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Thursday, September 15, 2022

Tube Distortion In 16hp - Rabbit Hole, Saevitum, Turbo Entubulator

video upload by John Schussler

"I have a 16hp hole in the rack waiting for a tube distortion. Which one do I choose?

Here are three options. There are more at this size, but I happen to have these three.

As it turns out, they're all very different in sound. The Turbo Entubulator specializes in flexible tube tone. The Rabbit Hole heads towards tube-y corruption while still staying somewhat civilized. And the Saevitum, well, it's just angry angry angry.

So I don't really have a choice so much as a selection for rotation, I suppose.
But it's interesting to hear them back to back and really get a feel for the differences in their character.

Input audio was a basic sine wave from a Dixie II+. Sequenced by Stochastic IG.

00:00 Intro
00:20 Rabbit Hole
03:50 Rabbit Hole sequence
07:55 Saevitum
11:12 Saevitum Sequence
15:32 Turbo Entubulator
17:35 Turbo Entubulator Sequence"


Note this appears to be the first post to feature Apollo View and their Rabbit Hole. The Saevitum by Abyss Devices, and Turbo Entubulator by Epicycloid have been featured before. That said, here's some info on the Rabbit Hole for the archvies, followed by a DivKid video.

Packed to the brim with character, Rabbit Hole is the first module by Apollo View, combining facility as a mixer with four stages of saturation and distortion, provided by both tube and solid-state circuits. With two channels labeled A and B, each offers an input VCA with Gain control and control voltage jack. Channels are summed before hitting the Drive circuit, a solid-state design with hard-clipping tendencies at extreme settings, then moving onto the starved 12AU7 tube section. For truly searing patches, flip on the OWTH switch, short for "Off With Their Heads", and make heads roll with a diode clipping circuit. There's also voicing switches for the tube, feedback capabilities, and the option to expand the number of inputs with the Curiouser module. Grit up your patches with Apollo View's Rabbit Hole.

All-analog summing mixer with distortion
2 input channels with OTA VCAs
Gain contrls for Drive and Tube sections
Feedback control with CV input
voicing switch for Tube
OWTH LED clipping stage
Expandable with Curiouser module for more audio inputs

Tube distortion fun, patch hacks & VCA tips // Apollo View Rabbit Hole & Curiouser

video upload by DivKidVideo

"Here we’ll explore making the most of distortion, exploiting tubes for interesting behaviours such as sub harmonic tracking as well as explore lots of VCA and mixing tips for things like building crossfaders out of VCAs. We’ll be doing this while demonstrating the new Rabbit Hole and Curiouser modules from Apollo View. Rabbit Hole is a Eurorack VCA summing mixer with multiple drive stages and tone control and Curiouser is a dual vintage VCA that can be used as an input expander or used standalone."

Thursday, April 25, 2019

Epicycloid Turbo Entubulator & Voluptron Vacuum Tube Eurorack Modules

Published on Apr 25, 2019 Perfect Circuit

"Epicycloid Engineering has two vacuum tube based modules and a dedicated power supply module for them. The Turbo Entubulator is a module that breaks out all of the functions of a 6AR8 tube to be voltage controlled and used with your other eurorack modules. This module can be used as a VCA, ring modulator, distortion/saturation effect, waveshaper and probably many other uses when patched in different ways.

The Voluptron is a four pole lowpass ladder filter, but with tubes instead of transistors.

Both of these modules receive 200V power from the Illuminox Prime module to make sure the tubes are running at full power.

available here:"

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The Turbo Entubulator is Epicycloid Engineering's flagship module: a tube breakout module that can produce effects ranging from simple VCA-like behavior all the way to gnarly tube distortion, wavefolding, and more. By providing direct, patchable access to the tube's pins, one can create a number of novel behaviors that all exploit the brilliant and peculiar nonlinearities of the included 6AR8 tube.

The Turbo Entubulator provides static and CV control of Deflector Bias and Offset as well as Grid Control and Screen voltages, allowing a number of patchable tube effects. Built-in cathode bias controls and automatic gain control help to reign in particular behaviors from tube distortion to nonlinear waveshaping.

The Turbo Entubulator requires connection to the Epicycloid Engineering Illumonix Prime power supply.


Fully broken-out tube module for creating a variety of amplification, distortion, waveshaping, and completely novel effects
Compatible with 6AR8, 6JH8, and 6ME8 tubes
Can act as everything from a simple VCA or saturation effect to a complex nonlinear wavefolder
Dedicated controls for Deflector Bias, Deflector Offset, Control Grid, Screen Grid, Cathode Bias, AGC, and Transformer DC Blocking
Requires connection to Epicycloid Engineering Illuminox Prime power supply


Voluptron is Epicycloid Engineering's take on the traditional modular ladder filter: a complex, tube-based design with a thick, unparalleled sound. Voluptron offers up to five octaves of 1V/oct tracking, with resonance up to self-oscillation. Additionally, the input can be used as a gnarly overdrive—one which impacts the cutoff frequency at higher settings, creating dynamic filtering effects. If you love the sound of a Moog ladder filter but wish it would extend farther into the dredges of tube-based distortion and nonlinearity, Voluptron is the right choice for you.

Note: the Voluptron requires connection to the Epicycloid Engineering Illuminox Prime power supply.


Tube-based ladder filter with extreme sonic signature
4–5 octave cutoff frequency range at 1V/oct tracking
Resonance extends into self-oscillation
Includes three 6ES8 tubes, but is compatible with a wide variety more
Audio input with gain into distortion
Input level impacts cutoff frequency at higher gain settings, creating dynamic filtering effects
Requires connection to Epicycloid Engineering Illuminox Prime power supply


Illuminox Prime is a power supply module specially designed for Epicycloid Engineering's range of tube-based Eurorack modules, providing 200V of power to such modules as the Turbo Entubulator and Voluptron. Eliminating the various issues with running tube-based modules solely on a standard Eurorack supply, Illuminox prime provides all the power needed to keep those tubes nice and toasty in optimal operating condition.

Illuminox Prime is designed for use ONLY with Epicycloid's line of tube-based Eurorack modules. The required external 15VAC adapter is included with purchase.


Power supply specifically designed for Epicycloid Engineering's tube-based modules, including the Voluptron and Turbo Entubulator
Provides high voltages required for tube operation without adding strain to your standard Eurorack PSU
Includes 15VAC adapter with universal AC input

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