14 Dual Band Resonators
18:37 Chebyshev Filter
19:51 Phasers
20:47 Distortion
21:41 Oscillators
30:34 Stereo Demo
33:22 Conclusion

More info on the Neutron Filter here:"

Saturday, July 31, 2021

”We put a DJ filter in it” - A Supercritical Neutron Flux Filter thing

video upload by Supercritical Synthesizers

"In the yellow factory bank, there’s an oscillator character, Mean. We thought we’d put a safety switch in it. A default pole setting that could also not oscillate. We decided to put a variable width bandpass filter in the Yellow Mean 1 pole setting. In stereo of course. Resonance controls how steep it is and Mode controls the bandwidth. Effectively you can use this like a DJ filter. At first this idea was partly a joke but this character is really convenient and effective.

Here I’m doing some bleepy bloopy matchbox scale beats in the Nanoloop app on an iPhone. It’s amplified a bit with the Beads (doing some beat repeating and reverb) which is then connected to a mixer and a parallel line run through the Neutron Flux. Parallel patching is very effective with filters. Dry and processed lines are just behind their own faders."

Monday, July 19, 2021

Stacking polyphony - A Supercritical Demon Core Oscillator thing

video upload by Supercritical Synthesizers

"Here’s a different approach. The expander is set to the alternative CV mode (hold FN and click MODE) and inputs 3 and 4 are used to control the octave stack size and the interval. Interval is set to a fifth with a static CV and the stack size is randomized. Transpose the whole thing with the main 1V/oct input and it gets jazzy. The patch has some PWM action on the DCO, a wide 2 pole LP / 2 pole HP (Yellow Mean 1 Pole setting) on the Neutron Flux, some reverb and octave shimmer from the Beads. This is how a weird orchestra would sound tuning up."

Sunday, June 27, 2021

It’s midsummer midnight and the mosquitoes are bitey and hungry for distortion.

video upload by Supercritical Synthesizers

"This one is for Erica Synthesizers and Gamechanger Audio. Erica’s Pico series is a fantastic concept. RND and DSP are my favorites. And then Gamechanger. What on earth are you doing??? The plasma things are so nasty they must be illegal somewhere. Some of Twin Peaks season 3 must be trapped in the tube.

In this patch I’m layering some rich stack things from the DCO. That’s run through the Erica/Gamechanger Plasma Drive. The drive is like 40-grit heavy metal sandpaper. I stereoize it with the Neutron Flux’ mean mode. By splitting the mono to stereo with two analog circuits and letting them do their magic separately does wonders. Then animate the stereo control a bit with a LFO. All Ornaments & Crime users: Do check out the Logarhythm firmware for it. The 3 sequencer is crazy good."

Friday, June 18, 2021

I’m at the summer cabin and I really really like delays and granular stuff.

video by Supercritical Synthesizers

"This is a Mutable Instruments appreciation post. Émilie Gillet’s work for eurorack synthesis is a major inspiration for us. I’d be still scared about SMT hand soldering unless of her effect on the synth community. Their sonic concepting is beyond amazing. Thank you Émilie.

I recently got the pinnacle in Mutable’s eurorack range, the Beads texture synthesizer. I could have conversations for days and days with this device. Here it is patched with our Neutron Flux in series. First one half of the filter, then one side of Beads. Back to the ’Flux and finally the other side of Beads. Blend in a DIY mini Warps with Parasites’ stereo delay.

#mutableinstruments #supercriticalsynthesizers #emiliegillet #eurorack"

Wednesday, June 09, 2021

Polyphony in Eurorack with The Patch Pals

video by Perfect Circuit

"If you’ve ever thought about exploring polyphony in Eurorack, chances are you might have felt some level of intimidation in terms of which method of generating 'chords' and 'harmony' works best. But in reality, there’s no one right way to go about it, and in this video our Patch Pals Wes and Jacob share a few of their favorite ways to make polyphonic patches without too much fuss.

A modular synthesizer’s open-ended patching workflow encourages new ways to think about creating sounds, and polyphony is no different. From Supercritical Synthesizers’ MIDI-controllable Demon Core oscillator to a chord or multi-note oscillator such as the 4ms Ensemble Oscillator, or even making use of loopers or other effects to approximate polyphony, there’s no shortage of creative ideas waiting to be explored.

Read the article here:

Modules Featured in this video:
- Demon Core:
- Chainsaw:
- Morphagene:
- Mimeophon:
- Ensemble Oscillator:


00:00 - intro
01:30 - overview
02:21 - super saw oscillators
03:43 - polyphony or paraphony
04:30 - Demon Core
05:37 - Chainsaw
09:00 - approximating polyphony
09:59 - looper (Morphagene)
11:00 - delay (Mimeophon)
12:18 - chord oscillators (Ensemble Oscillator)
14:51 - outro"

Friday, May 14, 2021

Mono Drum Widening with the Supercritical Neutron Flux Filter

video by Supercritical Synthesizers

"Here I have a drum patch going where I used couple noise sources and a Clouds Spectral Madness to synthesize a weird noise which I ran trough a mono VCA. The mono signal can be heard first and then run trough the Neutron Flux which spreads the signal to stereo. I used the Mean mode first, then the Yellow Liquid (stereo phaser) and Yellow Crisp (chebyshev) modes. Some kick and hats thrown there too.

The stereo spreading is not anything time based modulation related but entirely different and analog. You can hear some distortion as well as cutoff difference trickery there.

Be sure to listen on headphones or studio monitoring to hear the stereo spectrum!"

Tuesday, March 16, 2021

Soundtrack for the huge planet in our solar system - A Supercritical Neutron Flux Piece

video by Supercritical Synthesizers

"Liquid is my and Timo’s favorite character to benchmark the Neutron Flux with. I happen to have a Feedback 106 chorus in the rack so of course I had to patch it in. This time it’s before the filter to alter the raw Demon Core Oscillator sound rather than effect the filtered sound.

I also patched in a S&H to randomize a voltage in the stereo CV with each gate signal. The change is subtle but the stereo offset makes the envelope to act asymmetric, changing from chord to chord. It animates the stereo image subtly but effectively in the mix."

Saturday, March 13, 2021

Hollow Chorus Bass - A Supercritical Neutron Flux piece

video by Supercritical Synthesizers

"A quick jam around a chorus-y bass patch idea. The Sour 3 Pole mode has a nice hollow square waveform when the resonance is fully up. Stereo control is used to fine tune both channels. When both channels are patched in stereo, they drift just enough to form a wide stereo image.

The Antumbra ROT8 sequencer is to blame for this patch. It’s fantastic!

Throw in a bit of cheap dirty 909 samples and finally have the exponential VCA distort too. Why not"

Friday, February 05, 2021

Supercritical Synthesizers - Cable Salad

video by Supercritical Synthesizers

"Lush. Polyphonic. Very lush and polyphonic.

Four Demon Core Oscillators and four Neutron Flux Filters wired with stereo outputs. Four envelopes and some stereo modulation via the Genki Wave ring. MIDI split to four CV/Gates.

No chorus. Just a touch of Valhalla Room.

Cable salad. Definitely needs some Parmigiano Reggio and olive oil. Does it add more lush?"

Monday, January 18, 2021

NAMM 2021 Believe In Music week - Supercritical Synthesizers Neutron Flux Filter

Supercritical Synthesizers

"Supercritical Synthesizers's Neutron Flux Filter is in stores now. It's a 8 pole variable character filter featuring a stereo analog signal path with accurate digital control. It can do saturated vintage filtering, modern razor sharp sounds, some more sophisticated audio tools and many more things.

In this 18 minute video the Supercritical people demo their polyphonic 16 voice Demon Core Oscillator and the Neutron Flux as a combo. This is specially for the fans of synthwave, acid, ambient, dance, modern pop and funk.

Supercritical Synthesizers - Digital brain, Analog heart.

Time stamps

00:00 - Neutron Flux Filter intro and features
02:00 - Demon Core Oscillator features
03:00 - A polyphonic funk patch
06:00 - Gargantuan drone patch
09:35 - Acid bassline
11:35 - External drum processing
13:50 - Funky massive bass patch
15:40 - Lush and wide stereo pad

The filter is priced at €495.

The circular logo is designed by Tomi Leppänen

This project is a part of R&D project funded by European Regional Development Fund and European Social Fund."

The Supercritical Synthesizers Neutron Flux Filter was first introduced in September here.

Monday, December 28, 2020

International House of Baguettes - A Supercritical Neutron Flux Piece

Supercritical Synthesizers

"We’re working on the yellow and green bank of characters (which can be used for the user downloadable characters in the future) to be released as a firmware update. We’re creating characters that aren’t that classic/traditional or go really overboard. One of these ideas was this phaser-y character which can be used in stereo.

This character was inspired by Jean-Michel Jarre and his Eminent 310 sounds with the EHX Small Stone phaser. JMJ is one of our biggest heroes and a huge influence on the Supercritical sound.

The stereo control is heavily featured in this one. The zero point of the stereo control was moved in the middle in the later stages of development. Thankfully so! It can be used in many ways: tuning the oscillator cores, doing stereo tremolo stuff and here, doing this sweeping stereo phaser-like animation. In some characters we might make it do something very weird. Let’s see.

The pad is done with the DCO, the drums are 909 samples and the bass is from Logic Retro Synth. Of course we have to do some cheesy sidechaining because why not!

- Heikki | SC"

Patch n Tweak
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