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Wednesday, March 20, 2024

Air wave

video upload by Uncertain Music Corps

"Very brief grab of something that happened this morning.

Today I got the Drone Pod into what is probably its finished state (for now) with the addition of a COM from Rides in the Storm. It's a simple little device to convert between line and modular levels so making it much easier to bring in line level devices and freeing up the Disting for more interesting uses than adding gain to incoming audio.

Decided to test it quickly using an old iPad pointing Safari at a WebSDR source. And then this started to happen.

It's just a quick grab from my phone so no attempt to tidy up the workspace etc but I thought it was a rather lovely moment and wanted to catch it as it happened."

Tuesday, February 06, 2024

Laniakea - Solo Dronebox

video upload by Uncertain Music Corps

"Really just scraping the surface of some of the things this intriguing oscillator can deliver by way of an initial demo. There will be others later I imagine.

To be clear, this is just the module on its own, recorded direct to camera. The FX aid is just being used as a convenient master level control. No external effect is in use.

Essentially this is a wavetable oscillator combined with a modal resonator and a decent reverb. But that doesn't really do justice to the world of sounds you can get out of it. This isn't a first run out. I've had it for about a week now and it's taken time to get to grips with its interface and some of its more obvious quirks.

The big knob is a kind of macro controller. You can set which parameters it will control and their depth/range. It's doing fairly subtle things here, modulating 3 different parameters simultaneously. I'm also using the dedicated pots at the same time.

The wavetable in use is not the factory standard one. Wavetables are in the familiar, open source format supported by WaveEdit app. They are easily swapped using an online app at the makers website via a USB C connector on the back of the circuit board. Keen eyes will notice I've got a cable installed as standard which saves time taking the module out of the rack just to update it and also reduces stress on the USB connector.

It's not an oscillator for everyone. But I think its a keeper for me."

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Sunday, January 28, 2024

Endless Woodland

video upload by Uncertain Music Corps

"Created as a response to a question about how the Endless Processor worked with field recordings. Using recordings made in woodlands local to me as the only audio source.
I'm using an (offscreen) touchpad to trigger the sampling on the EP because I found it quicker and simpler than using the on panel button when trying to capture short bursts of birdsong. Around the 4 minute mark I introduce an LFO to control the amplitude of channel 2.
Recorded direct to the camera. The Disting is used to bring the line level audio feed up to modular levels."

Thursday, January 11, 2024

Alfaro pair

video upload by Uncertain Music Corps

"Revisiting one of my favourite Norns scripts - Sines - supported by the Endless Processor and EnOsc for some lush orchestral drones.

Recorded direct to camera."

Sunday, July 09, 2023

Pointillist Convex Steel

video upload by Uncertain Music Corps

"Feedback trio.

Spring reverb in self-oscillation is processed by a Serge Resonant EQ and the Disting EX Granulator algorithm.

The granulator is controlled by the excellent DistingEX TouchOsc editor available from here

Its pitch is controlled by the MakeNoise 0-Control

No external fx. The Disting granulator has its own reverb stage built-in. The output from the ResEq is recorded dry.

The lows go low. If you want to hear them you know what to do."

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